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Wed Feb 25 17:13:36 -0600 2009
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Three Bags Full
Vancouver, BC
88 Stitches
Langley, BC
Black Sheep Yarns
Port Moody, BC
Twist of Fate
Kamloops, BC
Little Wool Shop
100 Mile House, BC
Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre
Kamloops, BC

symphony91's Comments

about Donna's Yarn & Craft Centre on Sun Mar 01 21:36:11 -0600 2009

Excellent selection...there's a little bit of everything in here. The owner has let us stay after closing time, shipped extra yarn to my town for me when I ran out, and gave me a discount once just because of the sheer amount of yarn I was buying...my favorite so far!

about Black Sheep Yarns on Sun Apr 05 02:36:05 -0500 2009

I walked in and instantly wanted to knit half the sample sweaters on display...inspirational, to say the least. Selection was great, too...would've bought the entire store, were I rich enough...
Service is awesome-friendly, helpful, everything. She went so far as to look up the pattern over the internet so she could help out when we were torn between three colours for a project. I live several hours away and forgot my knitting notebook in the store...they held onto it, and are mailing it back to me. Can't thank them enough. :)

about Knitopia on Sun Apr 26 01:00:42 -0500 2009

Nice, varied selection, and a lot of it...scored some good sock yarn on sale. What stood out even more than the yarn was the beautiful selection of rovings...a "spinning nirvana," no doubt about it. Whether or not the store is "organized" probably depends on your definition of organized...all the cubbies had labels with prices on them, which is good enough for me. Can't say too much about service, as I was just browsing and didn't require any attention from the staff...seemed friendly, though, from what I saw in the thirty seconds at the cash register.

about 88 Stitches on Sun Apr 26 01:12:42 -0500 2009

Pretty much what everyone's already said...they have everything from silk to acrylic (really nice acrylic, too...I'm a self-admitted fiber snob, and I was seriously considering it...) There's a little spot on the windowsill with some pretty yarn where you can "test-drive" the really beautiful needles they have...mom was with me, and I used it to teach her how to purl. Good memories of the nice little mother-daughter bonding moment right there ;)
Staff is great. No problems with fetching the 'yarn grabber' if you want to see something high-up, with the added bonus of being familiar with 'blogs'.

about Three Bags Full on Sun Apr 26 01:21:17 -0500 2009

Nice selection of wools (lots of superwash), and natural nonwools like linen...the only store I've been to so far that stocks the Hemp for Knitting brand. Nicely organized, easy to find everything...I'm more of a browser, and the staff left me to my own devices so I could browse in peace...no complaints whatsoever.

about Urban Yarns on Sun Apr 26 01:31:17 -0500 2009

This store is well suited to those looking for high-end yarns...luxury fibers, hand dyed, that sort of thing. The only store I know of with a selection of beaded yarns. Most of the store is luxury yarns, which the price reflects, but there's also a couple of options that aren't as expensive. The decorating is quite something...you can tell that they put a lot of effort into it.

about The Knit & Stitch Shoppe on Sun Apr 26 01:38:20 -0500 2009

The selection is massive...it would be difficult for it to be anything but massive, since the store is so huge. There's an entire wall of sock yarn. Only a couple of things were missing prices, which is forgivable, again considering the sheer number of yarns they stock. The owner is great, as mentioned above...super-friendly, helpful, knowledgable, encouraging (esp. toward young knitters...she was helping a seven-year old pick out some yarn when we left), and a variety of other positive adjectives.

about Little Wool Shop on Sun Apr 26 01:47:38 -0500 2009

Mostly wools/cottons, with the odd bamboo or acrylic blend, and a novelty yarn or two. There's always some really decent sock yarn on sale. Owner is friendly; remembers you from visit to visit, will help if you need it, will leave you to browse if you want...absolutely no complaints there. My go-to store, and worth the hour's drive out.

about Knit/Purl on Mon Aug 10 13:41:19 -0500 2009

Selection is mainly high-end, luxury yarns, organized by yarn weight. The staff members present the day I went were very helpful-looked up a pattern on Ravelry for me, and gave directions to my next stop. There is a sitting area right next to the book selection; all in all, I have absolutely nothing I can complain about.

about Twisted on Mon Aug 10 13:45:21 -0500 2009

Visited during sock summit. Selection is good, staff were helpful despite the increased buisiness. Good experience overall, and they have a very welcoming/cozy sitting area.

about Yarn Garden on Mon Aug 10 13:51:23 -0500 2009

Selection is very large, and nicely varied, and a lot to my taste, but the service was the most exceptional. The staff member I talked to was very helpful, knew exactly where everything was, had excellent suggestions for substitution, was eager to give a discount during sock summit because I 'probably' had a coupon, and even printed off a trimet bus plan after I asked for directions. Extremely pleasant experience, and highly recommended!

about Yarnia on Mon Aug 10 13:59:30 -0500 2009

Making my own custom blend of yarn was even more fun than I'd thought it would be, and the prices really are surprisingly low-definitely lower than what you'd pay for a standard premade yarn with the same fiber content! Vistited during sock summit, so they were understandably swamped and backed up, but the staff did their absolute best to get my yarn made up and into my hands, including delivering it to the convention center the next two days and arranging dropoffs with customers via ravelry pm. It was a very positive experience, and they handled the buisiness overload of sock summit very well.

about Bead Connections on Mon Mar 01 07:43:31 -0600 2010

They have a very enticing and wide selection of yarn, despite being primarily a bead store, including some very pretty hand-dyed sock yarns, that would fit a variety of budgets. The yarn is on four large shelves at the back of the store, organized by weight. Nothing bad to say about service; left us to browse in peace.

about Twist of Fate on Mon Mar 01 07:51:16 -0600 2010

This is one of the most fantastic yarn stores I've ever visited. The vast majority of the stock is natural fibres; mainly wools, some linens, and one very pretty rayon yarn while I was there. The owner is very enthusiastic and helpful; it was obvious from her recommendations that she cares more about the success of the customer's project than selling the most expensive yarn. She also provides baskets, in case your arms get too full. There's a circle of couches for knitting (or sitting down to brainstorm about colour choices) in comfort.

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