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Sat Jan 03 22:23:45 -0600 2009
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A geology & yarn tourist.

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Three Bags Full
Vancouver, BC

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about Three Bags Full on Sat Jan 03 22:40:29 -0600 2009

Really friendly staff who remember projects from visit to visit, nice selection at good prices. I agree with rocky55 -- the variety is more in full colour ranges for particular yarns than it is in different yarns. It's a great place to go with your knitting & hang out.

about Clegs on Sat Jan 03 22:28:51 -0600 2009

Minimal selection, no unique or local yarns. Okay for wools, pretty good collection of mohair. They carry a collection of New Zealand quill DPNs that are very cool and make a good knitting-souvenir for tourists.

about Sunspun on Fri Jan 09 17:46:35 -0600 2009

This place has almost entirely high-end luxury yarns, and almost nothing for basic yarns. They have a large selection of Harmony knitpicks & additurbo needles. If you want to splurge, this is a great destination.

about Lincraft on Sat Jan 03 22:26:12 -0600 2009

Mostly acrylics.

about Wondoflex on Sat Jan 03 22:31:19 -0600 2009

Large store with lots of yarns, but very quiet and a bit intimidating atmosphere. Raw unspun wool, wool for dying, and a good selection of both standards and local yarns. The needle selection is very limited, with equipment covering a wide breath of yarn-crafts (spinning, dying, weaving, knitting, crochet) more than an in-depth collection of every type of needle in every size.

about Urban Yarns on Sat Jan 03 22:43:33 -0600 2009

Some of the yarns are a bit pricey -- you can go across town & find the same stuff for a few dollars less a ball. Great variety of luxury yarns. The service oscillates between friendly and intimidating. I've always felt comfortable just browsing and petting the yarns, but sometimes it can be a bit scary to ask for assistance.

about Birkeland Brothers on Sat Jan 03 22:37:31 -0600 2009

Raw wool for spinning and yarns that aren't in the other stores. This is a place to shop, not to hang out and chat while knitting. I feel really uncomfortable when I come to browse, obliged to either buy something or get glared at. If you're looking for something a bit different, want to oggle amazing equipment, it's perfect, but it's not for the faint of heart.

about The Work Basket on Tue Mar 03 20:20:38 -0600 2009

Huge selection for such a tiny store, but yarn is piled everywhere with no apparent order so you really have to hunt for what you want. Everything is in plastic bags, and I couldn't find a single price listed, so be ready to ask for help.

about Homecraft Importers on Sat Jan 03 22:44:48 -0600 2009

The only time I went, it smelled of mothballs and plastic. Without petting the yarns, it just wasn't fun to shop, so I left & have never been back.

about Knit World on Mon Jan 19 17:19:07 -0600 2009

Typical chain store, organized by weight. Some possum-wool blends, a few acrylics, a small mohair section, and the rest 100% wool. HUGE selection of needles & hooks, including Harmony & Quill.

about SweetGeorgia Yarns on Sat Jan 03 22:33:37 -0600 2009

Beautiful hand-dyed yarns, great views, a fantastic place to hang out and work. Pricey for my student-budget, but I'll be coming back in that far-off time when I have a real job and a steady income.

about Dressew Supply Ltd on Sat Jan 03 22:34:42 -0600 2009

Mostly acrylics and novelty yarns, but you can't beat the price. Great place for cheap crappy needles & hooks.

about Masco Wools Ltd on Sat Jan 17 13:42:29 -0600 2009

Lots of acrylics, but also some unique-to-NZ yarns of possom-wool blends. Basic selection of needles in a variety of sizes.

about Twisted Threads on Fri Jan 09 17:36:55 -0600 2009

The owner was incredibly friendly, taking me around the store to track down yarns on any of my descriptive whims ("something local," "aussie-made alpaca," etc). I ended up going home with some locally-dyed mohair that has knit up beautifully.

There's also a great collection of needles -- all the normal stuff, plus a wide range of Harmony knitpicks & some handmade-in-Tasmania oak needles.

There's a little round table to knit & chat, also the location for after-hours classes. I stopped in for an emergency re-stashing mid-roadtrip, and had so much fun that I regret I'm too far away to make it my LYS hangout.

about National Wool Museum Shop on Fri Jan 09 17:43:17 -0600 2009

The atmosphere of the gift shop is exactly what you'd expect from a gift shop, and the variety is equally limited. However, you can take your knitting into the adjacent museum (entry fee, but a really worthwhile experience) or cafe (much better atmosphere). The yarns are all local & unusual. I would not recommend this as a place to get your staple yarns, but if you're a yarn-tourist and want something unusual to remember your trip, this is the place to shop in southern Victoria.

about The Dog Box on Mon Jan 19 15:13:00 -0600 2009

Very limited selection (just a few acrylics, one weight of wool in various colours, a whole wack of mohairs, and a very few balls from Yarn Trader's), but friendly. If you're road-tripping, it'd be worth continuing on to Nelson, but perfect if you need to pick something up before a long ferry or trail ride.

about Pins & Needles on Tue Jan 20 18:04:43 -0600 2009

A surprsingly good selection for being so far from major population centers. Some acrylics but mostly wools and some wool/possum blends, lots of New Zealand brands. Some needles & hooks in basic/cheap brands (including Quill) and some more unusual equipment like French knitters & pom-pom makers. A fairly extensive pattern selection, mostly from manufacturers.

about Bernina Sewing Shop on Sat Jan 24 14:22:55 -0600 2009

Friendly staff, mostly just wools & acrylics.

about Bernina Sewing Shop on Sat Jan 24 14:29:10 -0600 2009

er, I meant, "mostly acrylics, a few wools & mohairs."

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Mon Jan 12 18:52:20 -0600 2009

This site is already proving so useful in my yarn-tourism. Thank you.

about Salamanca Wool Shop on Fri Apr 24 20:06:59 -0500 2009

Pricey, but incredibly nice yarns and friendly staff. The store sells pre-made garments in addition to yarns, needles, hooks, and patterns, and the samples are far more innovative than I've seen in most knit-shops around southern Australia. The storefront is tiny with no space to hang out and knit, but plenty of cafes nearby and ocean views make the street a great place to set up a knitting group.

about The Spindle Tree on Fri Apr 24 20:13:33 -0500 2009

The store is about 75% pre-made garments, 25% yarns and fibres. The yarns and fibres are almost entirely artisan stuff -- hand-dyed, hand-spun, etc -- thus unique, but pricey. Very limited selection of equipment (hooks, needles, etc).

about Notice Anything Different? on Fri Apr 24 20:24:25 -0500 2009

The new layout's requirement of enter hours for each individual day of the week (as opposed to the previous layout, when you could enter "everyday" & set the time, or even "everyday", set the time, then swap back to individual days to edit as necessary) is aggravating. Maybe adding a new day could automatically take the same time as the day with the "+" button? (or else why have a +/- next to every day instead of just a single pair of "add day" "subtract day" buttons?) Or can we get "Everyday" back as a day-option?

I felt a bit silly when I added a new location, then immediately had to submit a "request change" form to fix the hours! Were the logged in users making edits that required moderation?

I'm still in love with the concept of this site, and have made it a mission to thoroughly search every location I go to make sure there are no yarn stores in hiding. As a variant on Terrye's suggestion, I'd love to be able to stick a comment declaring "No, really, there are no yarn stores here. I checked, there isn't even a ball of acrylic in the grocery store!" on some towns.

about Woolshed @ Manuka on Thu May 14 21:43:07 -0500 2009

Nothing has prices listed, so you need to ask. I found the prices higher than for identical wool at other locations, but this is the only dedicated yarn-shop in Canberra so there is no local comparison. Mostly luxury yarns and needles, although they also stock some basics and (presumably) cheaper acrylics. Wide variety of needles from basics up through fancy gift-worthy needles. Almost everything is in plastic bags, which makes it awkward to feel up the yarns (especially if you accidentally get your paws on a $50 ball) and I kept accidentally starting yarn-avalanches.

However, the staff is very friendly (and includes some staff from the now-closed Shearing Shed in the same location) and willing to special order.

about Birkeland Brothers on Mon Jun 22 19:03:36 -0500 2009

I recently learned they stock all sorts of oddball equipment (including weaving supplies and Ashford heddles), but it's all hiding in the stock room. If you're looking for something unusual, chances are they have it, but you need to explicitly ask for exactly what you want.

about Before You Walk, You Must Crawl... on Sat Jul 25 17:07:29 -0500 2009

Is it possible to browse crawls by location? I have a few ideas of themed crawls to make up for my home turf to help out visitors, but I don't want to duplicate efforts if someone else has already done it.

about Gina Brown's Yarn on Sun Jan 10 00:06:37 -0600 2010

I found the selection the most interesting aspect of this location -- in addition to the usual, several of the "basic" yarns are of different brands (thus colours, weights, and prices) than the usual Vancouver collections.

The true joy of this location is the easy access to transit and the proliferation of delightful cafes nearby -- it's perfect for holding knitting groups nearby, and popping in for one more ball or an accessory to finish a project.

about Silk Weaving Studio on Sun Jan 10 00:20:25 -0600 2010

This is a beautiful, luxury spot showcasing local artisan silks. Nestled by the water on Granville Island, the tiny hut feels a bit magical on foggy days. A basket of silkworms on the front counter (at least during the tourist-heavy weeks) adds to the out-of-this-world vibe.

The selection gorgeous but pricey. You can get a few hand-dyed yarns, but the majority of the products are pre-knit or pre-woven garments. Come here to pick up a single skein of something incredible for a very special project (or as a "remember Vancouver" traveling yarn), not for your day-to-day basics.

about Grand Prix Hobbies on Sun Jan 10 00:34:06 -0600 2010

This is primarily a craft store that carries a small selection of yarns. Most of the yarns are acrylics, but they also carry a few 100% wools if you poke around enough. This store's real specialty is the wide range of tools they carry -- if you want to expand your yarn-using horizons, they can get you started on anything from needle felting through rug hooking.

The yarn is good if you aren't looking for anything particularly special and just need something cheap and functional to practice on.

about Gina Brown's Yarn on Sat Feb 13 12:15:55 -0600 2010

Alright, now I've gone in for more than the inaugural visit, I'm disenchanted. It's still nice having a bit of different stock, but I'm really put off by the owner's vibe.

My partner tried to surprise me with new needles, but when they didn't have what he knew I liked in stock, they directed him to check The Internet -- no pointing a lost non-knitter to alternatives, or to other Local Yarn Stores. He also singled this out as the only yarn store he's gone to that feels "old-lady."

I can't put my finger on how or why I'm feeling this, but instead of the encompassing-family vibe I get from the mother-daughter team at Three Bags Full, here I get more of an entitled, "You mere shoppers will take what I sell you, and like it!" vibe. The owner is happy to answer questions and tell stories, yet the punchline always seems to be that I should feel lucky for being permitted to shop here.

I'd really appreciate someone disagreeing with me on this -- anyone else please make comments on your own impressions so my single viewpoint doesn't define this place online.

about Unwind Knit and Fibre on Tue Mar 15 21:43:15 -0500 2011

Very friendly, welcoming staff who are totally eager to help with any form of yarn-related projects (knit, crochet, weave, spin, or any other form of art), and love to talk about their yarn. I stopped in as a tourist with zero intention of picking up yarn, and for the most part the selection didn't tempt me to make space in my bag, but I did walk up with an unexpected pair of skeins anyway. The theme is sustainable yarn; the products are a lot of locally-dyed yarns with a few big-named standards. The selection of tools is wide enough to pick up the forgotten needles or stitch counters.

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