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Fri Jan 11 12:02:19 -0600 2008
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shelbell77's Favorite Yarn Stores

Store Average Rating
Fashion Knit
Walnut Creek, CA
Needleworks, Inc.
Champaign, IL
Wool and Company
Saint Charles, IL
String Theory Yarn Co.
Glen Ellyn, IL
Colonial Yarn Shop
Shiremanstown, PA
So Much Yarn
Seattle, WA
The Yarn Boutique
Lafayette, CA
Big Sky Luxury Yarns
Lafayette, CA
Klose Knit
Urbana, IL
Yarn Love
Hummelstown, PA
Ewe-Nique Yarns Etc.
Morton, IL
Village Stitches
Bloomington, IL
Ewe Knit
Normal, IL
Serendipity Stitches
Lincoln, IL

shelbell77's Comments

about Fashion Knit on Fri Jan 11 12:18:32 -0600 2008

Great selection. Prices a little high. They were always friendly and helpful with me when I lived in the area and would frequent the store. But I can see that some would think they were snooty ... did overhear a staff member on the phone with a customer saying "you should probably just go to michaels then"

about Knitche on Fri Jan 11 12:14:53 -0600 2008

Ran in over the holiday's with my mom. very cute atmosphere with a little coffee cafe inside. and they had a little concert going on with some kids from a local school. happened to have my yorkipoo puppy with and they allowed us in, but dont know what their official policy would be on it. mom was excited about the yarn selection, but they didn't have a ton of the brands I normally like.

about Wool and Company on Fri Jan 11 12:16:18 -0600 2008

Love this store more and more every time I'm there. Best selection in yarn in all of chicago area from my experience. Especially sock yarns. Very friendly and helpful and located in a great quaint spot.

about String Theory Yarn Co. on Fri Jan 11 12:13:04 -0600 2008

Cute little shop with a nice selection of sock yarns. Will probably visit again when home visiting the family.

about Lizzie's Yarn on Wed Nov 19 10:38:11 -0600 2008

Definitely a HUGE store with a great selection. Lots of coloways on a wide variety of yarn companies/lines. Seem to recall a "no returns" sign on the door though which caught me off guard - I've seen stores not allow returns on books/patterns/needles - but never the yarn. I like to be able to return an extra ball/skein if not used in the project.

about Colonial Yarn Shop on Fri Jan 11 12:06:52 -0600 2008

got lost the first time I tried to find this store, but was glad I kept driving around til I spotted. great store packed full of yarny goodness. particularly good selection of sock yarns. and kathy is super friendly and helpful. they have a good class schedule and regular "knit ins" which I've not yet been able to partake in because of my crazy schedule.

about Yarn Love on Fri Jan 11 12:05:23 -0600 2008

Went yesterday to check out yarn-love. cute little store. Pam was great. super friendly. asked me what I liked to knit. let me know all the cool things on the way in. will definitely be back.

about Yarn Love on Sat Apr 12 07:43:55 -0500 2008

By the way, Pam does have extended hours the 1st Friday of every month and the 2nd Sunday of every month. Details on her web site.

Its nice for sitting at the shop and knitting with others!

about Yarn Garden on Sat Jan 12 14:12:06 -0600 2008

Store was okay. Varied selection tightly packed in. Nothing I was wild about. Lady working there offered the two other customers to sign up for the frequent shopper program but didn't say a word about it to me. Don't know that I'd drive back when there are other stores closer to me.

about Ewe Knit on Wed Jul 09 18:34:33 -0500 2008

I've had several people on Ravelry say the store is in the process of going out of business.

about Ewe Knit on Tue Aug 05 08:02:27 -0500 2008

Rumor has it store is not closing after all, just moving...

about KnitMap in the New Year! on Sat Jan 12 14:14:00 -0600 2008

I'd like to see the list pop up in order of the number of comments or highest ratings. That way if you are in a new city you know which places the most folks have been too or the highest rated stores in the area.

about Village Stitches on Thu May 28 20:58:59 -0500 2009

I'm so surprised that someone would not have been welcomed. I find the absolute opposite to be true. Yes there is a LOT of needlework supplies, I believe for many years that was its main focus. That said, if you haven't been recently you should definitely go back. Jennifer has been working diligently at adding to her yarn offering and has already brought in many new options. Plus she orders LOTS of different coloways and I know she's willing to special order things for people. And as a previous poster said, parking is in the back, so its convenient to come in that door..but you can always walk around to the courtyard entrance.

about Needleworks, Inc. on Thu May 28 21:01:22 -0500 2009

I am AMAZED by the size and selection offered here. If you can't find something in this shop you can't find it anywhere. We were welcomed upon entering the store, but pretty much ignored after that.

That said, I was in on a Saturday and it appears that a regular knitting group was there. They took OVER the middle room....it was impossible to look at any of the yarns in this room based on the crowd sitting around the incredible large table. Plus, they had brought in food for the crowd....very smelly...not what you want to smell when you walk into a yarn store.

about Yarn Garden on Thu May 28 21:07:31 -0500 2009

Definitely in a tough to spot location. I drove around a WHILE before I realized it was in the office type building.

First time I was there everyone was SUPER SUPER welcoming...gave me a tour of the shop and explained where things were. Immensly friendly and helpful.

Second time, I was on a mission to find buttons for my just finished February Lady Sweater and when I inquired about buttons was told "well we have special buttons here, different than what you are going to find at a fabric store" um yeah...thats why I was looking there.... I've always bought my sweater buttons at a LYS. That said, she didn't carry any of the button lines most LYS carry and all buttons were very novelty-ish...a total turn off. No way I could put a gaudy button on my gorgeous sweater.

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