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Sat Oct 18 09:43:24 -0500 2008
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Sea Needles
Bethany Beach, DE
Vulcan's Rest
Chesapeake City, MD
Kitschy Stitch
Rehoboth Beach, DE
Upper Room Studio
Berlin, MD

Tammy's Comments

about Sea Needles on Sat Oct 18 09:48:55 -0500 2008

LOVE this store. Lots of selection in all price ranges and colors. Includes both workhorse yarns, nice acrylics, and lovely luxury yarns. Something for all kinds of projects. Nice store owner and great service. Clean and well organized store. Find stuff is easy and there is no tripping over stuff in the floor. Highly recommended.

about Kitschy Stitch on Sun May 17 07:11:07 -0500 2009

Nice new yarn shop. The owner and her junior sales clerk (an adorable toddler that will hand you yarn he thinks you should buy) are very friendly and helpful. Selection is moderately sized, but all very good stuff (Cascade 220, alpaca, cashmere, llama, etc) kept in large stock. You will definitely be able to purchase sweater or project quantities in this store. She also has a good selection of tools, needles, etc. For those who are so inclined, there are a number of Namaste bags in stock. All yarn is priced and seems to be reasonably in line with what you would expect to pay at an LYS.

The only real downside to this store is it's location. It is in a busy/touristy area of Rehoboth Beach - driving and parking are annoying. If that doesn't bother you, then it's definitely worth a look-see, or a trip during the off season. The owner mentioned that she expects to offer more classes and activities during the off season, and I for one will be interested to see what she sets up.

about Ginger Moon Fibers on Sun May 17 07:37:59 -0500 2009

This place is like the model for snotty yarn stores that believe they are above actual knitters. I went to Lewes with the specific intention of going to this store and had money to spend. What I found was a yarn store owner who could not deign to say hello or otherwise acknowledge my existence. Prices were strangely high, for example, there were balls of TrekkingXXL for $25-$30. There were some really nice yarns in there, but any knitter with a little experience would quickly realize that to buy there would be to overpay for almost everything. The store is also laid out in the strangest way that I have ever seen. The yarn is arranged in various cabinets - by COLOR. Blues together, greens together, reds together, etc. Very weird. Putting together yarn for a project needing a specific gauge or fiber would be tricky here. I did find some pencil roving that I was going to purchase, however, despite the fact that I had been in the store for 20 minutes, the yarn store owner still did not acknowledge me and then called up a friend and started a conversation with her rather loudly on the telephone. At that point I just put the roving back and left in disgust.

Of all the yarn stores in the Delaware Beaches area, and there are four, this is the only one I will definitely never go back to again. Too bad. Lewes is a nice town and deserves a better yarn shop.

about Frivolous Fibers on Sun May 17 07:56:49 -0500 2009

Very nice store in historic St. Michael's. Selection is a little mixed. There's not much in the way of basics, but they do have a very nice selection of really goooood stuff. Tons of Blue Heron, also a lot of Noro, Sublime, Filatura, and more. Come prepared to spend money - you will want to! The staff could not be nicer! The lady working the day that I came was not only friendly, but took the time to speak to my ten year old son and even let him help her wind a ball of Blue Heron! There are quite a few tools and pattern selection is outstanding.

The store features a comfortable couch to sit and browse patterns on, as well as a table to work at.

While I'm not usually a fan of shared-space yarn stores, this store does it very well. The yarn is given a full section and a large one. The other items (pottery, soap, and decor) are also interesting (and tempting!). I will definitely return to this store in the future.

about The Yarn Shop - CLOSED on Sun May 17 08:09:55 -0500 2009

Meh. If I lived in Chestertown, I suppose I would be glad that this shop was there, because something is better than nothing. But the selection is small and prices are kinda high (not the highest I have ever seen, but on the high end of normal). Selection is not great. There area a few nice things. She carries a fair amount of Plymouth, which is always nice stuff, and some local alpaca that is priced at about twice what other shops price it at. Bizzarely, she also carries a lot of Red Heart, even Super Saver. Her shop also has a policy of requiring a $20 purchase to use your debit card, so bring cash! I understand that stores pay fees to use these services, but I was still annoyed by this. In the age of the debit card, it is no longer reasonable to expect people to make minimum purchases (especially that high) to use electronic payment forms.

Overall, while it's not a "bad" shop, it's not one I can get excited over, either. If I lived there, I would be glad to have something available, but I would always wish for more. For me, the most exciting thing about this shop was that it was located inside an old train station. Kinda cool.

about Vulcan's Rest on Sun May 17 12:21:44 -0500 2009

I love this place. When I die, heaven will look like this. It is ginormous (for those of you who can't read made-up words, that is gigantic and enormous put together)! The selection is wonderful. There is really wonderful high-end stuff to treat yourself to, as well as middling priced yarns, and very inexpensive basics. I love that this store caters to all the vagaries of a knitter's budget! And it is all nice stuff, several rooms of it! There is also spinning supplies (not very much fiber, but some), drop spindles, weaving supplies, needlepoint, and rug hooking supplies as well. There is available seating, as well as a porch! The staff is very friendly and helpful. There is just not one thing that I could suggest to make this place any better.

Vulcan's Rest is, without question, the best yarn store on the entire Delmarva Peninsula. It is two hours from my home and I have every intention of making the drive again. Go to this place, you will not regret it.

about Upper Room Studio on Mon May 18 11:20:10 -0500 2009

I love this place. It is a truly homey feeling shop, with the friendliest people ever for owners. They have an array of wheels that they are happy to have you try, as well as tons of fiber. Lots of merino, jacob, corriedale, alpaca, and other interesting things. There is just sooooo much available in this place. They carry local alpaca yarns that are to die for, at unbelievably cheap costs. Plus they carry Peace Fleece! The only yarn in the world with nary an ugly color! Anyone who is anywhere near Berlin really NEEDS to take the time to stop in and check out all this place has to offer. If you knit, crochet, spin, weave, or felt - or WANT to do any of these things, stop in and say hello to Monika and Lisa. You won't regret it!

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