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Sat Jul 10 23:11:37 -0500 2010
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about Smoky Mountain Spinnery on Sat Jul 10 23:20:13 -0500 2010

I found this store on Knitmap and visited while on vacation. Having been in probably hundreds of yarn stores, this is probably the very best. The owner is very friendly and helpful. Incredible natural fibers and yarns. I came away with white yak yarn, the first I have ever seen in a store. Store also has buffalo and qiviut along with lots of alpaca. Store also carries spinning supplies with a fabulous and extensive natural fiber selection. Probably not the place you would sign up for a class but owner offers one-on-one for reasonable price. Will most definitely go back when in area.

about Terri's Yarns & Crafts on Sat Jul 10 23:22:20 -0500 2010

As nice as the owner probably is, this should not be considers a yarn store. Selection is far less than any Walmart would have. Should be considered more of a craft store, not yarn store. Sorry.

about The Whole Nine Yarns on Tue May 10 02:52:29 -0500 2011

I took a Lucy Neatby class and visited the store for the first time. Not a huge store but full of really nice yarn. Many stores are full of common yarns but this shop had an exceptional selection including cashmere, camel, buffalo, mohair, alpaca/silk, cottons, and lots of wool. Employees were very knowledgeable and patient. Large classroom with hopeful lineup of well-known teachers. Would definitely recommend.

about Rabbit Moon Yarn on Fri Jun 01 20:49:24 -0500 2012

This is a brand new store whose owner learned to knit in Australia. Granted, the inventory is somewhat limited at this time but she is adding new yarns all the time. Very helpful and pleasant owner. Just a few miles off I-75. Well worth the side trip.

about The Quarter Stitch on Thu Jul 19 23:53:49 -0500 2012

Right in the middle of the French Quarter. Very nice store owner. However, I was a little disappointed in their yarn selection. But of course, I came out of there with a bag full of brand new Koigu which the owner wrapped into a beautiful MardiGras package.

about Bette Bornside Co. on Thu Jul 19 23:58:00 -0500 2012

Sweet Ms. Bette. The store owner is an extremely helpful and coordial lady. She spent ten minutes on the phone with me trying to figure the best way of getting there. Obviously she does a lot of mailorder. She has one of everything out for you to see and fondle but when you make a purchase you get brand new, clean yarn. Very good selection. I made an incredible find of a full bag of unopened Baruffa Cashwool in natural. I am one happy camper.

about Creative Yarns on Fri Jul 20 00:05:27 -0500 2012

I have been in yarn shops all across the US including NYC. This store is far and away the very best shop I have every been in. The selection is phenominal. The staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The only problem is that it is so far away from home. If we are passing through during business hours, we always stop by. And even though my stash rivals most shops, I always leave with a full bag and a happy heart!

about KNIT SchTICK on Mon Jul 30 23:21:08 -0500 2012

The store owner is very helpful. She has a great table for anyone to come in and just knit. I was somewhat disappointed by the inventory; however, she had just moved the store. Came away with some Malbrigo silk/wool. The address is 1000 NORTH Bristol St., not just plain 1000 Bristol. Very important if you are using a global positioning.

about Knit 1 Bead 2 on Thu Aug 16 15:12:30 -0500 2012

We made a special trip all the way from Sedona while on vacation. The owner was "not available" until next week and the nice lady working was not fully trained. The two model garments for which I wanted to purchase patterns and yarn were not labeled and the clerk had no idea on either. Stock included quite a bit of Habu and Rowan and was arranged by color. I had hoped to find some local yarn, possibly Navajo Churo, but without luck. It is extremely rare that I leave a store without spending $100 - $200 to support the local shop and my stash. We spent a total of $2.00 on an African porcupine quill to use as a shawl pin. Make the trip only if you have nothing better to do.

about Sedona Knit Wits on Sat Aug 18 00:21:39 -0500 2012

We stumbled onto this store quite by accident while vacationing in Sedona. It had not previously been on Knitmap. Somewhat limited selection consisting of a lot of contemporary yarns and patterns. Very little traditional or breed-specific yarn. Owner seemed very nice. There is a nice table in the back and outdoor area to sit and knit. Maybe she will have more next time.

about Alley Cat Yarn & Fiber on Sat Aug 18 00:26:58 -0500 2012

Found this store through Knitmap while visiting Sedona. The yarn store part was actually just the back part of another store. However, it was a nice find. The owner has her own flock of alpaca with lots of her own mill-spun yarn. There was a good selection of Cascade 220 at the old price of $6.95. Not a whole lot else. Somewhat dark and hidden but that made it felt like a treasure hunt. Probably no classes, no place to sit and knit, but still a fun place to seek out.

about Star Gazing Farm on Fri May 31 22:57:23 -0500 2013

Do not waste your time. We drove way out into the country and arrived at 12:55. On their website hours were until 1:00. The gate was closed but the owner was visible across a small pasture. She would not even acknowledge our presence even though I KNOW she saw us. She finally sent her daughter a little way out the driveway to yell out that they were closed. Very frustrating. I really wanted to spend some money. Too bad for them. Very, very rude!

about Royal Yarns International on Fri May 31 22:58:57 -0500 2013

This is not a yarn shop at all. We drove a long way to visit only to find that the address is actually a nice home. No one was home. Please make a note on your website that this is an internet store only.

about WoolWinders: A Knitting Salon on Fri May 31 23:00:55 -0500 2013

We drove a long way to visit this yarn shop and hopefully spend some money. I had checked the website for posted hours. We were there the Saturday before Memorial Day and even though it was not posted on their website, they were closed. Very disappointing. Please keep your website current with announcements of closings.

about Yarning For Ewe on Mon Dec 16 00:13:10 -0600 2013

First understand that it is a rare event indeed for me to leave a yarn store without spending at least $100. I left this store completely empty handed and quite annoyed. Before going I thought this was a new small shop; however, I arrived to find a nice smallish shop with a pretty good inventory. It turned out that about half of the inventory was "their" silk which had actually been featured twice in Interweave Press. So far, so good. However, the young lady who was manning the shop, probably the owner's 20-something daughter, was more intent on impressing you with her "knowledge" than actually helping. When I asked what the difference was in the silk yarns she proceeded to hastily rattle off proprietary names with no real information. And all of this was while she was carrying on a conversation on her cell phone and "teaching" another customer to knit. As I continued to ask questions, she condescendingly explained about the silk being harvested once the moths had metamorphosised. So I further inquired, "this is not reeled silk but rather short spun silk?" She did not have a clue. Okay, so I will persevere. I attempted to purchase a cone of silk yarn on the shelf but she stated that I could not purchase it but rather had to purchase skeins. I did not want skeins which I would have to join. All in all this was a very frustrating encounter. I left empty handed and will not return. Maybe her parents are better salespeople. And I will bet that they would gladly take my $350 for that cone of silk.

about Eat Sleep Knit on Mon Dec 16 00:20:19 -0600 2013

All I can say is "Wow!" I was last in this store several years ago when part of the inventory was in the warehouse part of a store in an industrial park. She has since moved into an extremely well-lit, spacious, well-staffed, shop near by. The lines of yarn are somewhat limited but she has an incredible inventory of every color of every yarn in those lines. She specializes in high-end painted yarns which can be pricy but they are absolutely gorgeous! I will go back every time we go to Atlanta. Love this store!!!!

about Rabbit Moon Yarn on Thu Jun 26 17:47:07 -0500 2014

Please let me update information on this store. The owner, Kim, has done a fabulous job of building her inventory. Her yarn selection has grown enormously. Many of her yarns are obtained on special and she passes the savings on to her knitters. She has a good selection of wools, blends, and a few synthetics. Her selection of my new favorite yarn, Shepherd's Wool, is growing. There is a good selection of needles and books. She has sit-and-knit on Thursday evenings and Saturday all day, I think. Check the website for details. A very fun place to visit. Kim is knowledgeable and always willing to help. Well worth the trip a few miles off I-75 in Hahira, GA.

about Tink & Ink art & fibers source on Fri Aug 22 15:04:49 -0500 2014

We searched out and found this yarn store while on vacation. Actually this is an art store downstairs and yarn store in the upstairs balcony area. The shop was well organized and the selection of wools amazing, especially for Hawaii. She even had some qiviut. The owner was extremely helpful and friendly. This shop is worth searching out!

about Knit Happens on Sat Nov 15 15:33:46 -0600 2014

No longer in Business'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wasted an hour searching for this shop. When I tried to call before going on a search, "all circuits are busy".

about Tempe Yarn and Fiber on Sat Nov 15 15:38:12 -0600 2014

Busy on the Friday evening when I went. Exceptionally nice staff. Inventory looked a little worn. They did have a little Shepherd's Wool and Nature Spun and some cashmere locked up in a cabinet. Nice little shop.

about The Fiber Factory on Sat Nov 15 15:44:02 -0600 2014

What can I say? No one spoke when I went in even though store was full on a Saturday afternoon. There was a small spinning group in the front of the store, a knitting group in the middle with a table full of knitters, and in the very back I saw a group making baskets. There was even a lady setting up a loom. Very interesting place even through it seemed a little dingy. Selection was somewhat limited with more acrylic than I like. There was a little cashmere and mink and some dusty nice lace weight. Books were old but that was good because I found an OOP Kevin Ford "Shearing Day." My find of the day was a pound of very nice cotton sliver at $15 a pound. When I checked out the sales lady and I had a nice chat. I am happy with my finds.

about Knitting 321 on Tue May 05 13:10:29 -0500 2015

This is a nice, very small yarn store on the upper east side, near where we were staying for my husband's surgery. Though small in size, the store features some very nice yarns. Being from the South, I expected a certain New York brashness but the owner was very friendly and helpful. I purchased seven skeins of nice yarn and she gave me an almost full skein from which she had swatched. I will certainly go back if ever in the area.

about Creative Yarns on Wed Aug 05 04:09:56 -0500 2015

CLOSING! Last day is 8/8/15. This has been the best yarn store anywhere for ten years. What a huge loss for knitters. Just goes to show that you had better buy all you can while you can.

about Rabbit Moon Yarn on Sat Oct 03 10:08:58 -0500 2015

We were in the store today. Unfortunately it has changed hands again and inventory is what was left over from a half-price going out of business sale. Hopefully the new owner will become more friendly and invest in her inventory. So sad. An era has passed.

about Fuzzy Goat on Mon Nov 16 17:07:55 -0600 2015

Very nice yarn store in downtown Thomasville. Old hardwood floors and brick walls. Owner is "growing" selection of yarns but already pretty good. Realize that I am comparing this to the largest yarn stores in Georgia. She has Shepherd's Wool from Stonehedge Mill, which I love. I bought some The Copper Corgi Fiber Studio Ogeechee Sport which is perfect for Pretty As A Peacock Shawl which I cannot wait to start. Owner was available but let us take our time to look. We will definitely go back the next time we are in Thomasville.

about Rabbit Moon Yarn on Sat Nov 21 14:11:23 -0600 2015

Store closed 10/24/15.

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