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lititz, pa
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Sat Nov 13 18:55:29 -0600 2010
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noellekon's Favorite Yarn Stores

Store Average Rating
Sea Needles
Bethany Beach, DE
Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio
Cedar Grove, WI
The Ball & Skein Shop
Lititz, PA
Kitschy Stitch
Rehoboth Beach, DE

noellekon's Comments

about The Ball & Skein Shop on Sat Nov 13 19:03:31 -0600 2010

Cozy, with very friendly staff and a versatile, smartly planned selection of yarns.

about Kitschy Stitch on Sat Nov 13 19:22:45 -0600 2010

This is a rare place that welcomes all types and ages of knitters with a gorgeous selection and a wonderfully friendly, helpful owner. It's incredibly welcoming and easy to leave with a smile on your face. I don't often have that experience at yarn shops, so this is worth the trip!

about Loop on Sat Nov 13 19:28:13 -0600 2010

This is one of my top places for yarn selection ever, but the staff always leaves me feeling like I don't belong.

about Halcyon Yarn on Sat Nov 13 19:32:37 -0600 2010

The staff was gossipy and rude to the point where it seriously put off my boyfriend, whose yarn selections they actually SNICKERED at. He happened to love those off-dye-lot skeins of silky malabrigo and he made a fantastic scarf out of them, but whenever I see it, I am reminded of that awful experience. Trust me, it takes a lot to annoy my easygoing partner but he bristles whenever I mention the place.

about Bahr Creek Llamas & Fiber Studio on Sat Nov 13 19:37:53 -0600 2010

This was a fiber fanatic's dream studio! Their fabulous yarn selection and a chance to watch the llamas made this knitter supremely happy!

about Fancy Tiger on Sat Nov 13 19:41:58 -0600 2010

This seemed like it would be lovely and I theoretically fit their target demographic (young yet experienced hip knitter) but I was treated quite coldly despite my enthusiasm. Very disappointing experience, though I left with some seriously dreamy yarn.

about Sea Needles on Sat Nov 13 19:43:33 -0600 2010

Definitely a great store with a huge selection! If you can't find it here, you didn't want it anyway.

about Knit/Purl on Sat Nov 13 20:01:32 -0600 2010

A breathtaking selection can be found here and I enjoyed chatting with the owner and staff but I got the impression that I would have been treated differently if I weren't as knowledgable or interested in the best of their wares.

about Lost Art Yarn Shoppe on Sat Nov 13 20:07:50 -0600 2010

It's as if they don't like customers. I stood in line for so long that the parking meter expired, though it was only one person being rung up. After that impossibly long wait (listening to gossip that lasted long after the transaction was finished) the owner actually snapped at me and acted like I was wasting HER time. "Are you SURE you want to buy that? It's 5 dollars a skein" (shoots me a disbelievingly scathing look like I would never pay that much for yarn) Unbelievable. I wouldn't recommend this store to anyone, ever.

about Mystic River Yarns on Sat Nov 13 20:12:02 -0600 2010

I must have come in here with "ignore me blatantly" tacked to my back, or something.

about Ginger Moon Fibers on Sun Nov 14 16:08:20 -0600 2010

This isn't a yarn store, it's a disaster. I found the one skein of non-horrendously marked up yarn in the place, paid for it, and never got my card back. After realizing it, I come back to find the store closed. My friends and I knocked on the door and eventually the owner comes out, YELLS AT ME AND CALLS ME A LIAR! Later, after I've called the bank to cancel the card, another employee calls my phone saying she found it after all and apologized for the owner's outburst. I told her that I felt bad for her, having to work for such a person. I haven't left my card somewhere since and I won't go NEAR this store ever again!

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