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Mon Sep 12 15:09:48 -0500 2011
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about Fibre Space on Mon Sep 12 15:12:09 -0500 2011

Best. Place. Ever.

The staff is wonderfully friendly, the selection amazing, and the rav-dedicated computer is something EVERY yarn store should do.

love this store.

about Froufrou on Mon Sep 12 15:14:05 -0500 2011

FrouFrou is a yarn shop on the mainline in Philadelphia. I went in there on December 24, 2009 hoping to find some needles I needed and an x-mas gift for me. I walked out with nothing but an intention never to walk in there again, which I haven't since. The problem started when I was looking through their double point needles selection, and asked if they had any of the larger size 1s (for yarn newbies: US sizes are arbitrary, and so there are two size 1s: a 2.25mm and a 2.50mm; as well as two size 2s: a 2.75mm and a 3.00mm). The woman looked at me like I had grown a fourth head. "What do you mean the 'other size 1'?" I explain quickly what I just explained above--all the while being boggled that I was explaining this to a woman who worked at a yarn store. The woman gets this massively snide look on her face and goes "There's not a number between 2 and 3 is there...I don't think there is." And I point out that there's half a mm between the sizes and yes there is... "Well, I've never heard of anything like what you're talking about, there's only a size 1 and size 2"

I'm not a massive yarn snob, but it's not like needle sizes are kept a secret, and if you're going to work in a yarn store, you prolly shouldn't treat your customers like idiots. The shop also obviously catered to only two types of clients: those who knit baby stuff and those who knit purses to felt. Don't want to do those two projects--go elsewhere. You may also want to go elsewhere if you like knowledgeable staff.

about Yarnings on Mon Sep 12 15:15:08 -0500 2011

What a lovely shop. The owner is awesome, the place is warm and welcoming--I like that they have store copies of books so you can look before you blindly order. The owner was lovely to my daughter, made great suggestions for yarn and gifts, and let me just roam to my little hearts content. Great selections and just a wonderful store.

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