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Portland, OR
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Sun Jul 15 21:04:41 -0500 2007
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About Matt King

I knit when I can, but mostly it's just scarves.

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Matt's Berlin Crawl 12/09/2014

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Portland, OR

Matt King's Comments

about Twisted on Mon Jul 16 11:35:23 -0500 2007

Lots of comfy couches! And there's a pub right next door. :-)

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Tue Sep 11 11:57:22 -0500 2007

Hi all, I'm Matt and I helped built Knitmap.com. I'll try to answer a few questions about the site that have been asked here:

YanTanTethera: There are a few people like you entering stores and getting a 'Location appears to have been entered already' message. Well, the reason is that when we first opened the site we entered as many yarn stores as we could find from lots of online sources, so we may currently have some outdated information on the site. Some stores don't exist anymore, or have been re-named and still exist at the same location. If the store has been re-named, when you try to enter a location at the same address, the site will think it is a duplicate entry. The best way to get around it is to look up the address on the map and see if location is there, and if it is, update that location and change the name (as well any other information that needs to change).

knittinfiasco: Your question is partially answered above. Any information you see on the site could have been entered by us from an outdated source. But that's why we are opening up the site to allow anyone to add or update locations. I believe the knitting community has a lot of integrity, so I think that people entering bad information to win some prizes won't be a problem. However, before we do send out prizes, we will try to verify all the entries to make sure (it's only fair!). So if you see any stores that are closed or re-named, by all means either update it or write "store has closed" in the notes and we will delete it from our list.

Wendyzzzzz: Great idea! Anyone can currently rate locations based on Service, Atmosphere and Selection. We will look into allowing users to only show locations that are meet the rating level they choose.

Thanks to everyone for the hard work so far. We're really excited to continue to expand the site with the most accurate information about yarn stores on the web...and it will all be because of the awesome knitting community that is helping out. We'll keep you posted!

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Wed Sep 12 13:40:35 -0500 2007

IKE~: I'll add editing comments to my to-do list :-)

knittinfiasco: What do you mean there are 20 Colorados?

illiane: Good idea, we'll talk about how we'd go about doing that. Maybe just a checkbox that says "Chain Store"...

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Thu Sep 13 16:14:28 -0500 2007

Aha! I found the problem and fixed it. Thanks for the tip knittinfiasco!

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Mon Sep 17 10:49:30 -0500 2007

illiane: The mobile is only set up for the iPhone currently, we're working on a more universal mobile version that will be coming out very soon. We'll be sure to post here when it comes out!

about Welcome to KnitMap! on Wed Sep 19 16:28:08 -0500 2007

Mary Beth: Have a shot at it, I've added in opening times back to 6am. Let me know if it works for you!

about KnitMap Raffle #1 on Thu Sep 20 09:20:03 -0500 2007

No problem, we reassigned the comment for you :-)

about Enquiring Minds, Take 2 on Mon Oct 22 16:25:51 -0500 2007

MamaMay: Did you mean to type country? If so, yes you can search by country...

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