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Atlanta, ga
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Sun Jun 08 15:53:48 -0500 2008
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I love handmaiden yarns

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Eat Sleep Knit
Dallas, GA

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Cast-On Cottage & Needlepoint Garden
Roswell, GA
The Whole Nine Yarns
Woodstock, GA
Manhattan Beach, CA

misodiva's Comments

about The Yarn Mart & Needlepoint on Sun Jun 08 16:17:44 -0500 2008

Very nice shop. Not too small, lots of selection. Carries J. Sharp, Natusha, noro. Has good selection of summer cottons. Has a knitting table up front. In a nice neighborhood of little rock. Very friendly service.

about A Stitch in Time on Sun Jun 08 16:21:52 -0500 2008

I was looking for a joanns that closed years ago apparently. I was able to come in here and find my needles. Has a smallish selection of yarn, but agree it is a good range and enough to find something for your new project. Very friendly service.

about Elegant Stitches on Sun Jun 08 16:19:59 -0500 2008

Amazing selection of cottons and summer weight yarns. Lots of different colors and nice range of brands. Store is large, but crowded, I didn't feel any hovering. It is not very convient for miami beach, and is in an industrial type environment. Plenty of parking.

about Strings & Strands on Sun Jun 08 16:02:57 -0500 2008

This store is not signed very well from the road, just says "yarn shop". Has a really nice selection though-lots of novelty yarns. Colinette,rowan,noro,SWTC,schaefer. It is a bit small and crammed with yarn, but I like the selection, so it is my LYS.

about Cast-On Cottage & Needlepoint Garden on Wed Jun 25 14:24:08 -0500 2008

I thought this was a good shop. They had good selection of Malbrigo which I love. Worth a visit if your in the area.

about The Whole Nine Yarns on Sun Jun 08 15:58:30 -0500 2008

Shop lets you wind yarn yourself. Has great selection of yarn-lots of cottons and summer stuff right now. Nice large space and cozy atmosphere.

about Knitch on Sun Jun 08 16:08:33 -0500 2008

IT is really hard to find parking here. I think they have high priced yarn, lots of solid colors. Website ordering. They have a large selection of noro upstairs. Lots of beautiful fibers; malibrigo, rowan, artyarn. Cottons, linen, hemp, some silks, cashmeres, large space, lots of spaces to sit and knit. It is very busy on the weekends though, so you may have to wait for service. Many classes offered.

about Only Ewe and Cotton Too on Wed Jun 25 14:26:28 -0500 2008

This is a small shop, with good selection of plymouth and cascade. Not a whole lot of handyed. It's on the smallish side, so I wouldn't make a special trip to go there. But if I was nearby and needed something to make a project with, I could probably find something.

about TWIST, YARNS OF INTRIGUE on Sun Jun 08 16:15:16 -0500 2008

This is my favorite yarn store in the country. Handmaiden, tilli thomas are great selections. Also their own very reasonable brand. Colors are fantastic, everything is the top. Lots of different silks and silk blends, bamboo. Owner-Cathy has lost of great samples and ideas. She is super helpful. This is a must visit.

about Dublin Bay Knitting Company on Tue Dec 08 02:21:14 -0600 2009

This store is fantastic for fleece artist and handmaiden yarns. It's such a pretty store too. They are very friendly and you are free to browse as you will. I love their nice selection of british wools.

about Yarnia on Wed Jun 16 13:24:51 -0500 2010

I found this shop a bit too overwhelming. There are so many combinations that I just didn't really know what to put together. Also the yarn feels more like thick threads and are wound on a cone together. There was no twist, so when you are knitting it you would have to keep them held together. Also it was difficult to put together something more than a fingering weight as the wool yarns are quite thin. It is cozy and a good idea, but just not for me.

about Twisted on Wed Jun 16 13:26:45 -0500 2010

When I go to Portland I always hit this place. Lots of local yarns, and they have Blue Moon! Nice cozy atmosphere, great selection of handyed. Staff don't hover or make you uncomfortable. Very laid back.

about Kaleidoscope Yarns on Wed Jun 16 13:30:47 -0500 2010

Pretty shop, nice selection of natural fibers. Enjoyed the Spud and Chloe, tons of Tilli Tomas, other handyed. In a old house, very cozy. Definately worth a trip, and not too far from the airport.

about Lovin' Knit Studio on Sun Aug 29 11:53:29 -0500 2010

This is a really pretty shop and the staff was perfect. I just wasn't too excited about their yarn selections. It was such a nice shop that I wanted to buy something. They have a good selection of books and magazines. Yarns were mostly solids and standard LYS yarns. Had Cascade, Noro.

about Annie & Company Needlepoint and Knitting on Fri Oct 01 02:07:32 -0500 2010

Went to several stores in Manhattan. I thought this shop had a lot of nice yarns and a good selection. I didn't get much in the way of service. I was ignored for the first 20 minutes, and was unsure who worked there as everyone was knitting together on a back table. They have a large selection which was nice of mid to higher range yarns. I was specifically looking for Tilli Thomas.

about Purl Soho on Fri Oct 01 02:12:10 -0500 2010

I thought the shop was very cutsey and pretty, but I also felt that the selection wasn't huge. The shop is very narrow and the back section is fabrics. I was greeted even though it was busy. I just didn't feel that they had a large enough selection to make me go back.

about Fleece on Tue Dec 06 05:29:41 -0600 2011

The store is smallish and I had a hard time finding anything I wanted. They do have a few interesting and nice yarns. The wool section had Cascade but limited in colors and quantities. Had some Noro. I didn't have a problem with the atmosphere, except it was small.

about Sheepish on Tue Dec 06 05:31:56 -0600 2011

I really want to like Sheepish because I feel like the owners are very nice and it's a great location. But I can't find any yarn that I really like there. They do have a good selection of Cascade and some Alpaca yarns in the front. But.. I felt that their sock yarns were limited. The atmosphere is depression and the shop needs a makeover in the back.

about Knitty City on Tue May 08 18:18:21 -0500 2012

I thought the store had a nice selection: It's a bit cramped, but it wasn't awful, I could get to all of the yarn, and it is NYC. They had a pattern book selection, but I didn't look at it. Had Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, Rowan, Lornas Laces, Fiber Company, Sweet GA., Alchemy for brands. Not a huge color selection in these, but enough that you could find something for a project.

about Bliss Yarns on Tue May 08 18:21:46 -0500 2012

Oh, I really liked this store. I've been to a lot of shops around the country and this is one of the nice ones. They had a Koigu and Cascade 220 wall. Excellent selection of cotton, linens, and wool-cotton blends for the summer knitter. Had enough skeins that you could make a sweater, I loved the colors of the yarns selected. Cute shop samples. Very friendly helpful staff member. I would def. go back if in the area. They had a wide range of yarn brands, including Rowan. Super cute.

about Baskets of Yarn on Thu May 02 01:07:43 -0500 2013

I quite liked the selection at this shop. Various types of sock, worsted, etc. Many cotton blends. Little of all brands some Malabrigo, Madtosh, Elite, Rowan, Plymouth, Manos, and many others. They had lots of pattern books and lantern moon notions. The shop keeper was a bit hovery, so a bit weird that way. There is a nice area when you first walk in to sit and knit. It was a bit hard to find, the GPS didn't know quite where it was, but I did locate it.

about Yarn Explosion on Thu May 02 01:12:42 -0500 2013

This store was large and had lots of selection. It's right near the airport.

about Bella Filati - Luxury Yarns on Tue Oct 29 07:57:50 -0500 2013

I was suprised at how nice this shop was in this little town. The atmosphere is very nice with honey colored wood fixtures and good lighting. The staff was helpful, but didn't hover and very friendly. The yarn was an excellent selection of mostly all natural fibers. Brands included Malabrigo and Rowan. Found some nice self striping sock yarn. Nicely knit up samples.

about Charlotte Yarn on Tue Oct 29 08:00:04 -0500 2013

Really enjoyed my visit to this store. It's pretty packed in with lots of different yarn brands, natural fibers, novelty yarns. There is a smallish seated area as well.

about yarniverse on Tue Oct 29 08:03:15 -0500 2013

I didn't really find anything to that I wanted to knit at this store. I thought the selection was a bit limited. I prefer handyes and natural fibers. My memory is the carried some of brands of Plymouth, Elite, etc. Just didn't have an inviting atmosphere.

about Loop on Mon Mar 09 20:01:17 -0500 2015

very pretty store. Lots of Wollmeise, Shelter, Fibre Company, Eden Cottage, etc. luxury and handyed yarns. It's small and cramped, but very cozy. I didn't have any issue with staff, if I'd wanted help they were willing.

about Yarn of Eden on Thu Jan 14 08:50:37 -0600 2016

This shop was okay, but they didn't have quite the selection of hand dyed yarn that I like and it was on the smaller side for the Seattle area. It wasn't worth a special trip, but if you live there, probably okay for a local.

about Mad Cow Yarns on Thu Jan 14 08:55:11 -0600 2016

Very nice people working there. It's on the smaller side for inventory, but that have some very nice natural fiber yarns.

about Serial Knitters on Thu Jan 14 09:01:22 -0600 2016

What a great store. They have tons of beautiful hand dyed yarn. They have a nice cozy table in the back, staff was very friendly. This store was worth the trip out and I love the Black Trillium, Madtosh, Malabrigo, etc.

about Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on Thu Jan 14 09:05:02 -0600 2016

I love this store because they have the Jared Flood yarns, Shelter and Loft. They also have Rowan, Handmaiden, Shibui Knits, etc. It has a very quaint atmosphere. It was fun to take the ferry over, but it does require a bit of planning. The staff was very busy.

about A Good Yarn Shop on Thu Jan 14 09:13:11 -0600 2016

The staff was really nice and they have a lot of classes and community stuff. Unfortunately the stock isn't that much compared to some of the Seattle shops, but they do have good natural fibers of what they have. Cascade, Blue Heron, Skacel, etc. If I lived here I would be happy to have this as my local, but it's not worth a ferry over. I hope they have good success.

about Knitty Purls on Thu Jan 14 09:18:52 -0600 2016

This shop is in a strip of cute waterfront shops on Whidbey Island. They have lots of luxury fibers and some handyed as well. The shop was empty when I went and the worker wasn't very friendly, but no problem I just browsed around.

about janes on Tue Feb 28 18:57:40 -0600 2017

Phone 01348 874443
Website http://www.janes-fishguard.co.uk

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