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South Florida
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Fri Feb 22 01:43:27 -0600 2013
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About meow0628

A knitter, crocheter, and spinner exploring yarn stores whenever and wherever she can.

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My Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl 02/26/2013
Maine Yarn Crawl 03/26/2013

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about Knit N Knibble on Fri Feb 22 01:52:31 -0600 2013

I am a knitter of probably the youngest generation and I was treated well, so I don't understand what you are talking about.

I wish I lived closer so I could go visit more often, now that I heard they have spinning wheels and roving at the store.

I have brought in projects and they love them.

about The Knitty Gritty on Sun Feb 24 01:53:52 -0600 2013

I just went today and it was awesome! :) The store is well-lit, extremely clean (for any store) and has a nice selection, organized by weight. The lady was friendly and extremely helpful.

about Knit! on Mon Mar 04 01:58:41 -0600 2013

Nice store. At first, I thought it was in a neighborhood because of the GPS, but it's across/near a gas station on the road.

It is a small shop. Small, but the yarn is organized into cubbies and isn't growing on the floor.

I'm not sure which lady (but one of the owners) was friendly and was helpful if you needed help. The shop also has average-low prices, which is hard to find in Florida.

about The Black Sheep on Mon Mar 04 02:04:18 -0600 2013

I've been to this store twice. Once in 2010, and yesterday. Different women, same reaction. Very friendly and EXTREMELY helpful, and never ignored me. Unlike Sip & Knit, these ladies actually WANT you to buy their yarn.

The yarn area I think, is smaller than I remembered, it but still organized. I only went to this store because it is part of the Orange Blossom Yarn Crawl and it was the closest to me, but I would of went anyways, because I love the ladies there.

This store is mostly a needlepoint store. SO much needlepointing yarn and supplies! If you knit and needlepoint in Orlando, this is the dream store.

about Sip & Knit on Mon Mar 04 02:10:28 -0600 2013

Walked in the store for the Yarn Crawl knowing there was a dog. The dog was on a seat staring at me with a cute face and was so quiet. I was later browsing and almost stepped on the dog that was now on the floor laying down.

This store is okay, I did feel that the owner was unfriendly but yet she did not ignore me if I asked her for something. I would have to walk over to her to ask something instead of her asking me if I needed anything, but I was still helped. I felt like they didn't need my money, so I only bought enough for the yarn crawl.

The store has a good selection of yarn, but I'd rather go to the other stores that have a good selection, decent lighting and better service.

about Knit & Stitch on Mon Mar 04 02:16:16 -0600 2013

I love this store! I have been here too many times. All employees and (owner?) Ann are friendly and will check in on you periodically but not too much if not many people are there.

This shop really needs to expand. It is not messy, it is because they do not have enough space. I'm petite-normal sized and I could barely fit, but it was a busy day today (the yarn crawl).

This shop has a great selection, and near the register on the right are really cute sheep-themed items. It is also in Historical Downtown Cocoa, with other little specialty shops and restaurants.

about Romni Wools on Sat Jul 06 21:30:24 -0500 2013

I only got to explore Romni Wools for about an hour, but the whole experience was overwhelming! Wall-to-wall yarn and supplies. I couldn't find one thing this store had missing! At first, I thought the whole store consisted of the 1st floor, but then I discovered the basement! The basement holds spinning supplies and discount yarns. It was like a yarn maze, literally.

The staff was helpful, helping you when you needed it and when you asked questions; they knew their stuff.

I found the store to cater towards the younger crowd, as they offer a 10% discount for students.

I wish this was my LYS due to how much this store stocks, but unfortunately I'm from the other side of the border, thousands of miles away, but if I get the chance to go back to Toronto, Romni's will be on the top of my list. :)

about Saco River Yarns on Sun Aug 18 02:56:45 -0500 2013

I love this store! It's a flagship for Quince & Co. yarn, and it mainly stocks Maine and U.S. produced yarns. There is also some "second/mistake" yarns they sell for a discount. The store owner is very friendly. :)

It's kind of hard to find since there are many brick buildings (all that used to be a mill), but there is a small sign. The store/factory is on Main Street in Downtown Biddeford. You have to remember to turn yourself right as soon as you open the door from the outside (Other companies are moving and sharing the old mill space).

Behind the store is a dyehouse that dyes various yarns from Maine, so if something is not in stock in the store, it's probably in the dyehouse.

about KnitWit Yarn Shop on Sun Aug 18 03:01:26 -0500 2013

I love this store! I wish I lived in Portland. :( The owner is extremely friendly and helpful, and the store is the neatest I've seen any yarn store in the many places I have visited. The store is quite small, but there is room to roam around. Most of the yarn is on the "high, high" end, but the owner knows what she is stocking is of the best quality. This is also a Quince & Co. Flagship store, and that brand takes up almost one side of the store.

The one downside is that this store is closed on Sundays and Mondays in the summer when I visited. I made sure I'd stay on a Tuesday so I could visit Knitwit. :)

about A Good Yarn on Mon Aug 11 12:38:08 -0500 2014

I've been to A Good Yarn twice (this year and last year). I live on the other side of the state, but I consider this the BEST "LYS" in Florida due to the selection, service, and atmosphere. I really want this to be my "local" local yarn store so I could visit them more often.

A Good Yarn stocks some rare finds for the Florida knitter, which includes the brands Blue Sky Alpacas, Be Sweet, Quince & Co., Swans Island, Habu, Biscotte & Cie, the list goes on. However, my favorite thing that they stock here is the spinning supplies! It's so hard to come across a store around this area of the U.S. that has spinning supplies, and a decent stock of them as well. Along with the knitting and spinning supplies, I've also seen that they stock needlepoint and weaving supplies.

about Halcyon Yarn on Thu Aug 14 12:09:58 -0500 2014

I visited Halcyon once last year, but I haven't gotten to reviewing it until now.

One thing I have to say first is that the selection here is HUGE! Specifically for the weaver or spinner. They've even got an elevator that goes to the second floor and that holds their weaving/spinning showroom (as well as their classroom). Every type of spinning wheel and loom imaginable. For the knitter they don't have as much, but what they have is quite pricey. Note that there are many things they stock are from local craftsmen or dyers. There's also a Halcyon brand line of yarns that are dyed in Biddeford.

The service is fine. It's not the worst I've ever had, but it's also not the best.

With that in mind, if I go back near the area, I would still like to stop by Halcyon Yarns again so I can browse more. :)

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