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Abilene TX
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Tue Apr 28 21:06:11 -0500 2009
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About lizberry81

I've been crocheting since I was a little kid, only picked up knitting in the last couple of years. I do a bit of drop spindle spinning, bit of dying... whatever I can get up to.

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A Knitted Peace
Littleton, CO
Yarn Barn
Lawrence, KS
Haus of Yarn
Nashville, TN
Hill Country Weavers
Austin, TX
So Much Yarn
Seattle, WA
Knit N Knibble
Tampa, FL
Twisted Yarns
Spring, TX
Stonehill Spinning
Fredericksburg, TX
Rosewood Yarns
Boerne, TX
Portland, OR
White Rock Weaving Center, LLC
Dallas, TX

lizberry81's Comments

about Haus of Yarn on Tue Apr 28 21:13:14 -0500 2009

This shop was splendid! The ladies were so friendly & welcoming. The selection alone boggled my mind... I could have stayed there all day if time permitted, just wandering around and taking in all the colors. I was hard pressed to finally decide what to buy. As a visitor to Nashville, it was a pleasure to go home with some wonderful yarn from this great shop.

about Hill Country Weavers on Tue Nov 24 14:00:30 -0600 2009

My first visit was somewhat marred by the fact that a women was visiting who brought three boys with her who proceeded to run around the shop (that is - as already mentioned - sort of cramped) playing tag. I got shoved and my husband got his foot tromped on... so we left in a hurry since no one seemed to be willing to put a stop to the behavior.

We went next door to the actual weaving studio where there was more yarn and I accidentally fell in love w/ some Koigu that I had to have.

I gave this location a second chance on another trip back through Austin and it was much quieter the second time. I was able to get some needles and some nice baby alpaca roving... so I'm glad I went back, it really is a nice little place.

about White Rock Weaving Center, LLC on Tue Nov 24 14:13:18 -0600 2009

What I didn't know until I got to this location is there is a sign on the door that basically says 'call first before you make a special trip here' because we may or may not even be open the hours we say we are. I had to park in the parking lot and call and call before the owner showed up.

The location is nice, she has about 1/2 a dozen kinds of wheels - the high end ones, not cheap... she has a good selection of fibers, some drop spindles and a whole lot of looms and weaving supplies.

The lady was perfectly nice to me once she figured out I knew how to spin and she didn't have to babysit me. A friend of mine from Abilene also went there and bought a wheel and said the lady was kind of a bother for the same reason - until she figures out you actually CAN spin, she sort of follows you around like you might break something.

Overall, I was pleased, but the prices were rather high - I wasn't going to pay that much for things that sell on the Internet for much less... so I bought a drop spindle and some fiber and called it good.

about Yarnia on Tue Nov 24 14:21:13 -0600 2009

I actually was more impressed with the idea of this store than it's execution... I mean, the advertisment says to MAKE your own yarn. What you actually are is picking a bunch of yarn to be wound on a cone together. There's no force that actually holds the yarn together... it's just like knitting from more than one source held together.

I created my yarn and was thrilled... until I started using it. Unless your tension is perfect, some strands are going to end up all loose. I gave up trying to knit with it because it got all tangled up coming off of the cone.

about Yarn Barn on Tue Nov 24 14:26:18 -0600 2009

I went here truly intending to buy a wheel, but didn't even touch one even though I am an avid spinner (see previous comments about 'no touching' policy) I felt truly intimidated by the staff when it came to the spinning supplies.

The selection was fantastic though - the yarn AND the fibers. I literally had to drag myself and my friend out because every time we went to check out, we'd see something else we wanted.

I came away with as many bags of fiber as I could carry.

So, yes, they score VERY high on everything, but customer service.

about Stonehill Spinning on Tue Nov 24 14:30:41 -0600 2009

I don't know what their current situation is, but when I visited it was FANTASTIC.

It is slightly confusing because the building that had been on the website is now their studio and the actual shop is several yards away in a different parking lot.

The lady who was working there (I don't remember if she was the owner, but I think she probably was) was just wonderful.

I had just bought my first wheel and I didn't have a clue what to do with it nor did it occur to me to bring it (we were traveling from Abilene.) The lady pulled out a double drive Ashford that closely approximated my wheel and showed me what to do and let me treadle and learn spinning basics for several hours. I was so grateful for her help that I basically bought one of everything she showed me: carders, tons of fiber, other spinning supplies.

She did say they were getting out of the business of actually selling wheels, but would continue to stock supplies.

about So Much Yarn on Tue Nov 24 14:36:27 -0600 2009

I hope the address is the new location - when I visited this summer, I mentioned to them that I had gone to the wrong address because I had seen it here, but I don't remember what the new address had been.

I went to the old address and the lady at the shop there was kind enough to tell me where to go. The new address is actually above what I think was the World Market sort of near Pike Place.

The shop was fantastic and had two cute doggies in residence.

I didn't know what I needed since my yarn trips are more like souvenir expeditions so I told her to show me something interesting and she sold me some great sock yarn that she said was harvested from area wool.

Overall - very pleasing to the eye, lots of colors, friendly staff.

about A Knitted Peace on Tue Nov 24 14:42:17 -0600 2009

I've visited this store twice: the first time was practically a drive-by as I had to be in and out in minutes (this trip yielded some lovely noro) and the second time I was able to linger a lot longer.

The store is great, the selection is splendid.

The only thing that I would mention that's not even really a complaint is: every store I've ever been to will offer to wind your purchases for you. When I asked if this service was offered, I was pointed toward the winders and told to help myself. My friend and I were not familiar with how to use a professional winder & we weren't shown so it was sort of intimidating...

Other than that though -- fantastic location. My sis-in-law lives in Denver so I visit often & I'm sure I'll be back.

about Twisted Yarns on Tue Nov 24 14:45:45 -0600 2009

I really enjoyed my trip to this shop.

My cousin lives in this area so I always visit the LYS whenever I travel.

The staff was really nice and left me to browse in peace, but was available for any questions I had.

It was really hard to decide, but I finally picked up some Harmony, needles and a shawl pattern.

I hope I can make it back - this location was great!

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