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Sat Jan 16 02:33:12 -0600 2010
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about Pacific Fabrics & Crafts on Sat Jan 16 02:59:13 -0600 2010

This Pacific Fabrics is a great place to shop for afghan yarn. They have a good selection of acrylic sorted by color. They usually have an interesting selection of yarns from novelty to high end yarns. The focus of this shop is more for the sewing enthusiast so their yarn section is small but like I said it is interesting. I used to stop in just to see their selection because you'd find stuff that wasn't other stores. However due to poor service I refuse to set foot in the shop. There is one lady there that sniffs her nose up at me every single time I've come in. I had a run in with her during a class (she was a fellow student) and will never darken their door again.

about Cultured Purls on Sat Jan 16 03:04:07 -0600 2010

Everytime I've been in to Cultured Pearls I have had excellent service. They're always very friendly and talkative. I've taken a spinning class from them once and their teacher was excellent. She really knew her stuff. They have a good selection of yarns from high end on down to acrylic. I love that they always have a good selction of the colors of each collection of yarns. It makes buying that much easier.

about Renaissance Yarns on Sat Jan 16 03:12:17 -0600 2010

I love that Renaissance Yarns is in a shopping center. My husband and I will go out for dinner, make a stop by the yarn store and then get hot chocolate at Dilettante. What a perfect evening out right? Everytime I've stopped by I've been warmly greeted and have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful. They've got a good selection of interesting hand dyed yarns so there is always something new to find. This is also a great place to get drop spindles as they do carry a small selection of Cascade Spindles.

about Wollstube Wollin on Sat Jan 16 03:23:10 -0600 2010

When I went to visit a friend in Stuttgart she introduced me to this store as her favorite LYS. Oh my what a treat! The wall of sweater yarn went on and on and then I found the sock yarn. It was like I died and went to yarn heaven! The selection of brands was varied and it was easy to find some of my favs worldwide as well as brands I had never seen before. My friend introduced me to the owner who spoke perfect English and was a lot of fun to chat with. This is a very special yarn shop and worth the S-bahn ride out from Stuttgart.

about Liberty on Sat Jan 16 03:51:45 -0600 2010

Liberty isn't just the place to buy Rowan but an experience all on its own. It's in a beautiful early 1900s building near a funky little shopping district. When you walk in it is many floors of high end department store. Even though a lot of the merchandise is too rich for my blood it is fun to paw around and find exquisite things to treat yourself with. In the habedashery section you will find every line of Rowan yarn in every color made. The prices are on par with the US but I hear tell that twice a year they do a sale that makes it well worth a stop. The book section is also devoted to Rowan and you will find pretty much any Rowan book in print there. My friend and I piled up a stack of books a spent at least on hour pouring over them. The button section is not to be missed either.

about All the Fun of the Fair on Sat Jan 16 03:57:29 -0600 2010

As an American traveling in a foreign country I found this place a breath of fresh air. Its not your ordinary yarn shop at all. It is fun and quirky and you'll find all kinds of treasures there and a lot of it isn't yarn. They had a fun collection of buttons and all kinds of handknitted cakes and doodads as well as felt. I ended up with a velvet christmas pudding ornament, some mini mochi colors I had never seen and some blocking pins.

about John Lewis - Oxford Street on Sat Jan 16 04:00:35 -0600 2010

Its a department store with yarn. Not the most thrilling venue to shop but the selection was good. They had lot of your basic British yarns like Louisa Harding, Debbie Bliss and Rowan.

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