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Mon Jul 13 04:53:54 -0500 2015
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about Sommerfuglen on Fri Oct 16 02:30:38 -0500 2015

Best knitting supply store in Copenhagen! Great selection of some big name brands such as Rowan, Isager as well as a wide selection of less common brands and exotic yarns - great place to start looking if you want to try out knitting with silk blends, linen and other less conventional fibres. It's the kind of shop where I drop in to buy something simple and end up browsing the shelves for an hour dreaming up new projects. It has everything.
In addition to knitting yarn, there is also a lovely selection of Danish embroidery kits, decent collection of buttons, and some knitting books too.

about Uldstedet on Fri Oct 16 02:38:50 -0500 2015

Love this store. And coming here gives me an excuse to pop into Torvehallerne across the street (or maybe going to Torvehallerne gives me an excuse to pop in here, I'm not sure...)

Nicely laid out, I particularly like the wall on the left where the yarns are grouped by complementary colours (rather than brand/type), which has provided me with inspiration on more than one occasion. It stocks mostly wool, but still a decent selection of non-wool or blended yarns. The prices seem better than Sommerfuglen nearby, too - I bought some Sarah Tweed silk/merino at 75% the price it was shown for at Sommerfuglen. They stock a wide selection of their own Gepard brand, which has some fantastic yarns in an array of colours.

Note - they do returns on yarn if you buy too much (store credit, not refund) but only on yarns they have sealed in plastic, so remember to request this when you purchase if you think you'll be returning any leftovers.

about Garnstuen on Fri Oct 16 02:46:17 -0500 2015

Great store in a lively street in Østerbro. The owner Marie is lovely, and very helpful. Not the biggest selection in Copenhagen, but well worth a look. Some lovely linen yarns, Icelandic yarns (which are found in most Copenhagen stores) and a good selection of Lana Grossa yarns. Prices are good.

about Therese Garn on Fri Oct 16 02:56:12 -0500 2015

This shop is not for the claustrophobic. It's small and pokey, and the layout inside is chaotic. Every available space is crammed with yarn, I'm sure there must be yarns at the bottom that haven't seen the light of day for decades. Somewhere behind the stacks upon stacks of yarn, and hanging samples of knitwear, the walls are lined with shelves containing yarns, but good luck finding them. There is barely room for more than one customer in here at a time as the floor is also piled up with yarns.

This is a great shop if you like to dig (literally) for a hidden gem, and the prices are the lowest I've seen in Copenhagen. When the store is open, there are big bins of discounted yarns on the sidewalk out the front. I usually stop to take a look there are often some nice yarns, and they are very cheap. But if you're looking for something in particular and don't want to get buried under an avalanche while doing so, then give this a miss.

about Nicoline Garn on Fri Oct 16 03:00:42 -0500 2015

I love this store - it's not as big as some of the others in this city, but somehow I always seem to find something I like. It has a decent selection of cotton and linens, including those blended with wool. It also has a great supply of the Norwegian brand Drops (fast becoming my favourite brand). Nothing overly exotic about the selection, but there's a great choice of wool and it's a pleasure to browse the range here.

Staff are lovely and helpful.

about Tot og Tråd on Fri Oct 16 03:03:05 -0500 2015

Nice layout, has a posh feel. However, the range wasn't great and I wasn't very inspired. Drop in if you're here on a holiday, but don't go out of your way.

about Sømsenteret on Fri Oct 16 03:04:25 -0500 2015

This is mainly a fabric/sewing supply store with a selection of yarns. Selection is limited, but has a lot of Rowan and a few others. Worth a look, I've found what I was looking for on a couple of occasions.

about Strikkedilla - Oslo City on Fri Oct 16 03:06:16 -0500 2015

Great store, good selection of wool. Full of the usual Norwegian brands, as is usually the case in stores in this country. Great place for inspiration if your next project is a woolly sweater or some other cosy winter project.

about Pickles on Fri Oct 16 03:15:14 -0500 2015

Nice-looking concept store, they stock only their own Pickles brand of yarn and patterns. The range is extremely limited, the whole thing seems to be pitched at young, hipster, beginner knitters (that is the demographic of the neighbourhood). I was on the hunt for some laceweight wool and some linen and this shop had nothing of either.

about Grünerløkka Garn on Fri Oct 16 03:20:17 -0500 2015

Beautiful shop, small but a nice selection of yarns. Many silk blends and alpaca yarns, which is a nice variation on the Norwegian woollen yarn that dominates stores in this city.

about Garnhuset Trondheim on Fri Oct 16 03:23:35 -0500 2015

Massive store with a huge range. All the usual suspects as well as a few that were new to me. I spent over an hour in here just browsing and getting inspired. Definitely worth a look if you are in Trondheim.

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