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Thu Jul 30 08:52:00 -0500 2009
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Santa Fe Crawl 07/30/2009

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Colorful Yarns
Centennial, CO
Knitty Cat
Centennial, CO
The Yarn Shop in Taos
Taos, NM
Looking Glass Yarn & Gifts
Santa Fe, NM
Tutto Santa Fe
Santa Fe, NM

knitgal's Comments

about Knitty Cat on Fri Aug 07 12:14:34 -0500 2009

Very happy we stopped in during our Denver stay. The owner was on vacay, but her Mom was filling in and was more than happy to call her on her cell with any unanswered questions. The selection is lovely and I found the display just fine (contrary to another reviewer). I liked the ambiance; there are two very comfy chairs to lounge in (or have husband chill in) and a table to knit around. Nice selection varying from premium pricey skeins, to meat & potatoes necessities. Lots of shop samples to give you ideas as well.

about Knitting Habitat on Fri Aug 07 12:21:41 -0500 2009

A gem of a yarn store in an unexpected locale. The staff is super helpful and have some great stories to tell. I wish I was local to join them on their field trips, such as one to a local Colorado yarn producer, which sounded like a great time (even husband wanted to go!). They have a published class schedule, and all their beautiful shop samples have informative tags on them.

My only wish would be a selection of lace yarns (aside from a couple of mohair type choices), and I seem to always pick a yarn in a colorway where there is only one orphan skein left ~

The atmosphere is great, with two lovely modern love seats and a stack of Architectural Digest which kept my husband well occupied while I shopped. A large table accommodates the class students. A wall in the back holds sale yarns, where good deals can be had.

about I Love Knitting on Fri Aug 07 12:34:10 -0500 2009

On a yarn crawl, I ran in & out of this place. Very nice presentation, but nothing caught my eye and I too, thought it was a bit pricey, even for a LYS. Nobody seemed that interested when I came in. I'd give it a second try when I come back into town, though, if I were in the area.

about Colorful Yarns on Fri Aug 07 12:43:44 -0500 2009

Love, love, loved this store. Absolutely jam packed, but in a good way. Great selection and I found the staff friendly & helpful, but not overly so. Very happy we went.

about Oodles Yarn & Bead Gallery on Thu Sep 17 14:59:06 -0500 2009

Any place that has a dog greet me puts a smile on my face immediately. Also knit stores with comfy couches for my husband to sit in and wait is a big plus, which was there. Oodles is in a beautiful space and unlike others, I don't find the lighting to be an issue. There were plenty of halogens to shine light on yarn.

I will agree with "Sam" that the selection did not excite me as much as it could (and I don't necessarily have a problem with novelty yarns, and *definitely* don't have a problem with anything Trendsetter Yarns makes, yet there was a lot of it). The cubby holes the yarn was in was just a tad small to get my big hands in and see what was what - and yes, a review of price posting would be most helpful. Yarns are sorted by gauge which I thought was really cool.

The two yarn selections that were exciting were a bit out of my price point for the day: A stunning bison blend ($33 for about 124 (150?) yards), and a collection of locally hand dyed, mixed texture yarns bundled together, very beautiful at about $100. If I were doing the tourist thing, I would definitely have taken some home.

Note: If you are walking to this store from the Plaza - go through the *parking lot* of the Hilton Hotel to get to it, not through the *hotel* (as we were advised).

about Tutto Santa Fe on Thu Sep 17 15:10:55 -0500 2009

I agree with "Anonymous, too" - I don't know what "Anonymous" means by lukewarm service. David is always willing to find things for me, and even call around to his friend's shop to see if they have a random skein I'm looking for. He offers to special order if he's out of what I need.

There are a lot of great yarns here. There are many shop samples - you can't beat that for trying to see if you like the way a yarn knits up.

The space is bright and packed with inventory (in a good way). There is a nice selection of books, a ton of buttons, shawl pins, finished knits to buy and everything is easy to see, easy to get to, and visibly priced.

Did I mention the buttons? - many, many buttons.

On top of all this, Tutto's has a customer appreciation punchcard.

about Looking Glass Yarn & Gifts on Fri Oct 23 00:40:20 -0500 2009

Driving by you wouldn't think by the exterior of all the yummy goodness inside. Another instance of don't judge a book by its cover. The owner was very sweet and helpful and I was very pleased to find some gorgeous indie yarns that I, the yarn snob, have not heard of. I did get sucked in by some lovely roving that had to be mine. It was nice to see spinning supplies and there is an ocean of notions (yes, I've been waiting a while to say that) to chose from. Lovely, lovely shop, complete with a loyalty club.

about LambShoppe on Fri Mar 26 14:55:35 -0500 2010

When I go to Denver (about 3-4 times/year), I always check out a different yarn shop. Upon walking in with my husband and sister, we were not greeted at all and left to our own devices. I was prepared to spend some money, and asked a staffer to look up something for me on Ravelry so I'd know how much to buy. I felt that this was an annoyance and asked my husband and sister for a "reality check" to make sure I wasn't over-reacting. They *both* said I wasn't and my sister even used the word "snooty."

So I got 2 skeins and put the rest back. I was, however, offered to have them wound (which I didn't need as I do my own). I will mention, that there seemed to be 3-4 people working, and no one else was actively shopping (there were a couple of gals knitting at the table).

The fixtures holding the yarn was lovely, and the selection is very nice, but there are no indie or regional yarns that I could see.

I agree with "Antelopeb" that Fancy Tiger was a much better experience.

about Fancy Tiger on Fri Mar 26 14:59:29 -0500 2010

For a small store, the owner picks her yarns with a lot of TLC. When I first walked in I had my doubts, as there was a bunch of fabric for quilting and I didn't think that I'd find anything of interest in the kniting section.

I was wrong.

The just got in this great new Habu merino & stainless steel yarn that I've been dying to try so I bought the scarf kit. There is a fabulous kid merino from australia that begs to be handled.

Upstairs is dedicated to spinning and I had a lot of fun picking out fiber. The staff greeted me upon entry (very important to me) and even took some roving out to photograph in case I wanted more of the same color. They were friendly without being overbearing. I will definitely be stopping back next time in town.

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