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Sat Sep 17 02:43:51 -0500 2011
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Visiting Tommy 04/25/2012
Tronna 02/07/2013
Paris 2014 11/16/2014
Europe 2015 09/09/2015
Everyone Knows it's Windy 10/06/2015

kenetha65's Favorite Yarn Stores

Store Average Rating
Needle Nook
Atlanta, GA
Grinny Possum Fiber Arts
New Albany, IN
Mass. Ave. Knit Shop
Indianapolis, IN
The Knit Cafe
Toronto, ON
I Knit London
Waterloo, London
All Points Yarn
Des Moines, WA
This is Knit
Dublin 2, Ireland
L'OisiveThé, Salon de Thé et Yarn Shop.
Paris, Île-de-France
Lil Weasel
Paris, Ile-de-France
Blueball Mountain Spindle & Needleworks
Elizabethtown, KY
Lovin' Knit Studio
Marietta, GA
Les petits points parisiens
Paris, IDF

kenetha65's Comments

about All Points Yarn on Sat Sep 17 02:49:03 -0500 2011

Wonderful shop! Great service and selection.

about Grinny Possum Fiber Arts on Sat Sep 17 04:40:00 -0500 2011

This store has been my home-away-from-home. Ann taught me to knit and I've not stopped since. It's the kind of LYS where you always feel welcome to sit and knit or crochet. If there's anything you don't see on the shelf they will special-order it. Wonderful store!

about Lil Weasel on Wed Nov 30 21:47:47 -0600 2011

Wonderful woman who knows what she's doing. Very warm and inviting shop. Be sure to stop in when you're in Paris. Go up rue St Denis from rue Turbigo and the Passage du Grand Cerf is on the left. The Passage is through a big doorway. Don't look for an actual small street like I did. Lil Weasel is just a little way down the passage on the left.

She has some books in English as well as in French. Also lots of fabric there.

about Enchanted Yarn and Fiber on Wed Apr 25 14:20:38 -0500 2012

What's the new address? They're listed as "Clarkville, KY" instead of "Clarksville, TN" and on the map they're popping up in downtown Louisville. :-D

about Lovin' Knit Studio on Sat May 05 04:48:33 -0500 2012

Loved this shop and YES, it's very crochet-friendly. (Especially Janice, she's a crochet goddess!) In town visiting a friend and stopped by this shop. They were very welcoming, which is even more important to a male knitter. I felt like I had come home. A yarn shop should be like an embassy, to steal a line from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, and Lovin Knit fits perfectly. I spent some time knitting there and chatting with Karen and Janice. I can't remember the other folks' names but they were all very nice and went out of their way to make us feel welcome. Nice selection of many yarns and a lot of great books and patterns. I asked for a particular needle and Karen went to a drawer and pulled it out in seconds. I've never seen a more organized way of keeping needles for customers! Be sure and check out Moxie's burgers across the street. They were really nice too.

Thanks for a great visit. I look forward to stopping by again.

about Lil Weasel on Sat May 05 04:55:19 -0500 2012

Just thought I'd add that a good yarn to buy for a souvenir at this shop is anything from Fonty. They are a French yarn company producing yarn in France. (I wanted yarn from France and didn't think there would really be any.) I'm very happy with it!

about Genuine Purl on Sat May 05 04:58:36 -0500 2012

Aw. I'm heading back home to Louisville from Atlanta on Sunday and hoped to stop by here. Can't be open all the time I guess. Catch you next time I'm in town!

about Needle Nook on Sun May 06 05:28:22 -0500 2012

I had a great time with Arline, the shop owner, and several other women in the shop. They did not flinch an eye to see two big ol'boys walk in with one small hispanic man looking at yarn together. They were attentive, politely inquisitive, and were very honored that we had found them on knit map and by recommendations at the SE Mens'Knitting Retreat. I found lots and lots of beautiful yarns in my favorite colorways but didn't splurge as much as I wanted to. Hope to go back tomorrow and rectify that. haha,

about This is Knit on Fri Oct 19 21:14:34 -0500 2012

Wonderful store with a warm, informed staff. They have a lovely sit-n-knit area upstairs and were very welcoming. I ended up buying a lot of yarn and having them ship it home to me in the USA. It was a lot cheaper to ship than I expected. They sent me over to Brook's Hotel one block away on a Thursday night for a terrific "stitch and bitch" group. If you're looking for an instant knitting family/community in Dublin, this is it!

Some of the yarns are the same as in the U.S. but many are local and unique. They have some yarns from a great local dyer as well as Irish yarn. Many patterns they have I've not seen anywhere else. They're in a small indoor mall and there's a great café just outside their door.

about The Knit Cafe on Sat Feb 09 15:23:51 -0600 2013

I felt no pressure to buy anything. (Not that I didn't buy something wonderful!) So nice to just sit and knit with local folks and learn about Toronto while sipping a very good latte. I met some nice knitters and got some great yarn. They even talked about other stores in the area I should visit. That's what I call class! So nice to find another shop where promoting knitting and fiber arts was important to them. Don't miss this place on your trip to Toronto. If I move to Toronto I may even try to find a place near here. haha.

about All Points Yarn on Wed Aug 28 02:56:37 -0500 2013

Definitely worth driving down to this shop if you're in Seattle. The owner is not only well-versed in hand knitting but is an avid machine knitter and designer too. This has become a go-to place for me when I visit the Seattle/Tacoma area.

about Romni Wools on Tue Dec 03 08:54:35 -0600 2013

Put this store on your bucket list! If you find yourself anywhere near Toronto, you have to check this place out at least once. Staff were helpful and friendly. They did not assume I didn't knit since I'm a man.

about Lettuce Knit on Tue Dec 03 09:02:06 -0600 2013

Loved this place! Staff were a LOT of fun. It felt like visiting old friends the first time I walked in the door.

about Loop on Fri Mar 21 22:25:30 -0500 2014

It was a rainy night and they were busy when I got there, but they made me feel very welcome and made sure I found what I needed. (Novermber 2012)

about Enchanted Yarn and Fiber on Fri Mar 21 22:27:02 -0500 2014

Can someone please fix this? Keeps popping up in Louisville map. QQ

about The Yarn Club, Inc. on Sat Sep 06 12:34:56 -0500 2014

Andrea, Terri, and Will greeted us and were very helpful without being pushy. We felt very welcome and were impressed with the great selection. The table had a lot of folks which is a good sign when they are welcoming as well. It's just what we want in a yarn store - an embassy of sorts where we feel right at home even 750 miles from our true homes. Glad we took the time to stop by during our Virginia Beach vacation.

about Les petits points parisiens on Sun Nov 23 09:47:37 -0600 2014

THIS is it. I finally found a yarn store in Paris that welcomes knitters and crocheters to come and sit a while. It's something we often expect in the USA but it is no doubt difficult to do in Paris where space is at a premium and where the concept is rather new. The woman in charge today fills in occasionally and was there today because of the Créations Savoir-Faire expo in town. The owner was at the expo and was thoughtful enough to ask an English friend, Ellen, to keep the shop open for her.

It is a very welcoming shop with many choices of yarn not easily found outside Europe. The skeins I bought were from a co-op in the Alps. Of course they have Cascade 220 and other yarns as well as hand-dyed yarns from Europe and Canada. It's not a big selection but it's nice. (I'm always on the lookout for souvenir yarn.)

It was nice to find a shop that is very welcoming and where I could sit and knit for a while. They have coffee, many teas, and juice available and a restroom if needed. The shop is also guy-friendly. (Believe it or not, not every shop is.) I hope to go back soon and meet the actual owner, Anne.

about A Yarn Crossing on Tue Aug 11 05:21:59 -0500 2015

Nice addition to the area! Shop is in a nice old Frankfort Avenue house with a welcoming seating area and nice staff.

about Les petits points parisiens on Thu Nov 05 13:01:06 -0600 2015

Just came back from there tonight and I have to say that it really is a great store. Last time I thought the selection was small but it was because there was a knitting show in town (Salon de Loisirs Creatifs) so a lot of the stock was there instead of in the shop. I was lucky enough to be there tonight for their knit night and it was wonderful. So many great women gathering to knit and me, one fat American guy. We had a blast! There was also a really good sandwich service that I dare you to find at any other yarn store!

The shop owner was there today and she speaks really good English although I didn't ask her to. She was very helpful and told me a lot of the knitting terms in French that I didn't know. She knew all of them in English and was able to translate for me.

about Baaad Anna's: Not Your Mama's Yarn Store on Tue Aug 30 18:16:40 -0500 2016

Exactly what you want in a yarn store! Great selection with enthusiastic staff and comfortable seating. They have some toys to keep kids busy while you shop or stitch.

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