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Thu Nov 29 19:48:32 -0600 2012
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Longwood, FL
Four Purls
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about Knit! on Thu Nov 29 20:01:59 -0600 2012

This is the best yarn shop in the Orlando area. The owners, Marney and Ruth, are very knowledgable. The selection is great. If they don't have it, they will order it for you. Their selection ranges from high end (Rowan, Madelin Tosh) to middle of the pack (Berroco) yarns (Berroco produces great yarns, I am mainly referring to price here). They carry a large selection of needles (Addi, Crystal Palace, Chiao Goo, Inox and Knitter's Pride). The atmosphere in the shop is kind, warm and cozy. I was a regular at the shop and we always greeted customers when they walked in, so I am not too sure about the reference to the lack of manners. As it is mainly a one woman shop, you may have to wait a bit for Marney to get to you, but she will get to you. Also, feel free to ask any questions of the ladies/gentlemen sitting at the table - they are always happy to help! :0)

about Stash on Mon Dec 10 02:05:36 -0600 2012

Shop was okay...The needle selection wasn't the best, but consider what I had been seeing, it was okay. The people in the shop were friendly. This is a place that I will visit again.

about The Lamb's Wool on Mon Dec 10 02:17:11 -0600 2012

This is an okay shop...the people I have interacted with have never been the most friendly people, but were never rude. Spinning selection is good (never had a problem with moths in what I have purchased). Yarn selection is okay...Weaving yarn selection is good. A couple of times when I visited, there was a little dog running around the shop - this bothered me. I do not care for dogs and I really don't want their fur and dander and slobber all over the fiber/yarn/products I buy. This is not one of my "go to" shops, but I will visit when looking for spinning stuff or knitting needles....

about Twist Knitting and Spinning on Mon Dec 10 02:19:46 -0600 2012

Staff wasn't overly friendly, but more friendly than some of the other shops I have been to. I love the selection of yarns and spinning supplies! :0) I wish the shop was closed to where I live because I would spend my Saturdays there knitting and/or spinning.

about Four Purls on Mon Dec 10 02:25:28 -0600 2012

Love this shop...I wish it would have been closer to where I lived in Orlando...Alas, now it would be an even longer drive since I live near Philadelphia! :0) The owners and customers were always warm, friendly, helpful, welcoming and chatty! They even welcomed me with my spinning wheel one Saturday afternoon!

about A Garden of Yarn on Mon Dec 10 02:35:22 -0600 2012

Staff was very friendly...Prices were about average and selection was okay on normal yarns, but for the novelty/froufrou yarns, it was HUGE! A lot of the ruffled yarns that are popular right now. Will make the trip to Chadd's Ford again!

about Rosie's Yarn Cellar on Mon Mar 25 02:22:04 -0500 2013

It's tiny and dark. The stock is crammed in, making it difficult to see what they have. The prices are located on little tags on the shelves, not on the items. Also, when I went the staff was not very friendly or helpful. My biggest complaint was that the pattern I purchased at the shop for $6 was free on Ravelry (or at least it was at the time of my purchase). It was a "Rosie's" pattern and it was posted on Ravelry by someone affiliated with the shop, so they had to know it was out there free. I understand the shop has a right to recoup the cost of paper and printing for the patterns they put out. However, they should at least inform the customer the pattern is available at no charge on the web.

Regardless of the situation with the pattern, I had made my mind up that I would be going back to the shop before I even walked out the door. If I hadn't been desperate for the needles, I wouldn't have purchased anything because of the staff lack of customer service.

about Finely a Knitting Party on Mon Mar 25 12:56:22 -0500 2013

Shop is okay. Yarn selection is somewhat limited. However, she is the only shop that I have found around here that carries the needles I love!!!! YEAH!!! It really bothers me that she does not take credit cards though. To me, it seems like she is really limiting her customer base.

about Slip Knot on Thu Mar 28 02:08:09 -0500 2013

Owner of the shop is very, very rude...When I walked in all I got was a dirty look and a "hi" that sounded like she was doing me a favor to greet me. Also, don't try to knit with yarn you haven't bought there...they will run you out. I have given this shop the benefit of the doubt several times, hoping that each new time I visit something would have changed. Unfortunately, that has not been the case.

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