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jacksonville, FL
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Tue Jul 08 15:24:28 -0500 2008
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Sip & Knit
Maitland, FL

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about KnitWitz on Fri Jul 18 15:22:54 -0500 2008

In my opinion, the selection is nothing to write home about. Most of what I saw was heavier, winter weather things. Cotton anyone? I saw very little that was useable for a Florida summer. I can understand keeping sweater things around for winter and other projects, but come on... you've got to sell to your location and audience.

about Sip & Knit on Tue Jul 08 15:36:16 -0500 2008

Love this store, with the set up and selection. There's something new around every corner, and it's just a fun place to browse.

The lady there seemed nice enough to me. She didn't hover as if fingerprints would destroy her yarn (like some do) but she welcomed us and was friendly when we were in the same room.

about The Black Sheep on Tue Jul 08 15:33:41 -0500 2008

I was at the shop in early April and it was very much open. I've heard they've switched owners since then, though.

The yarn section is small, and the staff (may have changed if there is a new owner) was very arrogant. My friend and I are young (17) and walked in off the street in jeans and a t-shirt and they acted like we weren't good enough for their service.

about Dutch Oven Yarn Shop on Wed Jul 09 16:51:30 -0500 2008

Great service here! All of the ladies I talked to in here were very friendly and knowledgeable and had great recommendations for yarn and patterns.

A little overwhelming to walk in and see floor to ceiling yarn in one room -- a good overwhelming, but still a little hard to take it all in.

And the bakery makes it smell good and the cookies are FANTASTIC.

about Lost Art Yarn Shoppe on Tue Jul 08 15:31:06 -0500 2008

Nice store with a lot of selection, from sock yarn to hand dyed to cottons to blends.

The lady in there was a tad stand-offish but not rude(could have been because I brought my mother -- a non-knitter who pondered loudly about why someone from Florida would knit socks or sweaters).

about Yarn Quest on Tue Jul 08 15:28:35 -0500 2008

Cute store, but agree with the above. The lady in there spent the entire time gossiping with her friends and complaining about yarn suppliers.

While it seems like a lot when you walk in the door, there wasn't a whole lot of variety. Mostly it was (overpriced) cotton or some wool blends in the back.

about Yarn Company on Fri Jul 11 12:17:17 -0500 2008

Cute little store, nice owner. So-so selection, but really good prices.

about Ewe to You Yarns on Thu Jul 10 21:14:04 -0500 2008

I love this shop! Almost gave up after trying to find it in Flint (wrong address...) but so glad I didn't.

There's quite a variety here, and the owner of the shop is very friendly and knowledgeable about all kinds of yarns.

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