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Shoreview MN
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Tue Feb 03 15:12:49 -0600 2009
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About happytoes10

I love to crochet, just started spinning, and trying to break into knitting. Real love is cross stitch and embroidery.

happytoes10's Favorite Yarn Stores

Store Average Rating
Needlework Unlimited
Minneapolis, MN
Bonnie's Spinning Wheel
St. Cloud, MN
Sheepy Yarn Shoppe
White Bear Lake, MN
Borealis Yarns
St Paul, MN
Double Ewe Yarn Shop
Circle Pines, MN
Lila and Claudine's Yarn and Gifts
Mahtomedi, MN

happytoes10's Comments

about Sheepy Yarn Shoppe on Wed Feb 11 22:10:37 -0600 2009

A wonderful selection. They keep many yarns in the back, and only bring up one or two of each yarn as they have so many and the floor space is small. Slight bit pricey compared to other shops in the area.
This is a "grandma" shop run for the "local knit masters". Others can shop but the service is hit or miss.

Update 2011- sevice has improved, but make sure you buy the yarns you want as they tend not to get the same yarns every year.

about Borealis Yarns on Tue Feb 03 15:26:26 -0600 2009

Wonderful shop! They have a large selection of yarns, and helpful people working. The classes are small but fun, and very educational. They even have a very small section of roving for spinning and occasionally a drop spindle or two. Just make sure to look at the whole shop or you will miss the large back room just full of beautiful yarns!

about Double Ewe Yarn Shop on Sun Apr 05 23:23:52 -0500 2009

Love this store!! It sits on the end of the stripmall, and with the larger store they have a good selection. Some very nice yarns that you dont find in the city shops. Because of the location they are able to offer the yarns a little bit cheaper than other stores in the area. Very nice owner and very kid friendly!! Even a basket of toys for the wee ones while you shop! They do a punch card system, but they keep the card, so no more forgetting it at home.

about Lila and Claudine's Yarn and Gifts on Sun Jun 07 09:10:11 -0500 2009

They were the first store to use that space, and they have painted and decorated with a random and bright colors type of theme. They opened on March 2009, and so are taking thier time setting up stock. They hope to offer spinning classes in thier second year, but for now just have a few basic classes offered. Very friendly staff, who is willing to work harder to help you. Very creative with plenty of suggestions if you show intrest in a yarn or project. Thier selection is mostly some high end name brands, and artsy yarns with a few basic low cost workhorse type yarns added in. They welcome children, but I recommend giving yourself plenty of time at first as there is alot to see!

Update 2011- This place now holds even more yarn if such a thing were possible. You cant see across the store anymore. Small amount of spinning fiber and needle felting kits.

about Tall Tale Shop on Fri Sep 11 01:54:43 -0500 2009

Small shop that sits up pn the hill opposite the Bluefin Bay Hotel. Just a little shed/house really, and very small on a side street to Hwy 61. Yarn spills out of the shelves and sits in baskets everywhere. Make sure to check hours as they can be a bit random.

about Darn Knit Anyway on Tue Dec 15 06:56:29 -0600 2009

Located in downtown Stillwater this store is ment to cater to the uppercrust of the yarn world. While they do have a wall of cascade 220 everything else is all high end sock and worsted weight. No lace and only a few bulky or super. They do have very nice seating areas, and a small selection of fabric and other sewing materials. Nice childrens area! Lots of classes offered with an open class area.

Update 2011- This store has changed its approch a bit and now carry a greater variety of yarns. Fewer colors and more brands. They have also added big balls of Ashland bay roving to thier stock so if you are looking for a replacement fot the fiber studio this might be it in the east metro!

about Knits and Pearls on Mon Apr 12 21:29:20 -0500 2010

They offer almost all of the Berroco line. Small but varied selection of beads and no more gifts except for a few candles and the like. They have a small class seating area. They seem really happy they moved, and are very helpful.

about Zandy's Yarn Etc. on Mon Dec 27 00:49:14 -0600 2010

Very small shop in a strip mall. They have alot of cross stitch and needle point offered. Thier staff is very friendly. Thier yarn selection is not large, but they are great for a "quick fix".

about Knitter's Palette Yarn Shop on Mon Dec 27 00:54:10 -0600 2010

This store is very clean and open with loads of yarns to look at. Tons of sock yarn, and many of the popular names of yarn are always in stock. Thier spinning supplies is one of the best in the twin cities with even wheels and oil. Ashford vombed top and braids as well as drop spindles. Staff is helpful and polite. This has become one of me favorite stores even though I live on the other side of the cities!

about Shepherd's Choice on Tue Apr 12 03:27:22 -0500 2011

Small little shop set right by the river. They carry plenty of spinning supplies and wheels up stairs and soaps/lotions/candles down stairs. Only a few yarns but plenty of creative ideas and emaples sitting around the store!

about Amazing Threads on Tue Apr 12 03:31:20 -0500 2011

The downstairs is just packed from floor to celing with yarns. You can barley walk between the shelves. Books are tucked in the very back of the store.
Upstairs is a large sitting area for knitting and plenty of clearance yarns. Also a small public bathroom!

about Skeins on Tue Apr 12 03:40:53 -0500 2011

This shop is an old buisness, and looks a bit out of place in the newer strip mall. While there is a large variety of yarns in the store it is not easy to look around. Plus the store itself is small so there is not alot of space for the yarns themselves.
They do stock large amounts of some yarns so that you can make a larger projects.

All that aside the people working there were very rude and unprofessional. There were two that were working at the shop, and they would not leave their little knitting table until they were ready to check people out. I went at a busy time, and there were five people lined up at the register waiting while TWO people helped a lady find a ribbon for a childs hat. The lady then said" Oh I still need to look for..." and wondered off. WIth two at the register one could have been ringing up while one helped a customer. On top of that the lady working the register stopped what she was ringing up twice to answer the phone. And by answer I mean totally walk away in the middle of something else. They all just seemed annoyed that there were so many people in thier shop at all!

I will never go back.

about Lakeside Yarn on Tue Apr 12 03:48:30 -0500 2011

Looks like a small store from the front, but it is really long and skinny. Excellent selection of differnt types of yarns. If you pick a weight all the yarns in that weight will be different. This is a store I love to visit if I happen to be out that way.

about StevenBe: A Yarn Garage Workshop on Tue Apr 12 03:54:55 -0500 2011

This is another crazy decor store. Everywhere you look there is animal print decorations and wild colored tables and shelves.
This store is full of high end yarns and quality things. Signature needles can be found here! Expect to pay high prices but when it comes to yarn nine times out of ten the yarn is worth it. Its like a Saks and Fifth of the yarn world!
The owner (Steven Be) lives up stairs so if it is getting late call and he will keep it open for you. He also hosts an all day knit in party and orders food and everything!

about Hank & Purl's Creative Nook and Knittery on Mon Apr 07 01:49:30 -0500 2014

This shop has a cute atmosphere and adorable mascots in Hank and Purl. Thier selection is good and they have a lovely class space in the back.
Staff is friendly and creative.

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