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Greece & London
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Thu Dec 30 19:51:05 -0600 2010
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about Nimatemporiki on Thu Dec 30 21:10:48 -0600 2010

I have visited this shop twice.
The first time the owner tried to sell me some superwash wool for felting and got quite annoyed and walked out of the shop leaving me alone in there when I pointed out it wouldn't felt and was not what I was looking for.
The second time when asked what I was looking for I replied I wanted some wool that would knit on 6mm needles and he told me the wool I had in my hand would be fine. Actually I had just picked it up to have a look as I was scanning the shelves - it was totally unsuitable!
So don't expect service here, but the second time I went there the selection was wider and even included some tops for felting along with some felting tools!
I suppose the dearth of yarn shops keeps this shop in business . . .

about All the Fun of the Fair on Fri Feb 18 23:34:43 -0600 2011

I made a special journey to visit but it was closed even though it was normal opening hours. Apparently having a sort out. . . There were two people sitting in there studiously avoiding me peering in the window!

Extremely disappointing. Not a good idea to be closed when you are supposed to be open.

about I Knit London on Fri Feb 18 23:36:32 -0600 2011

Having read comments both positive and negative about the shop, I decided to visit with an open mind, obviously hoping it would be a great place.
When I arrived a knitting group was under way. As the shop is very small it's fairly obvious when somebody walks in but nobody took any notice of me. Even though I stood there and looked towards the person I assumed was the owner (who was facing in my direction and definitely turned out to be a member of staff) I was not acknowledged in any way at all. I had a wander around and after a couple of minutes somebody else came in and was greeted warmly making me feel very surplus to requirements.
I found it genuinely strange that in such a small space, where I had to squeeze past the staff member (owner?) at one point, there was not an acknowledgment, a return smile or an offer of help should I need it.
There was a collection of books which I browsed through but I really wanted a Nicky Epstein book and they only had one of her titles which I already own. Also some of the yarns did not have prices which I hate and the atmosphere did not seem one in which to ask!
I did obviously take a peek at the items the group members were knitting, thinking that my interest might prompt a 'hallo', a smile, or even some eye contact! - but no response in any way. I was invisible.
Actually one of the knitting group was chatting away, mainly about personal problems that I would rather not have to listen to - I wanted to look at the yarn and books in a relaxed fashion not provide a therapeutic ear for her bad day at work!
I left without buying anything and can't think of any reason why I would go back.

That was my experience. It may not be yours but please don't make comments like "I simply do not believe the comments made" as has been done to others who have made negative comments - that is so disrespectful! I have no reason to write anything other than what I experienced so please accept my comments as an honest report. Lucky you, if you get treated well here.

I was looking for a little knitting haven for my trips to London. I did find one but it wasn't this place!

about Honor Parry on Fri Feb 18 23:37:37 -0600 2011

Lovely shop.

That is to say: a wide selection of yarns and accessories; a genuine welcome; a quick rundown of the layout of the shop; an offer of help finding what I wanted.

Luckily, very close to where I stay when in London. Perfect! I will return.

about Patricia Roberts on Fri Feb 18 23:47:28 -0600 2011

My first visit to this shop for 30 odd years. I still have all those knitting books from decades ago!

Fabulous selection of yarns in gorgeous colours. Very friendly, helpful member of staff.

about Kangaroo on Sat Feb 19 00:07:13 -0600 2011

I found the address for this shop on the Knitmap site so don't know why its details disappeared? I am adding them again.

I visited a couple of weeks ago and found a wide selection of yarns and also felting supplies. There were also leaflets mentioning classes. There are actually two separate shops within the arcade so do check them both.

about I Knit London on Wed Feb 23 23:10:41 -0600 2011

Hi Gerard
In reply to your points:

I came to the shop at a time when it was open for business. It wasn't busy. Nobody was asking for drinks. You (if it was you) were just standing there doing nothing, not even joining in the conversation. I think it SHOULD be possible for you to greet somebody entering your shop – after all it's a tiny shop. Just a nod of acknowledgement would suffice (and be in your own interests) but obviously you choose how to behave in your own shop.

I must reiterate, I really DO think it's disrespectful to say "I simply do not believe the comments made. . . " [Comment made by Ros Klein.] This is nothing to do with opinion – I agree everyone has a right to an opinion – the comment was suggesting that somebody is not telling the truth. "I simply do not believe the comments" is very different from "I do not agree with the comments" isn't it?

As for the timing of my visit, I live about two thousand kilometres from your shop so my visit took place when I was close enough to the neighbourhood to make an exploratory detour. I'm sorry I didn't fit in with your timetable!

The conversation I heard was really unpleasant – I don't want to have to listen to a bigot while I am trying to choose yarn. Maybe you need to get David Dimbleby in to steer the conversation. ; -)

As for a return visit, thank you for the invitation but I won't be taking it up. I found the perfect yarn shop elsewhere.

It seems from the comments on this site that I Knit is a bit like Marmite. Some people love it, some people can't stand it.
And as customers, we are all right!

Enjoy your Marmite lovers. :–)

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