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Stockholm, Sweden, 125 57
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Wed Jul 08 19:32:50 -0500 2009
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About garngamen

I have a huge yarncollection, knit, dye, spin and some crochet... I travel and yarnhunt - thus faviourite hobby is really chasing yarn, finding new yarnstores across the world, and rate them ;-)

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about Garnverket on Wed Jul 08 19:52:22 -0500 2009

Garnverket is a friendly store in a lofty nice calm shop. The best with this store is both the Gotland handspun Fardhem yarn, from Gotland Sheep, and I¨talian and Rowan.
Garnverket also have a shop in Linköping too. For a serious knitter/yarnshopper this feels a bit unsatisfying, even if you can make some finds. Also some patterns, but a bit on the simple side. If you are a beginner knitter, you will love coming here.

about Stickbutiken on Wed Jul 08 19:57:20 -0500 2009

If you are a machine-knitter - THIS is the place. The store owner is really nice and helpful. A modest yarn selection (Drops) and machine-knitting cones, makes this more the hang-out for the machine-knitting club "Kullerbyttan", than the major yarn supplier. But support the shop, without it - machine-knitting would almost be dead! Anyhow it is located in a great area, where there are lots of good cafees, pubs, antiques and resturants in the vicinity. (And a good stroll from Odenplan, even if St Eriksplan is the closest T-bana).

about Sticka on Wed Jul 08 20:03:27 -0500 2009

This is a regular knitshop. Bits of this and that, some interesting yarn (the silk), some great clasps (norwegian), and a owner trying hard. I have not really clicked with this store, and I cannot put the finger on it. Maybe the unfortunate name-collision with the knit-club in Sweden (who was really first is still debated), or - that Im never recognized - since Im always a regular visitor. My american guests have found it interesting, but I feel a bit mellow about it. Maybe it just needs that extra life, than tourists passing by. Never anything new and thrilling.

about Sticka & Virka on Wed Jul 08 20:10:29 -0500 2009

This is a "hole in the wall", but with some really great features. Modern and super helpful staff (searched, found and printed pattern to customer) and also helped in selecting yarn, colours, and suggesting patterns when asked. It has a lot of wool, and some "Eco-friendly" attitude, and sell absolutely wonderful handspun yarn (camel) from mongolia (brown, soft and very uneven). Also have some wonderful glass needles, Estonian "förgarn" (cakes/unspun) in many colour combinations, and some unique yarns. (Opposite is Nu's Thai - which is a great place to eat). A bit off central Stockholm, but I do love this little sanctuary - which is decent priced.

about Ekens Garn on Wed Jul 08 20:14:37 -0500 2009

This is a "Drops"/garnstudio heaven - and feels a bit on the old-fashioned yarnshop side. Many drops and baby patterns. Emphasis on cheap (acrylics can be found)... but great serive. Again, not where a yarn-collector spends time, but definitely filling a gap for the hospital nearby ;-) Im NOT a regular visitor here, so my rating is a bit shakey!

about A'faire Natur Garner on Wed Jul 08 20:20:44 -0500 2009

This is such messy shop. It has everything - and I mean - everything! But it is impossible to browse and find anything. So, you have to ask, and if you do not know what to ask for you might be lost. Most of the yarn in the plastic, and the old couple hangning in there. It has some great yarns, but you better have an open idea. It is more like a storage place than anything. BUT if you buy a lot - you get a GREAT discount. They have for instance the Naturgarn Alpaca here - which is a fantastic yarn (Indecita!). But recommended? Hmm no, sorry. Great old couple though, I wish they just could make the yarnshop easier to browse. They need a consultant ;-)

about Ljungqvist Garn Odenplan on Wed Jul 08 20:25:35 -0500 2009

The man - the shop owner has seen it all. I did NOT like this shop initially, but a friend almost balled me out how I could have anything negative to say about this SWEET MAN. I have been back several times, and it is on my route when taking people across the world (US etc) around, since is the best shop for NORWEIGAN yarn and patterns, such as SISU, Peer Gynt, etc. The entire selection of Drops/garnstudio and a lot of patterns - and some great norweigan patterns if you are lucky! For me, the pattern bit for great socks does it... But well,,, not overenthusiastic.

about Wincent Garner & Embroidery on Wed Jul 08 20:31:19 -0500 2009

This is the best selection of the Rowan yarn, knitted items, pattern books and an ode to Kaffe Fasset. When Nicole worked there it was a MUST place (and I would have gave it a 5) where I could spend hours, and get exited over so many patterns. Now, I go there fast to buy my Rowan magazine, and touch the new yarn (to be ordered on the net), since it just feels like business to be there. Occasionally they have a sale that fancy my tail. Eva Wincent- is very skilled knitter and book-writer, making simpler and smaller patterns out of Kaffe's patterns (in Swedish only though). They have some odd other yarn. Great knitted stuff (absolutely fab) from the Rowan pattern books on display.

about The Weaving Works on Wed Jul 08 20:36:02 -0500 2009

Selection of yarn, fibers and books is exquisite, yarnprices high. But THE shop in my opinion of Seattle for a yarncollector.

about Tricoter on Wed Jul 08 20:43:59 -0500 2009

I had hoped this yarnshop would fulfill my dream (reading the reviews and based on recommendation) but I found it extremly hard to locate interesting yarn, since they were based on colour (and I could not select by type, brand or quality). When I visited, the people was constantly packing up yarn, but all yarn I was interested in was out. Im sure it has a great selection when filled, but I got a bit unwilling with the over the top prices. Nice area though, and husband thanks especially for the bench outside. But a bit "over-crowded". People, packages, and no space to move or make a decision. I just felt overwhelmed and I NEVER do that. So a bit overrated is my conclusion.

about Spin a Yarn on Wed Jul 08 20:47:51 -0500 2009

What a fantastic house with a rose garden. And filled with yummy yarn. Very colour coordinated and crowded. Had to crawl on the floor for interesting yarn, and the service breathing in my neck. No trust there, which put me a bit off, but found some lovely balls. If I lived here, I would definitely pick out some sweater-yarn here.

about So Much Yarn on Wed Jul 08 20:53:36 -0500 2009

As a foreign visitor SMY was fun to find "like a little heaven" in the area, which gave strange vibes. I agree on the fact that the novelty yarn was the thing, but service was interested in me to make a conversation. Im in love with Noro, and got very hooked on the new colour of Kochoran, but it was just too hot that day to buy it, so I did not.

about The Knittery on Wed Jul 08 20:58:21 -0500 2009

For me as a foreigner - I think this is the "typical american yarn store". Extremly friendly staff (but most americans are - if not stressed), helpful and interested. Suggested (which I found extra nice) other shops as well. Good browse and selection of yarn, and also some great sale yarn. I got inspired here, and bought Noro cotton yarn on sale, and some sock-yarn, and knitted like a maniac. I would definitely go here regularly, visiting the place. Starbucks next too it and easy parking! Calm, no stress and helpful.

about Seattle Yarn on Wed Jul 08 21:04:17 -0500 2009

This yarnshop is just so filled, that you could spend a day just browsing. Huge store, with everything (also cheaper yarn). Many major brands, but a bit too much acrylics and nylons.

about Birkeland Brothers on Wed Jul 08 21:10:11 -0500 2009

The husband of the shop was rude and lied in my face. But realized this, and called on his wife, who was very friendly, helpful and supportive. I agree on "oddball" yarn, and got what I think is either Handmaiden or Fleece-artist "seconds"..... no marks and great colours.

about Three Bags Full on Wed Jul 08 21:14:08 -0500 2009

My Favourite Vancouver store. Super friendly, very skilled and interested service and a fab yarn selection. I love this store, and would make it my LYS if I lived here. I loved the quality selection and colours of yarn, a sign of true experts. Here I feel I could develop my lace skills to the extreem. I fell in love with it and the contrast could not be greater to the visit down the street ;-)

about Urban Yarns on Wed Jul 08 21:17:31 -0500 2009

Yep, I love Urban yarns and comes a very close second after Three Bags Full in Vancouver. This was my Fleece artist galore, and also found great quality sale yarn. Lovely area and shop and an expensive visit ;-)

about Beehive Wool Shop on Wed Jul 08 22:53:16 -0500 2009

Absolutely a fantastic collection of yarn. Frustrated with only one hank in each colour of Fleece artist and Handmaiden, but in general great patterns, and hours of wonderful yarn dreams.

about La Droguerie on Wed Jul 08 23:07:12 -0500 2009

Shopping in this yarnstore is a French adventure. Not only must you know exactly what you want, how much you want but you have no time to go back and forth. So, suggestions for visitors is browse all the hanks and decide first. Including fab bands (for Swedish Speede and to your underwear ;-) and the buttons.. ahhhh. Then walk just pass the line and find personnel. They are attentive and will follow you around. When they clear, it is time to stand in the pay line. But I promise you, the experience is divine. I always "collect" some prime cashmere, new buttons. It is like selecting on colour and feel. Im definitely a fan.

about Green Planet Yarn on Wed Jul 08 23:44:12 -0500 2009

As a foreign visitor - I connected immediately with the staff, who was honest and very friendly. Great yarn selection with lots of quality and interest. This would be my hangout if I was living here. It was pretty new when I visited, so I guess they have stocked up with more books and gadgets now.

about The Knitting Room on Wed Jul 08 23:52:05 -0500 2009

All earlier reviews are on the spot. I was visiting, thought it was a bit "out of fashion" at first, but did buy a lot at a great sale-price, then I found more, and more... Friendly - yes, but hang-out no. They owners seems very knowledgable and takes a lot of time to show and tell if you are in trouble (hey I listned to them ;-) so this shop I would greatly recommend for beginners, if you are dead stuck on something, or just feel damn lonely.. who are not preoccupied with fashion, but just want to learn the tricks of the trade. Patterns will soon be in fashion again (they were definitely OLD!)

about Yarndogs on Wed Jul 08 23:56:14 -0500 2009

Yummy yummy store. Agree on great and exlusive yarn selection for the collector. I spent many 100ds (!) of dollars there, and no regrets. Well, the quivit was crazy. On the smaller and cosy side, and great area. On the "revisit" list for me. Seems also to be very active - I ended up on there mailing list. Classes and sales all the time. Wish I was there! Were also great sports giving me rebate. Wonderful yarn selection - did I already mention that?

about Purlescence Yarns on Thu Jul 09 00:03:39 -0500 2009

Carries a lot of fine yarns, and very friendly and service minded. As a foreign visitor, I was first feeling I was crashing a party when I arrived, but I got soon sucked into the fun. Outside (was early first time around) was not as good as the inside. You will not walk out of here empty handed.

about Malliá Avva Kópaka on Wed Sep 16 22:51:31 -0500 2009

Great place for a vacationer in the normal yarn hunt, or in need of yarn, and a must stop on a busy shoppingstreet. Not much help /probably if you are greek you would get it) and no touch and feel - it is mostly behind a desk. But I love the find. Sorry for the bad spelling, my greek letters are not superb. The younger lady at the desk were helping greek visitors and showed how to crochet, and the "old man" took care of the money. But we got what we wanted. Lush cotton!

about NK (Nordiska Kompaniet) on Wed Sep 16 23:22:11 -0500 2009

If you are desperate on a sunday - and you MUST have a needle or that extra ball of yarn - OR you are with non-knitting company - THIS is the place to go (and still be able to browse yarn and some Rowan patterns). They also have some other yarns, was it Hjertegarn and Sirdar? But a lot of acrylics, few bambooyarn. Not cheap, not fun, and the staff are professional - on the side of stern, and you sure must know what you want. My advice, browse first, then contact staff when you know what to buy. Utterly non-inspirational. Fun though is to find bands and silks, not to mention the Swedish linnen weaving "Klässbol" . But no, I would not recommend this, if you are not there anyhow. instead grab a latte, and get inspired by the people or shop clothes and gifts...

about Yllet on Wed Sep 16 23:50:22 -0500 2009

This is a unique shop, that has true Swedish yarn, patterns and garments that honours Gotland and the Swedish pattern heritage. The selection is therefore very slim, but this is honest great yarn from the Gute sheep (wool). Also linnen yarn can be found, and a new mohair-wool blend. Not a wide variety, but fantastically matched colour selection, that the Stockholm-section seems to "run out of" when you need just "that" colour. Have a look at the knitted garments for inspiration. Browse through the patterns, and try a "landscape" sweater, or some other fun! A bit pricey, but having met the fantastic people behind this brand, know that you are preserving a unique heritage from Gotland and that the shop owners have worked hard to keep fleece, wash, preparation, spinning and dyeing as local as possible... Jepp,"tröjkellingar" were sure good knitters in the old days. And some day I will afford the great Sheepskin coat.

about Uncommon Threads Yarn on Sat Oct 30 01:06:54 -0500 2010

I loved this yarnshop! Great selection of magazines, patterns, books and yarn and an engaging staff. I did shop a lot - and loved it. Only complaint was I came in a bad time and had to drive around for half an hour to find parking. I hope that was a one off. And I am glad I presisted, it was close that I gave up..;-)
Anyhow - well worth the visit. You will find something here for sure!!

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