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Wed Sep 12 19:08:14 -0500 2012
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2011 ATL Shop Hop 09/13/2012
2012 ATL Spring Fling 09/13/2012
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about The Whole Nine Yarns on Wed Sep 12 19:19:18 -0500 2012

This is the first LYS I ever visited, and I found it to be a wonderful experience. The employees are always helpful, without making me feel clueless or claustrophobic. The variety of yarn is good, and the displayed projects are inspiring. I’ve taken a class with the owner and found it to be well-organized and very well-taught. My purchased skeins have been wound by either a shop employee or myself on different visits. Other customers are friendly and willing to discuss yarns, projects, and suggestions. I love the overall atmosphere and attitude of this shop.

about Lovin' Knit Studio on Wed Sep 12 19:25:15 -0500 2012

This shop has a very friendly attitude all around: the owner, the employees, the doggie-greeter, and the other patrons. It’s a colorful shop with a beautiful and diverse selection of yarns. The employee wound my purchased skeins into cakes for me before I left. I love the colorful and comfortable feel of this shop.

about Knit-N-Purl on Wed Sep 12 19:35:20 -0500 2012

A fun place to stop by while on vacation! The staff and patrons were great! Everyone was very friendly and helpful. The shop had a snack table for patrons and their companions to enjoy. The yarn selection was great and my purchased skeins were wound for me while I waited.

about King's Sewing & Knitting Center on Wed Sep 12 19:51:45 -0500 2012

The staff and other patrons kept to themselves when we stopped in this shop during vacation earlier this year. The staff only spoke to us upon entering and during checkout. The employee ringing up my purchase questioned my yarn choice after hearing the project pattern. Odd, since I didn’t ask for advice. The yarn room has a cozy feel though. This shop had a wide selection of yarns and I enjoyed browsing through it all. We were able to find exactly what we wanted, too.

about Yarnhouse Studio on Wed Sep 12 20:07:09 -0500 2012

Such a friendly shop! I detoured here for a few minutes on a road trip and found it to be a wonderful store. As soon as I stepped in, I was invited to join the group of knitters socializing in the center of the main room. The yarn selection was lovely and I purchased my first skein of handspun here!

about Genuine Purl on Wed Sep 12 20:13:47 -0500 2012

A wonderful shop! On a weekend visit to the area, we walked over to this store from the Aquarium. The shop has a great yarn selection and we enjoyed the friendliness of the staff and other patrons. When my friend discovered she’d left something in a restaurant we’d just left, they looked up the telephone number for us before we could ask for the phone book. So helpful! I found some lovely yarn there, too!

about Creative Yarns on Wed Sep 12 20:23:37 -0500 2012

What a yarn selection here! The shop is huge and so is the variety of yarn. The owner and staff were fun to talk to and very knowledgeable. I enjoyed getting their opinion on yarn and patterns. The projects on display are inspiring. My yarn purchases were wound into cakes for me while I shopped. This store is a real treat!

about The Yarn Lounge on Wed Sep 12 20:37:49 -0500 2012

This is a beautiful shop in an excellent location with a wonderful selection. I stopped here on vacation and found the service to be awesome and the selection fun! There was a good range of yarn types here. I absolutely love the ‘mini-sweater’ swatches hanging on the yarn shelves in front of each type of yarn… it was so trendy but also helpful, seeing each yarn knit up. The staff was friendly and my purchased yarn was wound into cakes for me as I shopped.

about Jimmy Beans Wool on Wed Sep 12 20:41:41 -0500 2012

Great shop! I have purchased both on-line and in-store. On-line shipping is so quick! In-store shopping is so much fun! There is such a huge variety of yarns here. Staff is friendly and was even given a tour of the warehouse and offices!

about Hooked Fine Yarn Boutique (Formerly Woolplay) on Wed Sep 12 20:45:43 -0500 2012

I visited in July 2011 and found the shop to have a good variety of yarns and a friendly owner. I felt comfortable browsing around, asking questions about patterns, and checking out all the different yarns.

about Fleece on Wed Sep 12 20:54:42 -0500 2012

The shop had a variety of different yarn types. I was welcome by the staff when I entered and felt comfortable taking my time while browsing the yarn selection. The other patrons were sociable.

about Sheepish on Wed Sep 12 20:59:49 -0500 2012

It’s a great shop in a great location. The staff was very friendly here. I felt comfortable browsing around the shop at my own pace.

about Needle Nook on Wed Sep 12 21:07:08 -0500 2012

I loved the variety of yarns in this shop. It had a cozy atmosphere with tall shelves of yarn wrapping around and down the center of the long shop. The staff was friendly and helpful, showing me where to find the yarns I was interested in and letting my wander to my heart's content.

about Yarn Garden Knit Shop on Wed Sep 12 21:10:18 -0500 2012

Both the employees and the patrons in the shop were friendly and helpful here. The yarn selection was great and organized for easy browsing.

about Eat Sleep Knit on Wed Sep 12 21:13:54 -0500 2012

Awesome yarn shop! The staff is super-friendly and helpful. The selection of hand-dyed yarn is impressive! Hve brought friends here to shop. Yarn Lotto tickets (and piece of candy) with each purchase is a fun bonus!

about Strings & Strands on Thu Sep 13 14:05:37 -0500 2012

Great shop! Floor-to-ceiling walls of shelves filled with yarn offer a great variety to choose from. The yarn price is listed on a label on the shelf. The wide range of cotton, linen, bamboos (and blends-of) stood out to me, since they’re my favorite, but I gotten my fair-share of wool there, too. Sale yarn selection is pleasantly large. The owner has always been friendly and sociable. The shop is not easily seen from the road, but no problem locating with a GPS. I enjoy shopping at this store and have brought friends here.

about Only Ewe and Cotton Too on Thu Sep 13 14:09:01 -0500 2012

I enjoy visiting this shop. The owners are so friendly and helpful. The displayed projects are inspiring. The yarn selection is well-organized and the tool selection is good. I have taken friends here to yarn shop.

about Alpaca Yarn USA School of Fiber Arts on Thu Sep 13 14:12:15 -0500 2012

I visited this shop in October 2011 and the staff was friendly and enthusiastic. I was encouraged to browse and enjoyed the variety of alpaca and wool. I purchased both yarn and needles here.

about Cast-On Cottage & Needlepoint Garden on Thu Sep 13 14:28:38 -0500 2012

First visit here was rather surprising… The variety of yarn is nice, but the staff was less than enthusiastic. The place was busy but the employee wasn’t helping anyone else. She was almost unfriendly though, and she seemed to check on me once or twice while I browsed. When I inquired about a yarn listed on the shop’s website, I was told they didn’t carry it anymore and was directed to the large set of clearance shelves in a back room to check for any leftovers. Patrons also kept to themselves or within their knitting groups. No smiles anywhere to be found here. Everyone can have a bad day, so I tried it again six months later. Second visit here was much more enjoyable. Employees were much friendlier, very helpful, and not as watchful. Glad to see it.

about Yarning For Ewe on Thu Sep 13 14:37:13 -0500 2012

Visited this shop a month after it opened. The staff was friendly and helpful. There was a range of different yarn types but not a large selection of each and I was told the shop was still developing it inventory. Despite that, I still purchased several great skeins. The location is good, as there is only one other LYS in the county.

about Rare Purls Yarn Boutique on Thu Sep 13 14:48:42 -0500 2012

Interesting selection of yarn. Staff was nice.

about Knitting Needles on Mon Oct 15 01:05:20 -0500 2012

Small shop with lots of displayed projects for great ideas. Atmosphere was inviting and comfortable. Owner and other patrons were very friendly. Shop was willing to order yarn if it wasn't in stock.

about Newbury Yarns on Mon Oct 15 01:17:34 -0500 2012

Shop was small, but service was great. White walls and floor-to-ceiling shelves of yarn with one table/half-dozen chairs near window in the back of the shop. Not as much yarn as I thought there would be for a LYS in the city, but an interesting variety of high-end skeins, and the prices on the shop-exclusive DIPS yarns seemed about average (with the other skeins) to me. No prices were listed anywhere, but staff was friendly and helpful there.

about Bee's Inc, on Mon Oct 15 01:20:52 -0500 2012

Great shop with friendly, helpful service. Yarn selection is good and the tall shelves full of colorful yarn are like eye-candy (no pun intended towards the chocolate-side of the shop!) Offers a few local yarns, too. Definitely a fun shop to visit!

about Cricket Cove (Saint John) on Mon Oct 15 01:42:40 -0500 2012

This shop had a pretty large selection of yarns and was located in the underground shopping area, Brunswick Square, attached to City Market. The shop was busy and the staff seemed distracted, offering very short answers to my questions. I had no problem taking as long as I wanted to browse though. Definitely worth a visit.

about The Loop on Mon Oct 15 01:47:26 -0500 2012

Small comfortable shop with a friendly staff. Great balcony area on 2nd floor for patrons to knit. Yarn selection not large, but a good variety. Enjoyed browsing and finding some local yarn to purchase.

about Knit Wits on Tue Feb 12 15:07:52 -0600 2013

Now called Knit & Nest at this location, this shop was convenient to the cruise port and just a few doors down from the Mel Fischer Maritime Museum. It carried an interesting variety of yarn, including beaded, sequined, and (high-end, by my standards) novelty yarns, along with the usual animal and plant-fiber skeins. There was a fair amount of Cascade yarns there. Yarn was organized by color on large, airy shelves around the perimeter of the shop. The shop attitude was laid back and friendly - perfect for its island location. Picked up a skein of String Theory and can't wait to try it out!

about The Black Sheep on Tue Feb 26 14:28:56 -0600 2013

I thought this shop had a very friendly staff, extremely helpful, but allowing us to take our time at our own pace. I would enjoy staying to knit if I lived nearby. The large front room held all needlepoint supplies, with the yarn in the back two smaller rooms. It was not a huge selection, but it was a fun assortment, with a variety of colors and several brands I haven’t tried yet! (FYI, it was recommended that on weekends we park in the office lot next store to avoid parking on the busy road out front.)

about Knit Happens on Tue Apr 02 15:02:51 -0500 2013

Visited while on vacation in the area. Large, white-walled shop with big windows for good natural lighting. Customer service was not unfriendly, but not very interactive either. I was greeted upon entering, but no other contact with employees offered until check-out. Offered to wind the skein after it was purchased, but didn't need it. Interesting selection of yarns - a wide range in weight, color, fiber, and price. Liked that it carries a decent selection of both hand-dyed and large-manufacturers yarns. Very happy with my hand-dyed yarn purchase from here.

about John Lewis - Oxford Street on Wed Jun 05 16:27:00 -0500 2013

Yarn in a department store!! It might not be impressive to most, but I absolutely loved it. The yarn selection was interesting, as I haven't ever seen such a large selection of Rowan & DB in one place. I only asked for help once, but the employee (who was knitting... knitting on the job?!? So jealous!!) was helpful and courteous. The knitting area also had a couch section and a class area section decorated with knitted seat covers and other items. What an unexpected and inviting shop!

about I Knit London on Wed Jun 05 16:43:38 -0500 2013

Stopped by here on vacation to see what kind of British wool I could pick up as a 'souvenir'. I was very comfortable browsing in this shop. They had no problem with me untwisting/retwisting hanks to check for color-matching. Furthermore, the employee was extremely patient with me during checkout (as I kept going back and adding more skeins to my purchase.) I didn't find the shop's selection to be large (compared to the shops in the USA) but it carried a good selection of different manufacturers, including some British wool I was hoping for! I would definitely like to return to restock the next time I'm back in town.

about Strings and Stitches Yarn Shoppe on Thu Jan 08 07:24:40 -0600 2015

Great variety of yarn. Very friendly staff. No pressure. The Christmas in August event was a blast. Other shoppers were helpful and fun, too. Worth a visit. Or two. :-)

about The Yarnery on Thu Jan 08 07:29:22 -0600 2015

Stopped here on vacation. Solid selection of yarn. No pressure to buy but couldn't resist a couple skeins of Rauma Finullgarn. Didn't interact with staff much but friendly and courteous at check out.

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