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Fri Jan 29 11:44:10 -0600 2010
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i've been crocheting since i was 8, knitting since i was 29. i consider myself too legit to knit. i'm not much of a fan, mostly because of the attitude i get from knitters when i tell them i crochet. oh well. their loss.

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about ImagiKnit on Fri Jan 29 11:52:08 -0600 2010

the shop itself is bangin. however, i have never been treated so rudely in my *life*. i sat down on one of the sumptuous couches after having walked all the way from market and third and a young man was sitting next to me working on an exquisite shawl. we chatted about the pattern for a minute... we talked about the store... the kind of business it gets... what kinds of things are in the store... and he asked what i was working on. i pull out my latest crochet project (which was a very impressive wrap that i had just finished) and he scoffs and says "i morally cannot bring myself to crochet." wtf?? you have got to be kidding me. really? i was so stunned, i couldn't say anything in response except "what??" he said "look around. we don't put crochet on the walls here. it looks cheap. after having walked four miles to get to this shop, i was hard put to get out and walk to the bus stop at that moment, but i was sorely tempted. it is regrettable that i was treated so crappy because the store is pretty awesome, but i just cannot abide such knittitude.

about Atelier Yarns on Fri Jan 29 11:55:55 -0600 2010

this was the only yarn shop i visited twice on my epic san francisco yarn crawl. the staff is exceedingly friendly, there were lots of local and specialty yarns, there was a fantastic book selection... i was very pleased. i actually brought my husband with me on my return trip just to show him how awesome the store was. i was so pleased that i still have the bag my purchases were put in.

now i feel like a dork.

about Greenwich Yarn on Fri Jan 29 12:02:15 -0600 2010

i went to this shop on a saturday morning. (there's a great little brunch place about 2 blocks away, btw.) the shop opened late, which usually doesn't bother me, but it ended up being just another drop in the bucket in the long run. the owner seemed to be much more interested in helping the two gentlemen that walked in right after me than she was in helping me. i felt like i was a burden on the owner's time. she was clearly not interested in helping me. i was never greeted. i was never asked how i was finding things. i was never asked what i was working on or what i was looking for. i left without buying anything.

however, great collection of kidsilk. buttons out the wazoo. the shop was comfortable and easy to move around in. just wish it wasn't so icy....

about Lacis on Fri Jan 29 12:13:56 -0600 2010

not really the place to go for yarn, but whooooooooa man, if you're looking to learn about crocheted lace, this is the place to be. they have an *extensive* collection of antique crocheted laces from ireland, italy, france and germany. they also have ABALONE CROCHET HOOKS. not much for actual use, but they're awful pretty to look at and make *great* gifts.

while you're in berkeley, there's a great little chinese place by the university that serves dim sum all day long. check that out while you're at it. :)

about Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics on Fri Jan 29 12:15:58 -0600 2010

utterly and completely disappointed. there were a total of 16 cubby holes of yarn. my husband and i looked all over the store to see where the rest of the yarn was and, unless it was hidden behind some of the phenomenal fabrics and buttons they have there, we were unable to find it. tiniest yarn selection *ever*. the trip was not worth the calories i burned to get there.

about A Verb for Keeping Warm on Fri Jan 29 12:18:49 -0600 2010

LOVE LOVE LOVE. exceptionally hard to find, but well worth it. the owner is fabulous. my husband and i sat and talked with her for about an hour while we searched through all of the yarn in the store to find the perfect "castro". we settled on a colorway called Wonderboy (and i met the real wonderboy while i was there!) and i got a tshirt, a project bag and lots of advice about which shop to hit next on my epic yarn crawl.

if you're looking for this store, it's on the inner courtyard area of the building. you won't be able to see it from the street. you have to go around to the inner area to get to it.

about Showers of Flowers on Fri Jan 29 12:38:11 -0600 2010

i have compared the selection at this shop to being walmart-like. if you can think of it, it's probably there. that's about the only thing this shop has going for it.

ooommmggg. the thing with kids... i'm so with you all on this. i don't know what this chick's issue is with little ones, but she has something against them. my baby stayed with me, in my arms, the entire time we were there and i still got the carebear stare from her on more than one occasion. my husband came and got the baby from me later and after my daughter and husband had left, the woman started *gossiping* with me about her employees. i'd never met her before! not only that, but when she was through, her employees started gossiping with me about *her*. i felt like i'd stumbled into a den of iniquity.

there was this one chick, however, that was wearing the most awesome bright orange crocheted cardigan i think ive ever seen in my life. she was a little bit older than the rest and seemed to be above all that nonsense. she was the only one that actually *helped* me while i was there, and didn't care that i crochet. :) i called her the yoda lady.

the owner actually told me "when i first opened, i catered to the crochet crowd, but then it started costing me too much money. it's just not worth it." i told her that i was considering the possibility of opening my own yarn shop. she said "don't. it's not worth it. if i had known 20 years ago that it would be like this, i wouldn't have done it, but i can't close now." real vote of confidence there, lady.

also, around here, most shops offer ball winding as a service. if you don't have a ball winder at home, they do it for you. usually it's free, but sometimes, there's like a $1/skein fee, but that usually only applies if they're really busy. it's very reasonable. don't even *ask* about that at this shop. i overheard two of the employees making fun of me after i asked about it. i was in denver on vacation and did not have a ball winder in my hotel, so i asked if someone could wind my *five skeins of yarn* (or, in business terms, my $58 of yarn) for me. i was told that they didn't do that there and, as i left, i heard them laughing to each other saying "come on, it's not that hard to just wind it yourself".

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