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Mon Oct 15 09:10:48 -0500 2007
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Store Average Rating
Yarns Unlimited
Bloomington, IN
Mass. Ave. Knit Shop
Indianapolis, IN
Sheep Street fibers, Inc.
Morgantown, IN
Stitches & Scones
Westfield, IN
River Wools...A Knitting Place
Terre Haute, IN
Knit Stop
Indianapolis, IN
Cottage Knits
Columbus, IN
Lambikins Hideaway Yarn and Stitchery
Hamilton, OH

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about Yarns Unlimited on Mon Oct 15 09:23:27 -0500 2007

Miss Tam, So sorry about your parking experience. I've been there many times during the week and was there on the Sat. you posted. I am always able to find a place to park on the square. Yarns Unlimited is on the south side of the square in a multi-tenant mall with a book store, toy store, clothing, etc. -- it's at the back.
Suzanne is a nationally known weaver and been there 20+ years. She is kind, passionate and most helpful. She's very eager in a nice, calm way to help you find what you need for a project.

about Mass. Ave. Knit Shop on Mon Oct 15 09:45:41 -0500 2007

Where to go to get a fix, even if your budget is small. This is the grandmother of all Hoosier Knit Shops (now that Depot St. in FW is gone).
The staff is the finest around: Susan is full of good knitting karma and you always leave with a smile on your face after talking to her. Jane is fabulous - an expert knitter and true wizard in calculating what you need and sending you on your way.
Even if all you need is sympathy, or help, on your latest project, the friendly guys and gals at the table will scoot over and make room and help you out. And there is food and candy and the place is laid back and friendly - just like it was when it was still off Mass. Ave.
Now it's in Fountain Square, which is very fun and hip and adding little eatries near by.
The yarn selection and return policy is the best anywhere and there is an entire ROOM of clearance yarn!

about Sheep Street fibers, Inc. on Mon Oct 15 09:49:27 -0500 2007

Great place with real sheep out back! And nearby Morgantown is a lovely, quaint place for a bite to eat. Men and women, expert spinners and weavers, are the owners and there to wait on you. The place is large and quiet, so you can sit at a table and look through their patterns for hours -- and the yarns they carry, well, they offer wide ranges of colors Brown Sheep and Tahki Cotton, so it's easy to come away with all the supplies you need.

about Stitches & Scones on Mon Oct 15 09:37:58 -0500 2007

I've been shopping here for years, maybe four or more, and I've never been offered any food, even when you can smell that the cookies have just been out of the oven.
The owner seems to have been in fashion retail in a past life which explains some of her success, not to mention some pretty deep pockets to offer the wide selection of inventory.
The staff and service is un-even. Sometimes they are helpful and other times, you want to crawl under a rock and never go back. Still, since they have the inventory, if I'm in the area, I'll stop in.

about One More Stitch on Sun Dec 21 10:02:23 -0600 2008

I've been here a few times with uneven results in the service I've received. Today, I lucked out and was waited on by the owner. She was very helpful. It's heaven when one can ask questions and receive useful, intelligent information. She helped me select my yarn and work out the math in my head. Can't ask for better than that. And we had a lovely discussion about needles. Nothing beats a LYS when you need to pick up a skein of yarn for a quick project.

about River Wools...A Knitting Place on Mon Oct 15 09:51:30 -0500 2007

Yup, there's a nice comfy sofa in back where you can hide out. Her yarn selection is a little different then some of the standard stuff which is quite nice, and she is truly a knowledgeable owner who is quite helpful.
If you stop in once, you will want to come back.

about Knit Stop on Mon Oct 15 09:32:46 -0500 2007

I am not sure how the Knit Stop which is located on the south side of 82/86th St. near Dean Rd., between Castleton and Keystone at the Crossing (Clearwater) became Westfield?
Extra large selection of the finest luxury yarns I've ever seen. If Prada had a yarn store, this would be it.
The owner is quite sweet, but the staff seems to think that everyone is as rich as the owner. I don't like snotty store clerks who think money falls out of trees, and they are not very experienced knitters. Still, if you are in need of something or want to see lux, lux yarn...it's worth the visit.

about Cottage Knits on Mon Oct 15 09:26:59 -0500 2007

Cathi's new location is just west of the hospital and a bit easier to find. It's a lovely, older home on the corner with lots of windows, which provide natural light and makes it easy to see the true colors of the yarn.
Cathi is a very kind and calm soul who is helpful in a quiet way. She always has a shop full of friendly knitters, so the place is quite welcoming.

about Lambikins Hideaway Yarn and Stitchery on Mon Oct 15 09:54:11 -0500 2007

Large store in quaint old building. The owner is dear and intelligent and the staff is the best -- they will help you, in person, on the phone, or over the internet.

Great selection! And some cross stitch and needlepoint, too.

about Fiberge on Sun Dec 21 10:05:28 -0600 2008

I've been in here a couple of times and the table is always full of interesting knitters. It seems to be a very friendly place. I like the selection of yarns, plus, there's bargain bins in the back room! Most recently, I came in with a pattern and the yound gal at the counter was terrific about helping me select the proper yarn. Though she might not have been a truly experienced knitter, she was eager to help me and find the information I needed. I'll be back.

about Enquiring Minds… on Mon Oct 15 09:14:45 -0500 2007

Friendly staff, neat and tidy selection and up-to-date merchandise! I love seeing something new when I visit and I especially love stores that keep "internet" populer patterns and materials in stock.

about Knit 1 Bead 2 on Thu May 21 17:08:44 -0500 2009

A surprizingly large inventory and buffalo! The yarns are arranged by color. It's a beautiful shop and well worth the visit. The LYSO is friendly and knowledgable - an accomplished knitter and designer;)

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