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Tue Jun 05 02:40:14 -0500 2012
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Bay Lakes Knitting Guild 2012 Crawl 01/23/2013

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about Fiber Garden LLC on Tue Jun 05 02:43:31 -0500 2012

Deb Jones has a wonderful shop. We met her at Seivers for a spinning class in in July 2011 and just recently visited her for a weekend of fiber fun. Highly recommend checking out her studio & taking a class.

about Monterey Yarn on Tue Jun 05 02:49:44 -0500 2012

My favorite shop. Always friendly & willing to help. Surprised by comments above about being belittled or not being friendly.

about Ruhama's Yarn & Needlepoint on Tue Jun 05 02:51:59 -0500 2012

I really dislike yarn shops that do not price their yarn. Some are marked with index cards...others are not. If you don't have a project budget this place has an overwhelming inventory (yarn horder?). I also dislike shops that place merchandise out of reach. How do you plan to sell these items? Definitely not worth a trip back. Better shops in Milwaukee area.

about Fiberwood Studio Ltd. on Tue Jun 05 02:53:37 -0500 2012

If you are are a weaver--this is the store for you. For the knitter, some interesting samples made up from ravelry patterns. Not much for yarn but tons of cones with fiber for weaving tho. The ladies working the day I stopped in were very nice & helpful.

about The Knitting Knook on Tue Jun 05 02:54:43 -0500 2012

My favorite shop in the Milwaukee area. Very friendly people & huge selection in a small place that is fairly priced. Definitely worth the time to visit.

about Park Avenue Yarns on Tue Jun 05 02:56:33 -0500 2012

What a wonderful discovery on a trip down to the Houston area. I loved this store. Very clean, well light with a great selection of yarn. I will visit again the next time I'm in the state.

about Nimblefingers on Tue Jun 05 02:59:35 -0500 2012

Interesting store that I visited on my last trip to Houston. My GPS had a hard time locating it but after a quick stop at the local Starbucks I found it. Needlepoint up front, yarn explosion in pack. I would visit again. Nice selection of yarn--some different brands that my local store in WI carries.

about Nancy's Knits on Tue Jun 05 03:04:16 -0500 2012

Not impressed by thsi store at all. If a horder had a yarn store this would be the place. Floor to ceiling and every place inbetween is crammed with yarn. As mentioned above--it's not great quality yarn either--mainly stuff you can find at Michaels or Joanns. Also nothing is priced. This is beyond irritating. I had to keep asking the owner who would sit her knitting down and look up the price on her computer. Then at check out (found some sock yarn for a friend), she forgot to ring up a skein of yarn. I decided enough is enough so I let her keep it & left with the sock yarn. It wasn't worth a drive unless you don't have a budget & want a monsterous selection of acrylic yarn. If you're closter-phobic--skip this store!

about Cream City Yarn on Tue Jun 05 03:07:03 -0500 2012

Very high tech yarn store. Very charming atomsphere but limited selection. Ladies working where lovely too. Definitely worth a stop.

about River Boutique and Yarn on Tue Jun 05 03:09:49 -0500 2012

Very charming store with samples & yarn scattered all over the store. You may have sensory overload when you first walk into this store. After about 4 trips around the floor I think I was able to absorb everything. Unique selection & creative patterns. Definitely will find something here other stores do not have. Ladies were very helpful too.

about Yarns By Design on Tue Jun 05 03:11:45 -0500 2012

Cute little store. Some nice yarn, but carried mostly common yarns you can find at any store. They do have some spinning & weaving items. My favorite part of the store is the DOG!. What a sweet heart. Worth a stop if you're in the Neenah area.

about Iris Fine Yarns on Tue Jun 05 03:13:06 -0500 2012

Great store. Yarn is displayed in a logical manner making it easy to find. Owner is super friendly. Definitely worth a stop if you're in Appleton.

about The Guild, Fine Yarn & Fabrics on Sat Jun 16 17:36:11 -0500 2012

I stopped in this store on my lunch hour. They carry both yarn & fabric which if you're working on something that needs to be lined you can do all the shopping in 1 place. She doesn't have a lot of inventory but I did find a few skeins to buy. Very friendly from the moment I walked in.

about The Frayed Knot on Sat Jun 16 17:40:27 -0500 2012

This shop carries both yarn & beads. When I stopped in on a Tuesday evening the store was packed with both knitters & beaders. The owner mentioned she has only been open 3 weeks. The store is a bit on the industrial side with cement floors and white wooden shelves that line one side of the store. I didn't like how the yarn was organized by color--if I was looking for a specific weight of yarn for a project I would imagine this would be a little hard to locate--you would almost have to start with the color and then see if the type of yarn is there. She did have some local yarn for sale and also carried roving. I'm not an expert on beads but the inventory seemed to have some nice & unique styles available. They were very friendly when I stopped in and gave me a map of the historic downtown area. I plan to visit again when I'm in Savannah.

about Unwind Yarn & Gifts on Sat Jun 16 17:45:27 -0500 2012

I just recently visited this store while on a business trip. This store was a little tricky to locate if you are not from the area. Best advice I can give you, is look for the Curves workout center and the store is to the left. The reception when I walked in was a little cool. I felt like I was invading a private class session tho I believe it was just an open knit night. Once the owner & associate who was working realized I was the crazy person who called during the storm to get directions they were very friendly and we chatted for a while. The selection of yarn was ok--I found a few unique skeins like silk from India. The owner's designs were very creative--if I didn't have so much in que I would have purchased yarn & the pattern for a very cute sleeveless tunic. If I'm back in the area, I would stop & visit again.

about Rainbow Gifts on Fri Aug 31 01:01:22 -0500 2012

What a great store in the UP of MI. The store is brand new with a large selection of yarn. They also carry finished alpaca products including those wonderful alpaca socks! Once you're done shopping, you can get some alpaca food & feed the alpacas. They also offer tours. A fun stop if you are in the area.

about Magpie's Cottage on Fri Jan 11 03:24:57 -0600 2013

Visited this shops at the end of December. Very delightful!

about The Fibre Studio at Yarns To Dye For on Wed Jan 23 01:52:00 -0600 2013

My first yarn shop stop while in Charlotte. Super cute store & very friendly ladies. They were even nice enough to call to see if Charlotte Yarn was open as I was there on MLK day & they thought w/the holiday she might be closed. I wish I would have had more time to explorer the cute shoping area they were located in too. Highly recommend checking them out if in the Charlotte area.

PS--They are located in the back corner of the shopping area on the main level.

about Baskets of Yarn on Wed Jan 23 01:52:36 -0600 2013

I stopped on a Monday and they were closed. Wish I would have had time to go back on Tuesday while I was in Charlotte. Perhaps next time!

about Charlotte Yarn on Wed Jan 23 01:54:31 -0600 2013

This store has friendly people and a great yarn selection. Huge windows on 2 of the main walls allow for fanstatic, if not blinding, natural lightning. I bought some lovely yarn & then had to get a copy of their knitting game. Can't wait to get this back home to show my LYS and knitting guild. I wish I would have had more time to sit & knit with them!

about Hook 'n Needle on Wed Jan 23 01:55:22 -0600 2013

Could not find them in the shopping area....they might be closed.

about The Courtyard on Wed Jan 23 01:59:12 -0600 2013

I'm so happy I made this a detour on my drive from Charlotte, NC to Savannah, GA for work. I didn't think I was going to make it before she closed--I was one of those customers! I arrived at 450pm and shopped fast. Luckily there was another lady (a local or a snow bird) shopping who had a ton of quetions. I browsed while she talked. The owner was very friendly. She carried some unique yarns I had not seen before at my other yarn shop adventures this week in NC. I wish I could have arrived earlier in the day. We chatted briefly & she recommend a fantastic restaurant around the corner called the Sea Shack. Great low country food! If on vacation or in the area, I definitely recommend checking out.

She has a large selection of books for sale too--unfortunately I didn't have time to browse those.

about Red Sock Yarns on Wed Jan 23 02:29:49 -0600 2013

The shop is located next door to the Summer Kitchen in Sister Bay as of Nov 2012.

about The Village Knittery on Fri Jan 25 02:50:21 -0600 2013

What a wonderful shop!! Nice space, well organized, brightly lit with natural light and who's ever heard of a Sale day?! Lucky me for stopping in on one of those =) If you are in the area this is so worth the visit. I didn't have time to stay long (on a business trip) but the area looks so inviting with a bunch of other shops within walking distance. It's only about 30 minutes outside of Charleston too!

about Knit on Fri Jan 25 02:59:11 -0600 2013

I heard good reviews from a friend who stopped in while on vacation so on my way from Summerville, SC back to Savannah, GA on a business trip I detoured to Charleston to find them. My GPS led me right there but as previously mentioned--parking is awful. The construction on the streets, the pedestrians, the narrow lanes, bikes, etc bring you to a crawl. There is a ramp just prior to the shop and I recommend parking there.

When I went into the shop, I was greeted by 2 schnauzers. If you are not a dog person, their barking & rapid approach could be intimidating. Once they sniffed me, we were friends.

The shop is long & narrow. Lots of samples knit in their yarns & some custom designs. They were in the middle of rearranging their yarns so it was a bit out of order. I could only spend about 10 minutes browsing before needing to head to Savannah for a business meeting that afternoon. The 2 ladies working were friendly & helpful. I bought some lovely cashmere and alpaca (local yarn).

I was put off by the smell in the back room. I live with 3 dogs and use to have cats so I understand the pet smell that can be present but would never expect to find it in a business. The odor was a mix of dog food & feces (I didn't see any piles). I quickly moved back to the main area. My recommendation is feed the dogs before you bring them to work for the sake of your customers. And get the carpet cleaned.

If you're in the Charleston area shopping--it's worth a stop but personally I wouldn't plan to pull up a chair to stay long.

about Wild Fibre on Sun Jan 27 04:15:55 -0600 2013

This was one of my favorite finds this past week. I started my week on Monday up in Charlotte, NC and this was my 7th shop stop in between "work" meetings. I love how spacious this store was. I've been in shops that would make a horder closterphobic.

Wild Fibre was well light and had a bunch of fantastic yarns I had not seen before. I did buy 4 skeins of silk straw by alchemy for a designed scarf/shawl that was in the store. I'm very excited to make it.

The gal working was super nice & friendly. I would definitely stop in again next time I'm in the Savannah area.

about Desert Thread on Sat Jul 13 01:10:34 -0500 2013

Stopped here in May 2013. Surprised by how much heavy wool was in stock going into the summer months. I guess the deserts get cold at night. The person working was not very welcoming until I completed my purchase. Good option if you're on vacation & need something which--no chain stores in Moab.

about The Knitting Tree on Tue Sep 17 02:30:19 -0500 2013

Great yarn shop about 1 mile from the Badger stadium. We stopped in on game day--parking was a bit tough to find. Owner was working. Very helpful. Loved they had some original knits with patterns for sale. I would definitely visit again.

about Prairie Junction Yarn on Tue Sep 17 02:32:27 -0500 2013

The smell was overwhelming when we first walked in. Smelled of mold & moth balls. Yarn selection was average to poor--lots of lower quality stuff you could find any where. We did not buy another nor would I come back. Nicer shops close by in Madison & Beaver Dam. Thumbs down.

about Firefly Fibers on Tue Sep 17 02:33:57 -0500 2013

Wonderful store. Very bright, modern/funky d├ęcor. Stylish knits. Great yarn selection. Must see if you are in the area. I would definitely stop again when I pass through this area.

about The Knitting Room on Tue Sep 17 02:35:34 -0500 2013

Very nice shop in Fond Du Lac. Friendly staff. Nice selection. Worth a visit!

about Knit One Stitch Too on Thu Sep 26 00:24:26 -0500 2013

Shop is nice but a little chaotic. Stuff is everywhere. I did find some interesting fun fur that will make a very cool cowl. The owner was nice & helpful. Sounds like this weekend a yarn crawl starts. The owner also mentioned she just signed another 5 year lease so they are planning on being around for a while. A nice option if you are on the north side of Charlotte looking for a specialty shop for yarn or cross stitch supplies.

about Circle Of Friends Yarn Shop and FiberArt Studio on Thu Sep 26 00:25:44 -0500 2013

Very nice shop of yarn & spinning supplies. The locals that stopped in were very friendly & the owner was helpful. Not far off the highway & easy to find. Definitely worth a quick stop if you're in the area.

about Peaceful Heart Alpacas Farm & Store on Thu Sep 26 00:28:28 -0500 2013

What a hidden treasure on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The drive into this farm was beautiful even in the rain & fog. The owner was friendly and very knowledgeable about this merchandise. Easy to find. Worth a stop if you're in the area. He also recommended a great little deli in town called the Gap Diner. I had a delicious meatloaf sandwich. There is an antique store & garden shop next door too. The garden shop has some great art by the locals. One of my favorite stops on my drive north from Charlotte, NC.

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