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Arvada, CO
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Mon Jul 28 21:39:32 -0500 2008
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Knit Knack, LLC.
Arvada, CO

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about The Recycled Lamb on Sun Aug 10 16:47:31 -0500 2008

Hello Knitters and Crocheter!

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to go into The Recycled Lamb (RL) for a visit! What a difference the new owner has made. It is the same old "homey" atmosphere but a lot cleaner and better organized; heck, there is even a new sign out front!!!

This is a wonderful little shop full of very delightful employees. I have always felt welcome to sit and knit for a while. I sure wish I had the time to do just that but often have to get home to the family :-)

The selection of yarn is very nice...there is even something there for weavers and spinners! What I love most is there is always something on sale when I go there that tempts me as I walk in the door!

I swear they have the best selection of needles around (except Showers who is an anomaly :-) town. They have always had the needles I was looking for when I go there. As for crochet hooks...honestly, I have never looked for any there so I can not say if they have some or not.

Classes, I know they have some of the best teachers in town. Every person I have met who has taken a class at RL has seriously loved it and would go back to take another one.

All in all, I found the shop to be much improved. I know the owner has high ambitions to do even more with the shop so be sure to check them out next time you are around the there!


about Showers of Flowers on Tue Jul 29 07:46:38 -0500 2008

This was the very first yarn store I had ever been in before. So it holds a special place in my heart.

Another person left a comment about children not being welcome. That is very true. Even little babies are a problem. It is best to leave the kids with a sitter before you go to Showers of Flowers. I know this is hard as I have 3 little ones myself but trust me, you do not want to take your kids with you to the shop.

The service there has been helpful to me. Every time I walk in the door I am met with a kind welcome and a "can I help you?".

The selection has no comparison in Colorado. They have more yarn than I have ever seen in one store. If there is a yarn you need chances are that they have it.

I LOVE their selection of books and magazines and patterns. I often find little treasures stashed away there.

I have never taken a class there but I have seen the class room. It is very large and accommodating. I can imagine a class there would be very nice in deed. And I know that the staff is very knowledgeable, especially Jeanie and Ginger.

One of the criticism I have is the smell of the shop. Maybe I am the only one who notices it but I found there to be a weird smell that I just can't place. It is not so strong that I won't go there or that I won't buy yarn there...just something that I noticed.

In the end, I don't go to Showers of Flowers often because of the kid thing (they are almost always with me during the day and the shop is not open at night) but when I do go I often have a nice time. It is worth a trip if you ever find yourself in town!

about Knit Knack, LLC. on Mon Jul 28 22:18:49 -0500 2008

I love this shop. If I could spend every waking minute there I would. It is always cozy and friendly.
There is more than enough seating and all too often the place is HOPING on a Tuesday or Wednesday night! Several knitting groups stop in all times during the day and evening to sit, sip on some great coffee and knit or crochet. What a wonderful Knitty Gathering Place!

As for Yarn: The owner makes a point of carrying enough yarn in various colors to complete sweater projects. Since she is primarily a sweater knitter herself she understands the frustration of not finding enough yarn. And, if the shop doesn't have enough for one reason or another they are more than willing to order if for you.

SOCK YARN! Need I say more? If you are a sock knitter you will find a HUGE selection of sock yarn! Even the wonderful Red Rocks Fiber Works! If you don't know how to knit socks...come and take a class! It is a piece of cake.

CROCHET FRIENDLY!!! This shop is on the forefront of crochet friendly yarn shops in Denver. Knit Knack has several displays of BEAUTIFUL crocheted garment...some of which even knitters have to take a second look! Don't believe it can be true? Come and take a look for yourself! They even carry ADDI TURBO CROCHET HOOKS and schedule trunk shows and book signings with some of the top crochet designers in the industry.

The classes that are offered are wonderful taught by great teachers. I am a little biased about this as I am one of the teachers. BUT, I can say without hesitation that our Knitting 101 class is the best priced in all of CO. I teach each student everything he or she needs to know...by the time my students complete my class they are often ready to sign up for a sweater class!

Community, that is really what this shop offers. Set in Olde Town Arvada, this cozy shop is exactly what you would imagine a GREAT yarn shop to be. Have you read the book "Shop on Blossom Street"? Read it...that is what this shop reminds me of when I think of great yarn shops.

Knit Knack has a great customer base of people who are warm, friendly, and quick to help if you are having any trouble at all!


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