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Mon Nov 03 08:58:41 -0600 2008
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About SunflowerCompass

A few of my favorite things... geocaching, poodles, ukuleles and yarn- and not necessarily in that order!

SunflowerCompass's Crawls

Title Date
Portland Small Crawl 11/22/2009

SunflowerCompass's Favorite Yarn Stores

Store Average Rating
Portland, OR
The Naked Sheep Knit Shop
Portland, OR
Yarn Garden
Portland, OR
Soft Horizons Fibre
Eugene, OR
Woodland Woolworks
Yamhill, OR
Knot Another Hat
Hood River, OR
Angelika's Yarn Store
Independence, MO
Northwest Wools
Portland, OR
Knitting Bee
Portland, OR
Dublin Bay Knitting Company
Anaconda, MT
All About Yarn
Tigard, OR
Knit 1 Bead 2
Jerome, AZ
Tempe Yarn and Fiber
Tempe, AZ
Filati Fine Yarn
Rocklin, CA
Babetta's Yarn and Gifts
Fair Oaks, CA
Mt. Vernon, WA
Eureka, CA
Happy Knits
Portland, OR
For Yarn's Sake
Beaverton, OR
Loopy Knitters and Wine Bar
King City, OR
Pearl Fiber Arts
Portland, OR
Textiles a Mano
Eugene, OR
Littlelamb and Ewe
Gresham, OR
Cottage Grove Yarn Shop
Cottage Grove, OR
Starlight Knitting Society
Portland, OR
Knotty Lady Yarns
Roseburg, OR
Eugene, OR
The Nifty Knitter
Issaquah, WA

SunflowerCompass's Comments

about Twisted on Sun Feb 22 08:03:42 -0600 2009

Upon walking in, this shop was lively and obviously the place to be! Beemergirl and I were on a tour of Portland knit shops and found this one to have a great selection of wool and a wide selection of sock yarns and patterns. We liked the knitted samples with signage that advertised classes for that item. There are several seating areas with comfy chairs. (Although the staff was friendly and helpful, the three of them stayed behind the front counter rather than circulating around with the customers.)

about The Naked Sheep Knit Shop on Fri Mar 06 10:20:58 -0600 2009

Found this charming shop on a recent Portland area 'yarn crawl' with Beemergirl. Loved the attention to detail! Everything from selection and customer service to store display/graphics and a great classroom in the back, appealed to my every knitting sensibility!

about Yarn Garden on Sun Feb 22 08:19:48 -0600 2009

This is a must-stop simply because of the size and selection! Beemergirl and I have seen quite a few of the Portland shops and this one was over the top! It takes a bit to get oriented and to look past the clutter, so plan to spend some time and you will be rewarded with great yarn! (By the way, the coffee shop was open when we were there!)

about Knit/Purl on Sun Feb 22 07:13:01 -0600 2009

Nice shop, good location, great place for socks and excellent ambient lighting. We weren't clued in to the sale area downstairs however- didn't find out about that until we were back home looking at previous comments. It would have been nice to have been told about the downstairs by an employee, or even a sign!

about Soft Horizons Fibre on Mon Nov 03 09:08:46 -0600 2008

This is my LYS! Great selection of supplies and luscious yarns! Classes are frequent and taught by talented instructors. A definite must-stop if you are in Eugene!

about Knot Another Hat on Mon Nov 03 09:27:24 -0600 2008

Stumbled onto this gem while on a weekend get-away with a friend and boy, were we impressed! Wide selection, comfortable and friendly, beautifully displayed and a great view make this shop one of the best!

about Knitting Bee on Sun Feb 22 08:45:19 -0600 2009

Definitely worth the drive from downtown Portland! Beemergirl and I expanded our knitting tour to include this shop and we were treated to a wonderfully organized store and an engaging staff! The owner chatted with us about the history of how she opened the store (just 5 years ago!) and we have to hand it to her, she has done a marvelous job!

about Dublin Bay Knitting Company on Sun Feb 22 07:45:03 -0600 2009

Went with Beemergirl on our tour of Portland knit shops. We were impressed! It is located in a real up-and-coming part of town. The variety of wool offered is fabulous and very well organized! We especially liked all the knitted sample garments demonstrating the patterns and feel of the yarn. They have unique sweater kits we've never seen in other shops and for those of you with dogs, this shop is located across the street from an off- leash dog park so both you and your pooch can have a great time!

about Gossamer on Sun Feb 22 08:28:56 -0600 2009

This is more of a craft store than a knitting shop. There is not much for knitters at all, although it seems to be a happening place for felting and beeswax.

about Woodland Woolworks on Mon Jun 01 05:48:34 -0500 2009

Took a day trip from Eugene with my knitting buddies to this yarn mecca! As they say, "Don't judge a wine by its label", and so with this shop! Step inside the door and find a fantastic selection of yarn, needles, books and spinning supplies. The staff is fabulous and really knows their stuff! Mail order is their specialty, so make sure to pick up a catalog so you can get more when you get home!

about YARN on Wed Jul 15 06:28:35 -0500 2009

Passing through town and only had time to stop at one yarn shop- I found this one first. Yes, it is tiny but it's offerings are obviously carefully selected! The more I looked, the more I saw, and I was impressed with the diversity! I purchased some interesting yarn made from bamboo and then enjoyed the resale shop that shares the space. A unique little place that I look forward to visiting again sometime!

about Dublin Bay Knitting Company on Tue Nov 24 06:29:27 -0600 2009

A return visit nine months later (I live 2 hours away) reminds me how much I like this place! The beauty, selection and organization keep me coming back!

about Happy Knits on Tue Nov 24 06:51:33 -0600 2009

A day trip up from Eugene meant we didn't have time for everything, but when I saw that there was a new Portland shop, I had to put it on the itinerary. (See 'Portland Small Crawl'). What a wonderful place! I can't say enough good things about it! I found several books and lots of yarn that I hadn't seen before. The place was buzzing with activity and the sales staff was warm and very helpful. And oh my, a real wood burning stove to knit by - is that heaven or what? Also a 'loyalty' program that gives you a discount after you've purchased a certain amount is a nice touch. Can't wait until I can go back!

about Knit 1 Bead 2 on Sun Dec 06 15:33:15 -0600 2009

What a delightful surprise in this cute little town! Visiting from Oregon, my guides weren't into yarn, so I couldn't stay as long as I would have liked. My advice to you is to send your friends off to other things and then you can stay for hours! I was entirely caught up in the lush, rich colors and the fabulous knitted samples! Erica was lovely and encouraging! This shop is definitely a must if your travels bring you anywhere near - a new favorite for me!

about Tempe Yarn and Fiber on Thu Dec 10 05:50:21 -0600 2009

I had the chance to seek out a few yarn shops while visiting from out of state and Tempe Yarn and Fiber was a joy to find! What impressed me was the well displayed merchandise, the gorgeous collection of locally made glass buttons and the creativity of the classes they offer. The staff was friendly and helpful. I wish I lived nearby to regularly experience all that this shop has to offer!

about YARN FIFTH AVENUE on Thu Dec 10 06:12:17 -0600 2009

I was glad I put this shop on my list to check out while I was in town because as of 12/23/09 the owner is closing the retail portion of the business. She will continue her online and wholesale business, so do check out www.yarnfifthavenue.com where you can continue to find her gorgeous hand dyed yarns!

about Filati Fine Yarn on Sun Nov 28 16:22:36 -0600 2010

I was visiting friends and family in the area and of course had to break free for a few hours to visit yarn shops. What an amazing and well organized selection! Lots of knitted samples to feel how the yarns knit, and as mentioned above, a huge sale section! That was fun! I found the staff to be friendly and helpful and the shop a nice buzz of activity on a Saturday afternoon. Definitely worth the stop!

about Babetta's Yarn and Gifts on Sun Nov 28 16:46:26 -0600 2010

Visiting friends and family in the general vicinity and had to go a bit out of my way to shop Babetta's, but I'm sure glad I did! An incredible selection of yarns with goodies like shawl pins and knitting related gifty stuff. I enjoyed a cup of hot tea while I browsed and was thrilled to find many types of yarn I don't see back home. Plan to spend some time as the rather unkempt nature of this shop demands that you really focus on what you're seeing, but it certainly didn't detract from the experience for me. I will definitely visit again - Babetta was charming and considers the shop to be her stash of yarn, so I thanked her for sharing it with us!

about Loopy Knitters and Wine Bar on Mon Mar 07 08:03:45 -0600 2011

A relatively new shop that I found due to the Portland Yarn Crawl. Proprietor Sue is charming and provides a thoughtful selection despite the small space. I was intrigued by the inexpensive bamboo needles and purchased some after knitting a couple rows on a 'tester' scarf that was available. Smart marketing! I love the wine idea and will return when I'm back in the area to knit and sip.

about All About Yarn on Mon Mar 07 08:23:57 -0600 2011

No problem with service for me! I visited during the Portland Yarn Crawl and the staff was 'Johnny on the spot'! I appreciated all the knitted samples - I find that really helps me pick patterns and yarn. They had great store-wide specials for the Crawl as well as a generous ongoing sale section. Yes, the location is funky, but well worth the effort to find for their variety and selection!

about Textiles a Mano on Mon Mar 26 04:07:57 -0500 2012

Visiting Textiles A Mano is a true pleasure! It's located in a 'light industrial' area but well worth taking the time to discover! Once you step through the doors you will be greeted with warm smiles and a wide variety of yarn dyed right there in the shop! Curator Laura is incredibly knowledgeable about all her fibers and gladly assists in finding the perfect yarn for your project. Also available are notions, an impressive selection of vintage and hand made buttons, roving, books and patterns. A favorite feature of mine is the cheerful offer to wind my skeins while I finish shopping. A definite favorite LYS for me!

about Astoria Fiber Arts Academy on Sun Dec 30 05:07:39 -0600 2012

Really a cool shop for weavers! More looms than I've ever seen in one place take up a large part of the space for classes, and there is a nice selection of unique yarn as well as a rotating exhibit of fabric arts (quilts when I was there). This seems to operated as an artist's collective and if I lived in town I'm sure I'd be a regular.

about Custom Threads on Sun Dec 30 05:51:07 -0600 2012

Found the selection to be good in the basic yarns and notions. The shop is crammed full and cluttered which made it hard to see everything. A woman came out of the back to greet us and made small talk for a bit and I felt that had I been looking for something specific she would have been willing to help me find it. They also carry quite a bit of fabric for quilting/sewing. This seems to be more about selling raw materials than a gathering spot as I did not see an area to sit and work on projects, no tea or homey amenities. Certainly a serviceable yarn shop however and if you needed supplies, I would say you would be well-served.

about For Yarn's Sake on Fri Mar 15 01:49:05 -0500 2013

This was a new shop for me and easily one of my faves on the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl! A beautifully organized and spacious store with a very friendly staff. I found exactly the yarn I needed for a project and as I sat comfortably on the floor deciding which color, a staff member sweetly brought me a shopping basket for my 10 skeins and offered to check the computer for more stock. I can't wait to go back!

about Northwest Wools on Sun Mar 17 19:55:09 -0500 2013

Small but Mighty! Visited as part of the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl and loved the friendly and knowledgable staff! They were very well organized for the influx of customers and it was easy to browse. Northwest Wools shows that experience pays off!

about Pearl Fiber Arts on Sun Mar 17 20:07:55 -0500 2013

Definitely one of my favorite shops on the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl! Loved the variety of yarns and accessories! For example, one of my companion crawlers purchased a 'yarn box' (like a yarn bowl but made of thin wood with a lid) that is a beautiful art piece as well as a functional knitting tool. We didn't see those anywhere else! This is a yarn shop with individuality and originality - don't miss!

about Angelika's Yarn Store on Sun Mar 17 20:19:45 -0500 2013

Visited on the 2013 Rose City Yarn Crawl and had a good time! My crawling companion found the perfect yarn for her project here and we were intrigued by the knitting machines on display. There is so much yarn here that I can forgive the 'warehouse' feel of the display racks and the staff is friendly and willing to help reach the high stuff. Great for selection and one-stop shopping.

about Littlelamb and Ewe on Sun Mar 09 17:11:40 -0500 2014

Visited this shop for the first time as part of the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl and was charmed! Good variety of yarn and notions with a friendly, helpful staff. The most notable feature of this shop (imho) is the beautiful upstairs loft with lots of comfy couches on which to knit the day away! A paradise if you ask me, and worth seeking out if visiting from out of town!

about Black Sheep at Orenco on Sun Mar 09 17:42:46 -0500 2014

Visited for the first time as part of the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl. Sadly, I was not impressed, especially after having driven several miles to get there. The shop is located in what is clearly a residential unit... attempts to transform it into a retail environment have not been entirely successful. (For example, walking into the garage to view merchandise, inadequate lighting and pieces of cardboard separating yarn on the shelves.) The yarn selection is very basic and although I did purchase a skein of Regia because I liked the color, the group I was with did not find reason to stay beyond having our passport stamped for the Crawl.

about Happy Knits on Sun Mar 09 17:57:42 -0500 2014

Another delightful visit during the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl! In fact, my group visited twice during the weekend, the second time to purchase yarn and patterns that we had drooled over the day before. The staff was engaging and interested in what we were making and they had fabulous treats from a local bakery set out for shoppers. A couple of us took advantage of the couch in front of the fireplace to knit for a while before starting the long drive home. A perfect ending to the Crawl! Thank you Happy Knits... you are definitely one of my favorite places!

about Cottage Grove Yarn Shop on Mon Mar 17 05:33:10 -0500 2014

There is a nice selection of MadelineTosh, some really gorgeous angora rabbit yarn and tried-and-true basics. I saw more colors of Bamboo Bloom than I even knew existed - really fun yarn! Lots of Knitter's Pride needles and a small amount of notions. This is a good addition for the fibre lovers of Cottage Grove and I'm sure it will grow as business allows... stop in and get acquainted!

about Knotty Lady Yarns on Sat May 14 10:15:22 -0500 2016

Heard about this shop from knitting friends who spent several hours there! I happened to be in town for work recently so dashed over at the end of the day and omg... I could not take it all in in the short time I had! Fabulous selection of quality, unique yarns, and very well organized with a really great staff! They have seating for knitting and a large sale section. I cannot wait to go back!

about Starlight Knitting Society on Sat May 14 10:27:40 -0500 2016

My group made a point to visit this shop during the 2016 Rose City Yarn Crawl even though it was not officially on the crawl. A local fiber-ista clued us in and we were not disappointed!
Quality yarns, friendly service and a nice place to sit in front of the fireplace will bring me back next time I'm in town!

about WildFibers on Mon Jul 18 00:34:45 -0500 2016

While in the area for business I stopped in and found a friendly and helpful staff, lovely selection of yarn, room for sitting and stitching as well as a large classroom area. What I loved most about WildFibers were all the knitted samples! They are displayed along with the yarns and patterns needed - made it so easy to visualize and purchase supplies for my project! Definitely a favorite!

about Cozy on Thu Sep 08 22:21:38 -0500 2016

Cozy is a brand-new yarn shop in the FifthPearl area of Eugene! Sleek and modern in decor, with a tasteful cross-section of yarns from Cascade to hand-dyed. They have taken care to research the local area and carry products that aren't necessarily offered at other shops - Chiao Goo needles for example. (Squeal with delight!) The owner is super friendly and super helpful! Watch for more products to fill in as they pick up speed - Yum!

about The Nifty Knitter on Thu Dec 01 20:53:00 -0600 2016

Newly opened within the last couple months and already well-stocked and the hub for local yarn enthusiasts! The space is fairly small and there isn't a large area for seating but the warm and cozy atmosphere and amazingly friendly staff makes it large in personality! Wonderful selection of quality yarns, notions and needles - lots of knitted/crocheted samples. What is a piano doing there, you might wonder? Just ask the owner for a song and he is happy to oblige! Definite favorite for me - please make a point to visit and support them! (BTW, The Nifty Knitter is located in an oh-so-charming area called Gilman Village, made up of vintage buildings and repurposed houses full of shops and restaurants. Don't miss!)

about Frivolous Fibers on Mon Nov 12 15:44:55 -0600 2018

This shop no longer exists in St Michaels - the location is now a pet supply store.

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