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Brooklyn, NY
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Sun Jan 06 10:12:39 -0600 2008
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<3 knitting so much I have an awesome knitting tattoo!

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Store Average Rating
Knitty City
New York, NY
Annie & Company Needlepoint and Knitting
New York, NY
I Knit London
Waterloo, London
Brooklyn General Store
Brooklyn, NY
London, England
Unwind RI
East Greenwich, RI

PassionKNITly's Comments

about Wildfiber on Tue Apr 15 19:54:46 -0500 2008

They had a great selection when I went to visit. A decent amount of lace weight yarn as well as bulky yarn.

about Knit-A-Way of Brooklyn on Sun Jan 06 10:18:35 -0600 2008

I hate the way the florescent lights make this place feel like a basement. I've been there a couple of times and the woman was pretty condescending and completely un-helpful.

They do have a pretty nice range of yarns though from redheart to karabella and brown sheep to debbie bliss.

about The Mermaid's Purl on Tue Aug 26 17:42:54 -0500 2008

A woman at this shop told me that I couldn't knit something, which personally, I think is a no-no. They were also completely unhelpful when I came in at a different time with a problem. While they have nice yarn, both of those experiences make me want to not spend money there.

about Knit One, Purl Too! on Tue Aug 26 17:46:20 -0500 2008

Great shop! Wicked friendly staff!
I walked in once, and even though I didn't buy a book there, she gave me a copy of the errata for it.

about Unwind Yarn on Tue Apr 15 19:51:28 -0500 2008

I just stopped in there for a bit after a meeting last week. Knitting there totally made my day and I felt at home instantly! It was so nice to be able to knit with people away from home without feeling as though I were an outsider!

about Knitty City on Sun Jan 06 10:14:59 -0600 2008

The people that work there are so pleasant and they always have simply fabulous yarns.

about Annie & Company Needlepoint and Knitting on Sun Jan 06 10:16:37 -0600 2008

I wish they were closer to me or had one day a week where they were open past six pm. I'd love to go to this shop more often.

about Purl Soho on Mon May 18 12:57:38 -0500 2009

I love the yarns!
I love the colors!
I'm not in love with the prices. :(

That being said it's a great store for basics.

about Brooklyn General Store on Mon May 18 13:00:30 -0500 2009

I wish that I could get to this place more often! Seems like my time at Brooklyn General is relegated to summer Fridays and occasional weekends when I'm not at my boyfriend's. I love the atmosphere, the yarns, the fabrics and I always leave there feeling quite inspired!

about Yarn Diva & More on Mon May 18 13:05:01 -0500 2009

Wow. I didn't know of all the crazy drama that was going on with this store until I got to this page!

I ordered from them via telephone and found their service to be quite superb, helpful and friendly.

about Woolgathering on Tue May 19 19:38:47 -0500 2009

Please note the website for this store: http://www.thewoolgathering.com/index.html I seem to be able to post comments but not updates on locations.

about Seaport Yarn on Tue May 19 20:15:46 -0500 2009

Hrm, the address moved, but the flag on the map didn't move...

about The Knitting Corner and Beadery on Fri May 22 15:16:12 -0500 2009

I really liked this store. The owner was really nice to my mother and I. I haven't taken any of their classes since I just stopped in there once, but I loved their selection of yarns. The selection is comparable to And the Beadz Goes On in Wickford. But the people that work at this store are way nicer.

about Knitting Needles on Fri May 22 15:17:30 -0500 2009

Meh. It was a lot of novelty yarns. Great if you're into that. I'm not though.

about Ladybug Knitting Shop on Fri May 22 15:22:32 -0500 2009

My grandmother visits this store, so whenever I'm on the cape I go with her. They've got a decent collection, a bit of space to sit and knit too.

about I Knit London on Thu Nov 19 20:38:50 -0600 2009

I had an evening free so I went last week to knit with IKL's knitting group on Thursday. Everyone in the knitting group was so friendly! There were soooo many people knitting there it was great! The staff in the store were nice as well and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. I almost wished I lived in London so I could go to this store much more often! If you're visiting London, and you only have time for one shop, let it be THIS shop!

about Liberty on Thu Nov 19 20:41:27 -0600 2009

So they have Rowan yarns and you're like, whatever.
But go visit this place anyway, it's a beautiful store and is amazing in its own right.

about Unwind RI on Mon Dec 28 23:53:31 -0600 2009

Super friendly staff, great yarn choices and great prices!
If I lived in the area, I think I'd be there often.

about Yarn It All on Tue Dec 29 00:34:22 -0600 2009

I don't know why, but I didn't find the staff of this store helpful at all. While it was obvious that my mother and I were looking for a sweater pattern and she's a newbie, no one offered to help or suggested any patterns. My grandmother remarked on how nice the window display looked, and the woman didn't even say anything to acknowledge her existance.

On the yarn side of things, I really needed some black yarn for a project, and they only had 3 different black yarns. Many of their boxes were practically empty and most of the yarns they had, they didn't have much in the way of colors. They were well stocked in Noro yarns though. I knit a lot of socks, but they didn't have much besides Regia and that self-patterning yarn.

They did seem to have a nice selection of needles and books.

about Nina on Tue Apr 20 03:45:10 -0500 2010

The woman I met at this store this week was quite pleasant. I loved the way the yarns were merchandised. It made finding the yarn quite simple. It was a beautiful store!

about Yarnify! on Tue Apr 20 03:51:36 -0500 2010

I wish I could have taken this store home with me. I really wanted to have one of everything that store had. The next time I go to Chicago, I'll certainly be going here. My friend (a male non-knitter) even loved the store for the colors and the massive selection!

about Bad Woman Yarn on Sun May 09 00:26:59 -0500 2010

I visited this yarn store when I was visiting Seattle. Their selection was great! I actually found a sock yarn that I really loved and haven't seen anywhere else. Since this was the first shop we went to on our yarn crawl today, however, I didn't buy it, and now I'm seriously regretting it. Especially since I know nothing about it besides the fact that it was a German fingering/ sock weight yarn with really nice colors and was about $24.

The owner was super nice. And the staff was super friendly and helpful. They also had those square circular needles that I've always wanted to try.

about The Weaving Works on Sun May 09 00:30:45 -0500 2010

I almost didn't want to go here because I wasn't sure if it really was focused on yarn since the name of the store specifically mentions knitting and I didn't really want anything on cones. I must say, I'm REALLY glad I went here! Don't let the name fool you, the knitting selection in this store is BIG! They have a HUGE collection of books and TONS of yarn for any kind of project you'd want to knit. I was there for their Mother's Day sale, and it was pretty awesome!

about Acorn Street Shop on Sun May 09 00:47:35 -0500 2010

This store was really cute. It had a lot of variety in the yarn they sell. They also sell provisions for needlepoint. The staff was, indeed, quite friendly. They also sold adorable mugs with little sheep on them.

about Argyle Yarn Shop on Mon Nov 18 15:26:08 -0600 2013

I live near this store, and LOVE that it's so close. The staff is always amazingly friendly. I love the books they have in the store and all the mochimochi kits! Their selection of needles is awesome.

Their prices are great, and every time I walk into the store I'm greeted by amazing yarns that I want to take home with me.

about La Droguerie on Wed Jan 29 19:02:09 -0600 2014

I really wanted to love this store. I thought it would be like the Purl Soho of France. Which it sort of was. I visited in November of 2010 and found it so small (and I'm USED to small, I live in NYC!) and hard to navigate that I walked in, saw everything there was to see, then walked out. The yarn was really nice, but seemed rather expensive (but I think that the exchange rate might have had something to do with that as well).

I agree with the person who said that it's like a candy shop. :)

about L'OisiveThé, Salon de Thé et Yarn Shop. on Wed Jan 29 19:05:33 -0600 2014

This store might be the inspiration for my next trip to Paris. I visited in 2010 with a friend who doesn't knit. We went together and enjoyed some tea and I stared at all the yarns, some of which he convinced me to buy. :)

I think that most of the yarn that was there is stuff I could have bought in the States, but I know they have exclusive colorways and it's just such a great shop that I can't wait to go back. I started following them on Instagram somehow and am just in LOVE with the shop.

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