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Tue Mar 31 00:24:42 -0500 2009
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I have this theory about knitter personality types: I see similar poor socialization among knitters as I do with engineers or programmers. So, when yarn stores hire knitters, sometimes those are super-knowledgeable people from a technical perspective who have questionable customer service skills. I have a background heavy in customer service so I'm sensitive to but forgiving with different states of service. I like to reward the good and avoid the bad, and I remember both vividly.

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Bad Woman Yarn
Seattle, WA

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about So Much Yarn on Tue Mar 31 00:55:54 -0500 2009

I have to say, I was on the fence about So Much Yarn for a while. Sure, they were close to my (former) work and their sales are awesome, but they're a little heavy on novelty yarn and (presumably because of Belltown's exorbitant rent) relatively expensive*. The ladies who run the shop were nice enough at the register if not particularly attentive, so I went there about once a week tobrowse and usually buy.

However, I had the worst retail experience of my life at SMY. I've worked a number of customer service jobs, so I have a fair perspective on good service and am reasonably forgiving, but I'm sensitive to extremes of good and bad: the woman trying (too obviously) to close a sale with me made all of the worst CS decisions possible to ensure that I would never shop there again, no matter how good the sales were. After asking a very specific question about a certain yarn for a proect of my own design, I was pressured, talked down to, and, most importantly in sales, not listened to. Maybe she was having a bad day, maybe she's more adept at handling less-experienced knitters (not trying to bring any of their customer base down, just saying that I more than know my way around a skein, which formed the basis of the poor service), but after spending hundreds of dollars at SMY and getting such poor treatment, I'm not going to shop there again.

*I compare all boutique yarn pricing toCascade 220, which is my default, basic worsted wool. Theirs is the most expensive in the city that I've found so far, but they also are located in one of the most expensive retail neighborhoods.

about Bad Woman Yarn on Tue Mar 31 00:34:58 -0500 2009

Bad Woman Yarn, why is your rating so low? You are my favorite LYS.

Fantastic atmosphere, with the right mix of friendly-but-leave-me-alone-until-I-need-help and check-in-with-me-to-see-how-I'm-doing customer service that _will_ go the extra mile to make you feel valued. This great attitude is why I keep coming back. The selection is pretty decent for a smaller store and their prces rate among the best of the boutique knit shops in Seattle.

I *heart* Bad Woman Yarn.

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