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Fri Sep 14 20:23:26 -0500 2007
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about Mass. Ave. Knit Shop on Mon May 31 16:06:16 -0500 2010

Finally visited this store after 13 yrs in IN. It wasn't for me, though I can see why others like it. It was like an explosion in a huge yarn and pattern factory, both in the organization level and the "thoroughly pawed through" condition of the magazines and much of the yarn. This is understandable since "pawing through" is apparently the only way to find anything.

Pros: Probably a good place if you live near and just want to sit and knit a lot. The staff was friendly, willing to answer questions and VERY laid back. Good place to go if there is some 5 or 10 year old magazine or yarn that you are jonesing for. If you dig around long enough you will probably find it. If you like fru-fru novelty yarn, they've got a mondo room of it for cheap. Crochet is obviously embraced by at least some of the staff. A lively discussion of a crochet project was going on when I came in. Most kid friendly shop I've ever been in. Great, off the street parking.

Cons: If you are OCD you will have a nervous breakdown immediately. Don't go here "on a mission". The chances of finding any one specific thing are slim. Questions to the obviously regular and seasoned staff were met with, "IF we have that it will be sort of over there-ish or maybe in that general area" accompanied by a vague arm wave or pointing. They don't mind you asking, they just don't know and don't really worry about where things are or what is there. If you want it, go looking for it. I watched another customer sigh and shake her head and walk away in disgust.

about The Loopy Ewe on Tue Aug 03 12:53:13 -0500 2010

DOGLVNGURL above clearly did not go the same shop I went to! It is HUGE. They have so much yarn it boggles the mind. The staff treated me like a valued friend. They asked me several times if I needed any help and if I was finding what I needed and chatted me up quite wonderfully. If you are into sock yarn and/or eye-poppingly gorgeous hand dyes, you will feel that you died and went to heaven here. Going there not only made me anxious to go back, but also motivated me to order online from such a wonderful group of gals!

about Knit Stop on Tue Aug 03 13:06:05 -0500 2010

Wow. That's the main thing I thought when I walked into this shop. It is BEE-YEW-TEE-FULL. Knit Stop should be called a "yarn gallery". Every high end yarn that you've only seen in a magazine, you will see here. The most luscious, amazing yarns imaginable and all the pattern support you could ever ask for. When I die, I hope that heaven is a lot like this shop.

The shop is located in a strip mall in a very commercial area so it's very convenient and has ample parking. It is huge and has a wide selection.

The downside? The staff is uppity and cool. As you might imagine with such high end yarn, the prices are often mind boggling.

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