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Boston, MA
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Tue Oct 06 12:46:01 -0500 2009
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Liesl's Favorite Yarn Stores

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A Good Yarn
Brookline, MA
Wild & Woolly Studio
Lexington, MA
Grace Robinson & Company
Freeport, ME
Purl Diva
Brunswick, ME

Liesl's Comments

about A Good Yarn on Tue Oct 06 12:52:41 -0500 2009

Whoever buys the yarns for this shop has an incredible eye! There are hand-painted yarns that make me drool and the quality of the yarns is extremely high across the board. They also have a nice (small) collection of buttons. I have to admit that I've never browsed their patterns because the shop is just too tiny to do this comfortably. I've found the staff to be very helpful and friendly although I did once ask if they carried Khroma yarns by the Fibre Company and the woman said, "No!" and walked away. Was it something I said? Otherwise, I have no complaints -- it's a great yarn store and well worth the trip.

about Wild & Woolly Studio on Tue Oct 06 13:08:35 -0500 2009

If you walk into Wild & Woolly and Pat is alone at the register, you are bound to have a very positive experience. She is a warm, friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable knitter. She always remembers my name and inquires kindly about my latest knitting project. If you walk in and there is a cluster of people standing around the register gossiping, beware! The experience likely won't be nearly as positive in my experience. There is definitely a clique of knitters who hangs out there and they can exude an atmosphere of exclusivity. Not very pleasant! If Jackie, the owner, is there she can be abrupt bordering on rude, but I think her bark is worse than her bite. I have the found the wide selection, the great organization, and Pat, to make the trip well worthwhile.

PS I forgot to mention that they have a very wide selection of buttons.

about Knittin' Kitten on Tue Oct 06 13:12:29 -0500 2009

Over the last 12 years, I have gone into the Knittin' Kitten about 6 times. My experience is always the same. The owner is rude and unwelcoming and looks at me as if she wishes I would leave immediately. Whatever it is that I ask for, it is never in stock. I can't figure it out! Every couple of years, I think I'll give it another chance and the same thing happens all over again. Give it a miss.

about Purl Diva on Tue Oct 06 17:37:01 -0500 2009

Great name, great selection and great service! This is an all-around great yarn store and well worth the drive. Ellen, the owner, is very helpful and friendly. You'll want to plan to spend lots of time there when you visit. The only drawback is that she is not allowed to sell Rowan products due to a 25-mile radius limit (I guess there's a yarn store in Freeport that offers Rowan products). But, this is a minor issue. There is so much else to see you won't want to miss it!

about Grace Robinson & Company on Tue Oct 06 17:45:16 -0500 2009

My husband and I travel from Boston to Freeport about twice a year. On our last trip I noticed this yarn store and had to stop. They have an enormous selection of yarns, in particular Rowan products of which I am a HUGE fan. There were lots and lots of baby yarns and patterns available, some more obscure and beautiful imported yarns, and just lots of goodies for fiber fanatics. The building is larger than your average yarn store and has a little bit of a department store feel, but everything is nicely laid out and well-lit. The staff leave you alone to browse, but they are available if you have questions. I happen to like that "hands-off" approach to customer service. I recommend this shop if you're in the area.

about The Knit Shop on Tue Oct 06 17:54:31 -0500 2009

I wish I could review this yarn shop, but I can't as it has never been open when I've tried to stop by. They have very few and very odd hours during which they are open and I seem to go at all the wrong times (e.g., during business hours on a week-day). It looks cute, but small, through the glass window. Can't say much else about it ...

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