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Wed Sep 04 18:51:16 -0500 2013
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About Kandy Schwandt

I'm Egwene on Ravelry. My best friend and I learned to knit when we were in 4th grade (the cool girls called us "Old Maids"). Many of my closest friends and best experiences center around knitting and spinning. I work as a costumer for a touring circus-style show, and I get to track down yarn and fabric stores everywhere the show goes.

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about Bead + Fiber on Wed Sep 04 19:06:51 -0500 2013

The shop was busy and cheerful when I stopped by, although no one said more than hello to me. The bead selection seemed diverse and interesting. Yarn selection was small and primarily bulky/novelty. Worth a visit if you're at Grey's Fabrics across the walk.

about Newbury Yarns on Wed Sep 04 19:11:26 -0500 2013

The staff wasn't unfriendly, but ignored me after saying hello, although there were no other customers. The yarn selection was very limited and there was a sad little table of fabric. It felt like a shop that couldn't afford to order inventory.

about Stitch House on Wed Sep 04 19:19:29 -0500 2013

After I left this shop, a stranger on the street commented on my big smile. I got a friendly greeting and was allowed to look around on my own for a bit, but then the impromptu knitting group at the table started commenting on yarns I was considering, showing me what they had made from them, sharing all the tips we've all found on Ravelry... I even left with a list of shops to visit in another city on an upcoming trip.

The yarn selection isn't huge, but it's diverse and offered lots of fiber and color options within each style of yarn. The sock yarn collection is especially good. The shop is very attractive and hip in a comfortable way. Cute selection of accessories, buttons, and some cotton prints.

Highly recommended and worth the trip!

about A La Tricoteuse on Wed Sep 04 19:25:12 -0500 2013

This shop was in my neighborhood when I lived in Montreal for a few months. It's small, so there may not be enough of a single yarn for a large project, but the selection is reasonable, particularly the sock yarn.

I didn't receive a lot of attention from the gentleman behind the counter. But he wasn't unfriendly and seemed to be having a pleasant conversation with another customer.

Worth a quick visit if you're on the Plateau.

about Mouliné on Wed Sep 04 19:30:56 -0500 2013

The large selection of sock yarn made this store worth the trip for me (two trips, actually). In addition to the regular selection on the shelves, there was a lot of sale yarn in bins on the lower level. The yarn was well organized and easy to shop. The shelves seemed well-stocked.

The books weren't well organized or easy to shop. Many looked worn. The staff wasn't unfriendly, but no one spoke to me except as I was checking out.

about Espace Tricot on Wed Sep 04 19:36:45 -0500 2013

I had a really positive experience here both times I visited. The store was busy with customers and packed with (well-organized) yarn and tools. I found every single item on my yarn wish-list, including additional colors of yarns purchased elsewhere to add to a project. When I had a question, it was easy to find help, even though the staff was busy with many other customers. The check-out chat was great--I got information about new yarns the store was expecting soon and suggestions for shops to visit in other cities.

This is easily my favorite of the yarn shops I visited in Montreal.

about Unwind Yarn on Wed Sep 04 19:49:37 -0500 2013

When I visited this shop (spring 2013), it was nearly empty of yarn. There was rarely more than one skein of any color and only a few colors of each yarn. I actually thought the shop was closed at first because there was so little yarn. The person working in the shop was chatting with a regular customer, and didn't seem interested in me.

This visit wasn't worth the time spent getting to the shop and waiting for it to open.

about Knit Culture on Wed Sep 04 19:57:49 -0500 2013

This store is now KnitCulture Studio.
My favorite Lost Angeles yarn shop. It's packed with yarn, tools, and great books. The yarn is beautifully organized by color/fiber, which makes the whole shop beautiful and easy to shop. The projects displayed are really well-made and when the shop was out of stock on one of the patterns, the person working wrote down the info so I could download it from Ravelry (my preference anyway). I had great check-out chat with employees on each visit and always left with something that felt beautiful and precious to me.

Highly recommended and worth the drive.

about Yarns Unlimited on Wed Sep 04 20:03:49 -0500 2013

My favorite yarn store in the world and a place where I always feel at home. The yarn selection is broad and unique. The staff is experienced and has always been helpful and supportive of me. It's easy to join in the casual group of knitters & crocheters around the table if you want to. The projects on display are always well-made, wearable, and contemporary.

about Sheep Street fibers, Inc. on Wed Sep 04 20:07:19 -0500 2013

Visiting Sheep Street always feels like a wonderful adventure, even if it's a short drive. The owners are friendly and always remember me, even if I haven't visited the shop in a year. The yarn selection is very good. Best of all, for me, the selection of spinning fiber and tools is great. I love being able to buy a full fleece and hear about the sheep that provided it (and probably see the same sheep outside the window). Good spinning shops are hard to find. This one is a gem.

about Jessica Knits on Wed Sep 04 20:10:44 -0500 2013

A very friendly and inviting shop. The yarn selection is diverse and the color selection is especially attractive and well-displayed. The staff is really helpful and went out of their way to make sure the cable I was buying would fit my existing interchangeable needles.

about Romni Wools on Wed Sep 04 20:15:50 -0500 2013

This shop is huge and both levels are absolutely packed with yarn and books. Yarn from well-known brands and smaller companies, all good quality. Give yourself some time when you visit this shop--it takes a while to see everything and to recover from the sheer volume of beautiful yarn.

This is not a place to hang out and knit. But it is a great place to buy yarn. Well worth the trip.

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