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Wed Feb 18 13:32:07 -0600 2009
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Strands and Stitches
Laguna Beach, CA
Article Pract
Oakland, CA
Petaluma, CA
San Francisco, CA
Village Spinning & Weaving Shop
Solvang, CA
Anacapa Fine Yarns
Ventura, CA
Abuelita's Knitting & Needlepoint
Pasadena, CA
Berkeley, CA
Loop & Leaf
Santa Barbara, CA
A Verb for Keeping Warm
Oakland, CA

3L3ctricMistr3ss's Comments

about Velona Needle Craft on Wed Feb 18 13:42:12 -0600 2009

Love, love, LOVE this shop.
Best customer service which makes it worth the drive/traffic. Rose (head lady in charge) is always very social, spending lots of time with me helping me find yarn for my projects, and chatting with my significant other as he sits at the table in complete boredom while I dig through EVERY SINGLE bin of yarn in the store. And when you check the place out, you will know this is more than a 3 hr routine. There is yarn galore (all types and price ranges) in this store as well as a great selection of wood knitting needles and crochet hooks. There is also an extensive book/magazine/pamphlet section, and a wall of any and every accessory you will need for any project.

about Bourgee Boutique on Fri Jul 10 18:09:09 -0500 2009

This is a very tiny yarn store, but the atmosphere is so inviting.
The owner is very sweet, never pressured me into making a purchase and she chatted me
up for over an hour. She was full of information (she's been knitting for over 20 yrs) and willing to help me w/ a hat I was working on. She also does special orders (clothing).

The selection is small (it's a small shop!) but the selection is good.
There is a small section of novelty yarns, work horse yarns and some luxury yarns in there as well. There is a table right in the middle of the shop, so if you want to plop down and knit you can do so.

Overall, I really like the atmosphere and will definitely visit again, even if it's just to hang out!

about Knitterly on Fri Jul 10 18:18:36 -0500 2009

Probably one of the best shops I've come across in a long time.

Huge selection of all the best yarn (Noro, Malabrigo) and even some unique yarns like Habu, all very well-organized. I would say this is purely 'high end' yarn... no bargain names here. Everything in its place and easy to find.

Large selection of knitting needles (including Addi), knitting bags, and other notions.

Very well lit, with two areas (one in front, one at the back) to sit and knit.
The ladies working (including the owner) and very knowledgeable, and extremely helpful.

about Dharma Trading Co. on Fri Jul 10 18:23:19 -0500 2009

I stopped by on my way to San Francisco.

Very unique shop.
More of a place for tie dying and dying your own yarns, which is really different from the shops you see in Southern California. I found it refreshing, actually.

There is a pretty decent size selection of yarn in really unique/hard to find colors. I found Malabrigo worsted in 'Azul Bolita' which I had been searching for for what seemed like an eternity! So that made the special trip even more worthwhile!

The ladies working at the shop were really cool and down to earth, and were working on a project, and of course willing to chat about it, which is always a treat!

about 2 Old Divas on Fri Jul 10 18:37:09 -0500 2009

Carries unique yarns like Ozark handspun, Schaeffer and the usual suspects like Malabrigo, Rowan, Mission Falls and Cascades. Pam (the owner) said that she likes to stock yarns that have a purpose behind them (where the money supports a certain cause). So you won't find too much generic stuff here.

The shop is pretty small, but inspite of it's size it's jampacked with all kinds of goodies.

There is a HUGE selection of pattern books and magazines (both current and vintage), and she carries a small amount of knitting accessories like needles and bags.

She takes Paypal which is also really cool, and she also has an Ebay store.

There is a Friday night knitting club that starts around 6pm every week as well.

about Yarns On First on Mon Aug 17 18:26:09 -0500 2009

Very busy place indeed.
When I went in June this place was booming.
I like the feel of a busy yarn shop because it gives me a chance to look around without someone constantly bugging me.

This shop had a good selection of yarn (all the usual suspects) and lots of friendly faces.

I had a positive experience, and I was greeted/acknowledged when I came into the store and a few of the ladies (even the ones knitting at the front table) said let them know if I needed any help or if I just wanted to hang out LOL.

about Elegance Designer Yarns on Mon Aug 17 18:34:01 -0500 2009

Very cute little shop.
I love the location, it's got a really nice vibe.
The store fronts are gorgeous.

I digress...
Very small shop (and a bit messy...), but there are lots of soft chairs if you'd like to hang out and knit. There is also a Wednesday meet up @ 6pm.

The owner offered coffee and tea when I came into the shop and was very sweet and warm.

There was a nice selection of yarn (from the usuals like Berroco and Cascade, to Misti Alpaca and Buffalo Gold). What I really liked was that there are several sample projects all over the store, and the owner was very nice to share info on all of her projects. There was also a nice selection of magazines, books, needles and namaste accessories.

Great music playing! :D

about Abuelita's Knitting & Needlepoint on Mon Aug 17 19:08:39 -0500 2009

Went for the first time Saturday, Aug 15 and wow...such a cool place. Love this shop.

My mom and I visited this shop and we were the only ones in (we went @ 5pm) and the lady working that day (maybe the owner) was really cool, and let us browse w/ no pressure/harassment :D She even wound my yarn for me! We loves that ;)

I was really impressed with the nice selection of yarn!
Lots of Malabrigo (in yummy colors), lots of Noro, Rowan, Schaefer, Misti Alpaca, small selection of sock yarn (Jitterbug was one that I recognized), and good sized needlepoint section. There was a wall of Addi circ needles, and there were Lantern Moon needles, a few Kollage Square Needles and Crystal Palace. And a nice book/magazine selection as well as the manufacturers catalogs next to the yarn :D

I love the frequent buyer card and the reusable project bag you recieve w/ purchase! Very cute. Will be a frequent visitor/buyer!

about Anacapa Fine Yarns on Sat Aug 22 18:41:20 -0500 2009

This shop was amazing.

The cashier didn't speak to me or my husband as we came into the store (she was w/ a couple of customers). However, I was in the store for about 30-45 min. and STILL was not acknowledged until I came to the register to make a purchase (couldn't resist... the Malabrigo was calling my name!!!). So that was like :| But... the store's selection made up for the lack of customer service! Cashier was really nice once I had a chance to chat w/ her. She even pulled up Ravelry on her computer to show me how my yarn would like once it was stitched up, so she made up for not saying hi! :D

Pretty great selection of yarn to tell you the truth. Wish I lived closer.
The front left corner, as you enter the store, is filled w/ a nice alternative yarn selection (linen, cotton, silk, bamboo, etc). Lots of Malabrigo (sock, worsted, silky), as well as some other pretty cool semi-high end stuff.

Ok selection of needles if you are an Addi fan, also some Crystal Palace stuff.
The back section is more 'affordable' yarn like Cascade, and behind the yarn is an area where classes are taught.

There is a nice selection of books/magazines as well as a table to sit and knit at which is cool. Overall, whenever I'm back in Ventura, this will definitely be a part of my visit!

about Eva's Needlework on Sat Aug 22 18:45:29 -0500 2009

Can someone put on some music!?
Granted I showed up to the store around 10:30am, so it was pretty dead... but sheesh...
The atmosphere was kind of "off" for some reason, not warm and inviting at all.

The store is jammed with lots of yarn, so there is a good amount to select from (all the usuals) but I wasn't really vibing off the lady working there, so I left. She spoke as my husband and I entered and asked if there was something we were looking for... and I was like, um... not really, this is my first time in, so i'm just checking out the place, and that was that. Great convo ;)

Probably wouldn't visit this store again. It wasn't really my type of store. The "feel" of the store and the employees are really important to me.

about Loop & Leaf on Sat Aug 22 18:55:08 -0500 2009

Talk about luxury yarn!
I won't be eating for the next month!

Great, great shop.
Really cool selection of Habu and a bunch of other companies that I had never seen or heard about before. Some of the stuff I grabbed up was Madeline Tosh (yum!!!), as well as Schoppel Wolle, Rio de la Plata (sock) and Fleece Artist BFL. The last two were on sale for a few dollars off. :D Store also has a couple areas to sit as well as a nice book selection :D Just lots of good stuff in this store, extremely happy and colorful vibe as well. I'm really happy I had a chance to stop through on my way home :)

Very warm environment with extremely helpful employees (and super duper nice customers), and the owner was just a delight to chat w/ as well :) She was also outside teaching a class on the lawn which is TOTALLY cool. Wish I lived closer. But gives me a reason to visit Santa Barbara!

about Rasmussen's on Sat Aug 22 18:56:44 -0500 2009

Not really a yarn shop, although there is a small corner upstairs w/ yarn.
It is more budget-friendly yarn, with some Malabrigo sprinkled in there.

This is more a needlework/quilting type of place imo.
If you are in the area, might as well stop in, just don't trip up the stairs :D

about Village Spinning & Weaving Shop on Sat Aug 22 19:06:21 -0500 2009

My kind of shop!
I love FULL stores, where stuff just falls all over you, and you trip over goodies :)
There was a walkway (I'm a sucker for a little hyperbole) but 1/2 the store was closed.

This was my first time in and my husband and I just popped in to see what all the hype was. We weren't acknowledged when we first came in (there were other customers being helped), but after I made eye contact, I was given full attention. Both owners were ridiculously helpful. The best help I've received in any shop! :)

I ended up purchasing a spindle and lots of fiber to play around with (I guess I'll be spinning now?!), and Marsha gave me a nice demo (over 1/2 hr!) with a few different fibers and showed me a couple of techniques to play around with as I was starting out. We also talked about the different sheep, spinning and dying the fiber. Her and her husband John both took the time out to talk to me about the different fiber lengths and some of the issues I might run into starting out w/ the spindle. Even my husband was totally engaged in the spindle lesson :D

Will definitely come back when I'm ready for a spinning wheel.
What a great shop.

ETA: I came back in July '10 and purchased my first spinning wheel - Lendrum DT complete. I sent John a message about a month in advance to let him know that I'd like a wheel set aside for me, when I came to pick up the wheel it was set up and ready to go. Even got a demo on how to get started. The Lendrum was a breeze. Made me feel like an old pro. I was even given some more time to test additional wheels (over an hour spinning on 6 wheels) to make sure that I was comfortable with my decision (I was). Really great experience and I'm so happy that I made the trip back to Solvang to have such hands on customer service. I could've purchased online, sure, but I was really impressed with how warm the shop owner's were and I wanted them to get my business. Customer service counts!

about The Grove at Juniper & 30th on Tue Apr 19 19:42:34 -0500 2011

Very cute shop.
Not a yarn shop, but does have a small section of yarn, knitting books, and knitted items.

This is a really unique shop, with fabric, books, clothing, and local art. Really great environment, and definitely a place worth stopping in and checking out. It's really beautifully laid out.

about Two Sisters and Ewe on Tue Apr 19 19:50:01 -0500 2011

So my review is super duper after the fact, but I wanted to leave one anyway!

This is a great shop and they sell spinning fiber!
Which is really rare in Southern California, so that was a real treat, as I am a beginning spinner and love testing new fibers. When I went, the power was out and it was towards the end of summer/beginning of fall (hot!!!) last year '10 which was hilarious - shopping for wool fiber in the heat! That's dedication.

Anyway, the 2 staff members there were absolutely lovely and charming, and one gave me a little tour of the layout of the store, while the other kept the d.h. occupied. There was a nice book section, and a really decent-sized selection of yarns of all price ranges.

If you are in the area, stop by.
Very lovely shop with a warm vibe, lots of natural light. Oh yeah... and seating!

about KNIT SchTICK on Tue Apr 19 19:55:01 -0500 2011

I visited this shop at the end of '10 during a small Orange County yarn crawl, and although the vibe was a little off to me (don't know what that was) the customer service was on POINT.

The environment was clean, organized, well laid out. Lots of light, ample seating (with nice chairs), a really nice group of ladies just sitting, knitting and chatting, some snacks and beverages available. I bought a skein of Malabrigo Sock (there was LOTS of Malabrigo) and the owner had my yarn wound up for me while she told me about classes that they offered and gave me water. Although I was visiting from out of town, if I make a trip down in that area I would absolutely stop by, even if just to hang out and knit. I really enjoyed this shop a lot.

about Yarn Lady on Tue Apr 19 20:09:06 -0500 2011

I visited this shop in '09 and had total sensory overload because of the enormity of the shop!

Huge selection, large book selection, ample seating in a variety of areas in the store, lots of knitted samples, big containers of buttons to sift through, and a huge selection of yarns in all different price ranges. My husband and I were greeted when we came into the store (even if it took a little longer than it should) and then later on I was asked if I needed a little help one too many times, which annoys me. This often comes off to me as "are you shoplifting," because I used to work retail, and this is what we were trained to do when "unfamiliar" faces came into the shop and lingered. I mean... for the most part, I think people tend to come in and browse (unless they are shopping for a specific project), especially when they are from out of town. Anyway... after the sales lady followed me around the shop for what seemed like an hour (but was probably 6 or so minutes), I'm guessing she could sense I was getting irritated and she said something to the nature of sorry if I'm driving you crazy, which made me laugh! Whatevs. I did not make a purchase because that overbearing customer service weirded me out.

All in all, great selection and if/when I'm in the area, I would more than likely stop by this shop if I were itching for yarn or wanting to see some new yarn/colors in person.

about The Sheared Sheep on Tue Apr 19 20:14:04 -0500 2011

Very small shop, although it was very clean and nicely laid out.

Very small selection of yarn, and the yarn that was there was very specific - trendy, novelty, natural fiber. There were some samples around the shop, which is always nice, and there was some seating, but overall, not much else to look at, and the vibe was really off here as well. What is it with these Orange County shops? Don't want to generalize, but I've never felt so weird shopping/browsing at a yarn shop then I have felt when going into the shops in the O.C. Knitters are a diverse crowd, so I would think seeing different faces wouldn't be a big deal, but apparently that is not the case.

Anyway... I will not be stopping by this shop again. Especially since Knit Schtick is up the street with a bigger/better selection and a less awkward, weird vibe.

about Strands and Stitches on Tue Apr 19 20:20:26 -0500 2011

Make the drive!

I visited S&S in February '11 for a mini Orange County, Valentine's day yarn crawl and I was not disappointed to make the hour drive. The city is lovely, and the location the shop is in is absolutely charming. The store was packed with goodies, and the yarn was organized by color and gauge which was really helpful, and there was ample seating at the front of the store, as well as a class in the back of the store - a very bustling, lively shop. The owner was absolutely warm, charming and helpful. Just a great vibe all around in this shop. I managed to leave without making too much of a dent in my wallet, and walked away with 1 skein of MadelineTosh Sock which the shop owner wound for me. This is always a treat!

All in all, definitely worth the drive, and if I'm ever in the area wanting a yarn fix, I will come back here.

about Newton's Yarn Country on Tue Apr 19 20:27:22 -0500 2011

Wasn't sure what to expect when I stopped by the store - I don't machine knit, but I've seen people knit with Newton's yarns, so I was curious if I'd find a good deal here. I didn't lol!

I was greeted once I came in, and there was a class going on while I was in the store, which is always fun. A little cluttered and dark inside the store, but overall not a bad trip. I just popped in for a short bit, looked around, and left. I was in and out in about 10 minutes. It was kind of fun seeing such huge cones of yarn, and seeing the knitting machines :)

about Cozy Cottage Fabrics on Tue Apr 19 20:28:44 -0500 2011

Pretty small knitting corner here, but as the name suggests, this is a fabric store!

about ImagiKnit on Tue Apr 19 20:36:00 -0500 2011

By far my favorite shop in SF.

I visited for the first time last summer ('10) and wow...
Extremely well-organized, bright, cheery, cozy, very warm vibe, friendly faces and great customer service.

I was on a mission when I visited the shop - wanted sweater quantity Malabrigo Worsted in the "Frank Ochre" colorway and had no such luck at any of the other shops I visited, and when I was asked if I needed help and told the salesperson what I was looking for, she took me to the massive wall 'o Malabrigo :O And then proceeded to go into the back and bring me out sweater quantity of the color I was looking for. She even wound all the skeins for me! Loves!!! This is the first time I've seen pretty much the entire palette of colors of Malabrigo Worsted and it was displayed wonderfully.

The shop (from what I remember) is arranged by gauge, and there is a second room that has sale merchandise, as well as synthetic/mixed yarn. The main room is natural fibers. Really fantastic selection of yarn in a variety of price ranges, nice selection of knitting needles and a ton of inspiration in the shop. Parking wasn't too bad either, but I might've just gotten lucky finding that open spot on the street ;)

I really, really loved this shop, and it is now the one shop I look forward to visiting every time I stop into SF!

about Greenwich Yarn on Tue Apr 19 20:47:49 -0500 2011

A very small, but warm shop.

My husband gets dragged to my yarn crawls, and what was so nice about this shop was at the time we visited, the table was packed with about 5 or so knitters of all age ranges. The ladies happily kept my husband occupied as I browsed the selection. The range of topics discussed had me laughing, I really wanted to go back to the hotel, grab some knitting and hang out!

I ended up leaving with a magazine and a couple skeins of awesome, local hand-painted sock yarn. The owner was really charming and just a joy to chat with. Although the shop is small, there is a nice selection of yarn, lovely displays, and books/magazines, and a very warm, inviting vibe. If you are in the area, definitely stop by and support this lovely shop.

about Piedmont Yarn & Apparel on Tue Apr 19 20:56:09 -0500 2011

Totally turned off to this shop.

My husband and I stopped by on a side trip to SF, and I was really looking forward to stopping by this shop, and even came back to Oakland as some of the other shops we intended to visit were closed. Anyway, so we stopped by the shop and browsed for a good 10 minutes, and the owner or salesperson did not stop once the entire time to greet either one of us or to ask us if we needed help! 10 minutes! I was terribly disappointed about that. There was another customer in the shop who the salesperson was chatting with, but we made eye contact with the salesperson as we walked in and the least she could've done was acknowledge our presence and welcome us. I continued checking out the selection, which was ok... nothing really stood out to me, and I promptly left without purchasing.

If the salesperson was nicer and at least made us feel welcomed in the shop, I would've purchased something, as I tend to do (even when I don't need anything) just to support the business. All in all, I was very disappointed by the lack of customer service. If in the future I make a stop through Oakland I will bypass this shop and go straight to Article Pract who hands down has an amazing selection and fantastic customer service!

about Article Pract on Tue Apr 19 21:03:09 -0500 2011

This shop is SICK. In a good way ;)

I missed this shop by about 10 minutes (damn!) when I tried to visit on a yarn crawl, but I peeked in the front window and I knew I had to come back. I'm so glad I made the trip!

This shop was bright, cheerful, well-lit, clean, organized, nicely laid out, and packed with all kinds of wonderful yarn. This was my first time meeting the Alchemy line of yarn and wow... absolutely lovely colors! I also met ShiBui which was equally amazing. There were lots of books, magazines, knitting needles, yarn from smaller yarn companies, and beautifully displayed items in the shop, and the customer service was on point! the ladies working there were absolutely lovely and accommodating - even looking up a pattern for me on Ravelry as I had fallen in love with a yarn that I knew more than likely wouldn't work for a pattern I had in mind (I bought a couple skeins of it anyway!). I left with a few skeins of Alchemy (sock weight) and a few skeins of ShiBui which was a real treat! I'm very happy I made this trip!

Nothing but good to say about this shop. Absolutely a must if you are in Oakland!

about A Verb for Keeping Warm on Tue Apr 19 21:08:45 -0500 2011

Looking forward to visiting the new shop!

I visited the old shop last year ('10) and it was absolutely lovely. The vibe was extremely friendly, peaceful, and inspiring. The owners were both charming and lovely :) I left without doing too much damage, but walked away with 2 nice braids of yummy fiber.

about Lacis on Tue Apr 19 21:11:58 -0500 2011

Really awesome shop!

I spent more time here than my husband would've like (hahahaa!) because I was going through total sensory overload. This store was packed with EVERYTHING I could've wanted to see - vintage clothing displays, vintage notions, vintage patterns, a fantastic selection of books (including lots of out of print books), vintage lace, just so much wonderful stuff here to drool over, but all very organized. The shop was bustling when I visited, and the customer service was great!

I definitely recommend visiting this shop, and give yourself enough time to browse because there is a lot to look at :)

about Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics on Tue Apr 19 21:16:52 -0500 2011

I wasn't terribly impressed, and to me that is disappointing!

I'm a sewer and I was on a mission to find fabric, and this shop really didn't have anything I was looking for. There was a lovely selection of more quilting type of fabric, but the apparel fabric was severely lacking. The customer service was just ok as well. The store was alive and bustling, and it was great to see so many people supporting local, small business. I did purchase a few small items, but found better fabric luck at Piedmont Fabrics in Oakland and Peapod Fabrics in San Francisco - far better selection, warmer vibe, and better customer service.

Despite my lack of luck, if you are in the area (or visiting LACIS) I would definitely recommend stopping by this shop.

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