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Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 4 years ago

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Yarnia is the only yarn shop where you can design your very own custom yarn blend, and buy it by the pound. You choose the fiber, color, thickness, and amount, and we’ll wind up your custom cone of yarn for you right on the spot — perfect for knitting, crocheting, or weaving!

Not only that, but the yarn here is sold not by the skein, nor the hank, but by the pound.

Don’t know how much yarn you’ll need for a project? Or maybe you know how many skeins or yards you tend to use for a given project, but don’t know how to translate that to ounces? We’ve got lots of tools to help.

We specialize in budget-friendly, custom knitting and weaving yarn on cones, here at Portland’s only DIY yarn shop. Bring in your patterns, your inspirations, and ideas and we’ll help you come up with the right yarn for your project.


Mon - Sun:
11:00AM - 06:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

I had a great experience in Yarnia, the clerk was very helpful and informative. She made some great recommendations and was very helpful. As another person posted, this shop is not handicap accessible with navigating stairs down to the shop from the parking lot. I blended a beautiful bambo/acrylic blend and can not wait to start my sweater that I purchased it for. It is best to go in with an idea of what you are wanting patternwise, although they do have shop model and pattern books available.


by avila629 on Wednesday, May 02 2012 at 06:22PM CDT

The prices are amazing. The choices can be overwhelming except there are handy swatches on every cone. The main problem was the snotty help- she acted like we were a complete inconvenience to her and was barely civil! I was shocked as we were there with an open mind and a complete yarn lust! lol That said, I did buy a cone of my making which made up into an absolutely gorgeous scarf that has generated a ton of compliments. AND the comment about the yarns coming off at a different rate due to the differing elasticities is completely accurate. I had the same problem but worked my way around it. Will I go back? Yes, but I plan on calling the owner and recommend she have "a talk" with the help. Oh- one more thing, this place is below grade and NOT handicap-accessible. Not an issue for me but it could be for some folks. There is a small flight of stairs to navigate.


by edenkitty on Friday, Mar 18 2011 at 05:22AM CDT

Visited them recently on the 2011 PDX Knit Crawl! My sister and I visited all twenty stores in two days! I've been to Yarnia before, and made a cone of my very own yarn!

The DIY aspect of this store is really quite fun, and the concept is nifty, but I really didn't like knitting with the fiber. I feel cones are pretty unwieldy and if you get a blend of yarns like I did, they don't necessarily come of the cone in even winds, because they can have a different elasticity. I think if their machine had an ability to add a twist to the yarn, so that your separate fiber choices were plied with each other, I'd like knitting with it more. That being said, the piece I have, and most of those I've seen from other knitters who have taken the plunge have a great drape to them, that you don't see from your standard yarns.

I give them my "Most DIY" award, because seriously, where else can you do something so unique?


by misodiva on Wednesday, Jun 16 2010 at 01:24PM CDT

I found this shop a bit too overwhelming. There are so many combinations that I just didn't really know what to put together. Also the yarn feels more like thick threads and are wound on a cone together. There was no twist, so when you are knitting it you would have to keep them held together. Also it was difficult to put together something more than a fingering weight as the wool yarns are quite thin. It is cozy and a good idea, but just not for me.


by Bahar on Wednesday, Nov 25 2009 at 11:47PM CST

I didn't know about this forum to leave reviews, or I would jumped at the opportunity so much sooner.

I went to the store some time ago. My schedule was such that I happened to visit when they had their closed days, but when I did go there I went totally nuts. Really nice fibers for super cheap. Yes it's intimidating, but it was so cool to get alpaca fiber woven in with some silver thread. Then the woman who works there took out her calculator and did this extraordinarily complicated calculation, taking ratios of yarn used with combination of other yarns and voila, I had my cone in hand for a fraction of what I would have paid elsewhere. I'm happy. Thank you. :)


by lizberry81 on Tuesday, Nov 24 2009 at 02:21PM CST

I actually was more impressed with the idea of this store than it's execution... I mean, the advertisment says to MAKE your own yarn. What you actually are is picking a bunch of yarn to be wound on a cone together. There's no force that actually holds the yarn together... it's just like knitting from more than one source held together.

I created my yarn and was thrilled... until I started using it. Unless your tension is perfect, some strands are going to end up all loose. I gave up trying to knit with it because it got all tangled up coming off of the cone.


by clumsygrrl on Saturday, Oct 03 2009 at 06:00AM CDT

Amazing atmosphere and great customer service!!!

Will visit many times!


by symphony91 on Monday, Aug 10 2009 at 01:59PM CDT

Making my own custom blend of yarn was even more fun than I'd thought it would be, and the prices really are surprisingly low-definitely lower than what you'd pay for a standard premade yarn with the same fiber content! Vistited during sock summit, so they were understandably swamped and backed up, but the staff did their absolute best to get my yarn made up and into my hands, including delivering it to the convention center the next two days and arranging dropoffs with customers via ravelry pm. It was a very positive experience, and they handled the buisiness overload of sock summit very well.


by heidi on Tuesday, Jul 07 2009 at 03:50PM CDT

the service is outstanding, and i mean outstanding! the owner was so helpful when i went in and made me feel very welcome. and the yarns, oh my, it was insane! i spent so much time playing with color and fiber, i have rarely had so much fun in a yarn store. they also have pre-made cones in various weights and colors in case you don't have the time or inspiration to create your own. just all-around wonderful.


by pinktiburon on Friday, Oct 31 2008 at 05:43PM CDT

This is easily the coolest idea EVER. The owner was awesome and helpful and is clearly a genius, even my boyfriend was excited to look around and play in this store, which means a lot as we have been to 4 yarn stores that day before getting there. :) I got a beautiful bamboo blend and went out so happy I could pop.


by Amanda Whitmire on Sunday, Aug 17 2008 at 01:25PM CDT

There's nothing else like this store around - go try it out! I had a blast creating my own yarn.


by Anonymous on Friday, Aug 15 2008 at 11:29AM CDT

Love this store! Really cool idea, great selection of fibers and Lindsey is great to work with-I bought SIX cones my first time in!


by minnamade on Tuesday, Aug 12 2008 at 11:01AM CDT

Going to this store is like cooking without a recipe for the first time. It's a bit scary and intimidating... there are a lot of unknowns, but Lindsey is super helpful and the example swatches really help to explain how things will look knit up.

And man oh man you can't beat the deal of getting it all in one continuous cone!


by Spotnik on Tuesday, May 27 2008 at 05:44PM CDT

This store is seriously amazing. Loads of choices of fibers, gorgeous colors and Lindsey, the owner is wonderful!! And yes, I am one of those who was very pleasantly surprised by the prices here.


by Mousewrites on Saturday, May 24 2008 at 06:22PM CDT

Yarnia is not only awesome if you like to play with colors and textures, but Lindsey (the owner) is SUPER helpful. Also, they're the masters of reverse sticker shock; you make this HUGE cone of yarn with bamboo and Alpacha (well, that's what I got today), and it comes to $17. I saw a woman there today make up the yarn for a sweater, take it to the register, and then exclaim to the crowd "Why didn't you tell me this was so cheap?!" and then go back for *3* more cones of yarn.



by Anonymous on Thursday, May 08 2008 at 05:27PM CDT

I visited the shop during the first few weeks they were open and they had a huge selection. I found some nice wool yarn and blending a combo of cream colors for my yarn. I was making gloves with flaps and wasn't sure how much I needed. (Wasn't really planning on buying yarn that day). The owner was super helpful and I had the perfect amount of yarn for the gloves.


by goodfruit on Sunday, Apr 13 2008 at 10:20AM CDT

Love the idea of creating a customized blend, but the selection seemed pretty picked over...the owner is very helpful and I will visit again

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