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Yarn Diva & More

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 12 years ago / Last Updated over 6 years ago

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Welcome to Yarn Diva. Come visit our shop located at 428 Hillsdale Avenue, Hillsdale, New Jersey.

It's pure eye candy!! The shop is filled with beautiful, luscious yarns, free patterns are available as well as all accessories for knitting and crocheting.

Stop by and let the yarns embrace you - let your imagination run wild - make something wonderful!


10:00AM - 05:00PM
12:00PM - 06:00PM
Thu - Sat:
10:00AM - 05:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

The Yarn Diva is FABULOUS! Her selection of yarns is vast and her prices are terrific! The staff is friendly and helpful - the sales are great. A small shop but jam-packed with yummy yarns and knitting accessories.


by Carol on Wednesday, Aug 25 2010 at 08:48PM CDT

I recently went to The Yarn Diva after much searching for double pointed needles. They had them and other items I has a hard time locating. Their yarn is is unlike the craft stores, a far superb quality.The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly. I had a long trip and found it worth my time. I look forward to my next visit to The Yarn Diva.

Ringwood NJ


by PassionKNITly on Monday, May 18 2009 at 01:05PM CDT

Wow. I didn't know of all the crazy drama that was going on with this store until I got to this page!

I ordered from them via telephone and found their service to be quite superb, helpful and friendly.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Mar 05 2009 at 04:30PM CST

It's a pretty well stock store. Although some of the yarns can be purchase at Michael's,AC Moore or Walmart. They have great samples of different patterns to view. It all depends on what you are looking for. I believe each store has their own thing or style. Shirl


by Anonymous on Monday, Feb 23 2009 at 08:42AM CST

Terrific store, lovely selection, the owner could not be nicer or more helpful, and most important of all, the prices are terrific. Lowest in the area, lower than you will find online, for some very high end, high quality yarns.


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jan 06 2009 at 12:56PM CST

Great store, very helpful, AnnMarie has a wonderful warm personality.The yarn is beautiful! Helen


by Anonymous on Friday, Dec 26 2008 at 06:14PM CST

I just read all of your reviews and to be honest I LOVE this store and Ann Marie. I am a new knitter (started this year) and have completed 12 different scarfs for my family members as Christmas gifts. I went into Yarn Diva so freguently even sometimes twice a week for help. Ann Marie was wonderful and ALWAYS so helpful. No question or concern was too little. She gave me free patterns and guided me with what wools to buy....she helped me devolpe a love for knitting. Thank You Ann Marie!!!!!!!!!!!


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Dec 02 2008 at 07:19AM CST

They have a great selection of yarn- plain and fancy. They have asked if I need help as soon as I walked in also. I don't need anyone following me around and am capable of asking for help if I need it. As to the other yarn store in Hillsdale, I didn't get help even when I asked nor do they return phone calls. Yarn Diva is far superior.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Nov 29 2008 at 12:11PM CST


I just came here looking for yarn store reviews. I'm remaining anonymous because I don't want to register right now; my name is Amber, so you feel my post has validity.

I APPRECIATE peoples' views, negative or positive to the subject. It helps me decide where to spend my hard earned dollars, both in gas costs to get there and available product selection when I do arrive. I want to know which stores dabble more in novelty, which stores have large square footage and which have small, which stores have a friendly and knowledgeable staff, which stores overprice and raise above MSRP, etc.

I found it to be you who was challenging and mean-spirited. You called people out for having opinions and stating them on a board that was meant for reviewing. You outright insinuated other posters as LIARS because they POSTED on a day the store was not open. A dated post, of course, does not mean a physical visit to said store on that same day. You belittled a poster for needing "to ask the gauge-we all know it's written on the ball band". Yikes! I remember when I fist started knitting, gauge was thoroughly confusing to me, especially if I wanted to switch things up! And finally, you got on a very high horse and basically soap-boxed about reviewing negatively being akin to mean-spiritedness AND that to do so displays a thorough lack of moral compass and requires "internal reflection". Actions do speak louder than words, "my dear" and your actions just make you sound like a plain fascist.

There are enough positive posts about this store for people to glean that this store has more to offer than novelty and bad service. The few negative reviews are fairly balanced with the positive. If anything, the polarity between reviews offers food for thought and a reason to visit.

Stop the nonsense, Julie. You sound like an over-sensitive mother hen who feels the need to control a flock. Let people have their opinions. Who are you? The knitting police?

Be well and lighten up.



by Anonymous on Sunday, Nov 23 2008 at 01:34PM CST

My comments were directed to everyone who is being mean-spirited in general. Not one particular person...if you felt the need to defend yourself-by all means do so. However, it was you who claimed to be in the shop (the owner and/or her daughter are always there-both knitters) and then chose to intentionally go to your computer, go out into the internet and write a negative review. Your actions speak louder than the words for "stopping the nonsense" you created.
In addition, as a yarn shop owner and knitter why do you even need to ask the gauge-we all know it's written on the ball band. Perhaps some internal reflection is in order...I never called out a specific person or business, unlike yourself.
As for anonymous id...I write my first and last name...not an (outdated)ravelry name. So everyone who reads it knows exactly who I am. Actions, my dear, actions speak louder
than words!!
Julie Keating


by zilberfe on Thursday, Nov 20 2008 at 06:22AM CST


Your comment "Perhaps we should be nicer to one another and not mean spirited there is plenty of yarn to go around and your meanspirtitedness will not help your business or your karma".
I was not being mean-spirited. I went into Yarn Diva with a friend, asked about the gauge of a yarn, and was told by the clerk that they did not know what a gauge was. That is a fact, which is very surprising. I am sure that it was just someone filling in, but it is what happened to me and I was very surprised. I have a very good relationship with all the other yarn stores in the area, Pearl River, Montclair, Teaneck, etc... We share yarn, ideas and help each others customers. So please stop this nonsense. At least I don't hide behind an anonymous id.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Nov 06 2008 at 08:54AM CST

I am very impressed with your selection of yarns. As I can see from some of the above postings, people think your store is small, you have novelty yarns and so forth. AnnMarie, they are dead wrong, you have an extremely large selection of the most incredible yarns created. Names mean nothing, fine materials do. When you admire a scarf or sweater you don't ask the person what brand yarn it was knit with, you can tell. I owe you and Dina a lot for taking the time to teach me what the different types are yarns mean. You have a fantastic attitude and a warm welcome. Keep up the good work.


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Oct 28 2008 at 07:45AM CDT

All I have to say to the nay-sayers is that the store isn't even open on Sundays so I find it interesting that you would say the things you did about the store when you weren't even there.
Also, as a frequent customer I find that the Diva is helpful, fun and extremely knowledgable. Any questions I ask she answers. She carries an amazing selection and willing to order whatever requested. She has a ton of malabrigo, claudia handpainted and many other yarns that are not novelty...in fact there were few novelty yarns. Perhaps we should be nicer to one another and not mean spirited there is plenty of yarn to go around and your meanspirtitedness will not help your business or your karma.
Julie Keating


by Anonymous on Sunday, Oct 26 2008 at 05:31AM CDT

I don't like the store. The "diva" is not helpful at all. Mostly novelty yarns.


by Anonymous on Sunday, Oct 26 2008 at 05:26AM CDT

I went in there one day and nobody helped me for about half an hour. Besides, they didn't even have all that much yarn inside. The store was really small too. I don't think I'm missing out on anything


by Anonymous on Thursday, Oct 23 2008 at 03:02PM CDT

You don't know what you are missing! The "Diva's " shop is very unique ,.fantastic with yarns GALORE, Be prepared to spend some time there to see the surprises,meet the Diva..A warm friendly lady and OH YES don't forget your knitting.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Oct 23 2008 at 08:02AM CDT

Very interesting yarn and accessories. Good prices. Owner is very knowledgeable, helpful, fun, and makes a visit to her store an enjoyable experience. The decor of the store adds to the fun shopping experience. It's a place to bring a project , sit for awhile and enjoy your craft with an owner who is creative and fun to visit. I think comment by zilberfe was a ploy to discourage business since she owns her own yarn shop in the same town.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Oct 02 2008 at 02:28PM CDT

i went in there and was not impressed. i also heard of another store in hillsdale called creative knitworks, i'll go and check it. a lot of people say it is really cool and the help is awesome


by Anonymous on Monday, Sep 22 2008 at 05:07PM CDT

This is my all time FAVORITE yarn store...I won't buy from anyone else. The selection is out of this world and the staff friendly, knowledgable and treat you like family. No question is ever too trival, no project is ever too small and if you just stop in to say hi you're not strongarmed into making a purchase. RUN to YARN DIVA--you won't be disappointed!


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Sep 03 2008 at 03:55PM CDT

A friend kept telling me I had to go check out the Yarn Diva in Hillsdale. She wasn't kidding that it would be worth the trip from Clifton. The selection was tremendous, the shop is full of eye candy, didn't know where to look first, and the people couldn't have been more helpful. New great place to shop and visit.


by Anonymous on Monday, Sep 01 2008 at 09:59AM CDT

The Diva just moved into a new space, right next door to her original store. It is bigger, more stock, and has a great table in the back to sit and learn, and knit and chat. I had a great time there and will definitely make this my new favorite yarn store!


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Aug 20 2008 at 09:09AM CDT

Just went to see the Diva's new store, all I can say is WOW! Definitely a great selection and the Diva herself is great. This is my new favorite place to buy yarn :)


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Aug 12 2008 at 08:25PM CDT

Maybe the person in there when the April 5th person went in was just helping out b/c when I went in there the woman knew her stuff. And its not mostly novelty yarn. I actually got a great Rio de la Plata yarn there that I couldn't find in other LYSs. The store small, cute, and rocks~ The Grimm Witch of Jersey


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jul 02 2008 at 05:56AM CDT

The Diva couldn't be nicer or more helpful even with a project not purchased at her store. Nice variety of yarns. Pretty store, with lots of unique novelties.


by zilberfe on Saturday, Apr 05 2008 at 10:26PM CDT

The person working in the store did not know what a "Gauge" was. Give me a break. Tiny store, mostly novelty yarn.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Mar 29 2008 at 04:01PM CDT

Small shop, but good prices and fairly good selection. The people were friendly and helpful.

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