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Yarn Barn

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 7 years ago

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Other Crafts Classes Seating Snacks/Refreshments Wifi Spinning Supplies Chain Store


Supplies for spinning, weaving, knitting, crocheting and dyeing.


Mon - Wed:
09:30AM - 05:30PM
09:30AM - 08:00PM
Fri - Sat:
09:30AM - 05:30PM
01:00PM - 04:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Downtown Lawrence is immediately north of Central Middle School; when school lets out the middle school kids spend time downtown and many stores experience hordes of shoplifters. I've never had a bad experience with the store staff, even when my kids were younger and accompanied me. A great selection of yarns, although no Noro and I'm not sure why (I asked once and the response seemed as if they hated Noro yarns but did not elaborate). That's probably best for my wallet, however. It isn't, however, a sit and knit, chatty sort of place, which is fine by me, honestly. When I've walked into those sorts of shops, when people are sitting around knitting and chatting I feel as if I'm intruding.


by pumpkin on Sunday, Jan 15 2012 at 04:31PM CST

I agree with previous statements that the store has a great selection, but the time I visited I did not feel welcomed or comfortable in the store. As a younger knitter I'm very offended by LYS staff who treat me with suspicion just because of my age. If I decide to come back I hope that I'm not followed around like a potential shoplifter again...


by Marilyn Carr on Tuesday, Nov 29 2011 at 08:54PM CST

I am looking for Fiesta La Boheme yarn Makes a beautiful scarf!!!


by Pam Schultz on Thursday, Oct 06 2011 at 03:06AM CDT

I have been shopping regularly at this store for over 15 years. I have never had a bad experience in Yarn Barn. I have always found the staff helpful. Ok, so they don't mob you the second you walk in the door, but I have always been happy with the staff. I don't have a problem with the no touching policy on the wheels, because when I want to see one, they help me, and I know that I can actually assess the wheel because it is in proper trim and tension.

The selection is marvelous, I get fantastic ideas from the samples, in short, I love the place, which is why I am in there at least twice a month. If I have a problem with a pattern, I can bring in my work, and they will help me figure it out.

The person who said no one knits in there, must just be missing them, because there is often a group knitting when I am shopping.

I hope I will be able to shop at Yarn Barn for the next 15 years and more!

Pam Schultz


by historianlaura on Thursday, Jun 16 2011 at 11:25PM CDT

They have a good selection but not great service. They don't put price stickers on the actual skeins of yarn so you have to hunt for the price on the shelf.


by lizberry81 on Tuesday, Nov 24 2009 at 02:26PM CST

I went here truly intending to buy a wheel, but didn't even touch one even though I am an avid spinner (see previous comments about 'no touching' policy) I felt truly intimidated by the staff when it came to the spinning supplies.

The selection was fantastic though - the yarn AND the fibers. I literally had to drag myself and my friend out because every time we went to check out, we'd see something else we wanted.

I came away with as many bags of fiber as I could carry.

So, yes, they score VERY high on everything, but customer service.


by kansasienne on Saturday, Jul 11 2009 at 03:09AM CDT

I had a wonderful experience when I went in with a friend and my infant daughter a couple of weeks ago. I went on a Saturday afternoon in the height of summer - it seemed like town was absolutely crazy during KU freshman orientation.

It couldn't have been a better experience.

I wanted to try out some spinning wheels because I'm interested in starting to spin, and the sales clerk that I encountered couldn't have been more polite, helpful or patient. She took down four wheels for me to try out, helped me out when I screwed up while drafting fiber, and gave me some great advice. She also told me that although they didn't have certain models available to try in which I was interested, one should feel free to call ahead to see what will be in the store and they will be happy to assemble a wheel if it's not already out on the sales floor. For what it's worth, I was sure I'd have to suck it up and spin some fiber from my miniscule stash while trying wheels - there was a big washtub full of fiber to try out free of charge!

Great selection of yarn, books, dyes and spinning supplies. I will definitely be back to try things out again.


by Anonymous on Monday, Jan 19 2009 at 11:18PM CST

Wow. Nothing is more disappointing to me than children not being welcomed into knitting stores...at the store I work at, we LOVE the kids. The rowdier the better :) I'm driving through KS, and was researching stores to go drop a pocket of money in, but this one's a no-go after the kids unwelcome comment. Thanks for the tip!


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jan 14 2009 at 08:58AM CST

The owners are wonderful, but the customer service by the people on the floor is greatly lacking. The store can feel like a library, rather than a yarn shop. Usually, in a knitting shop with seating, there are people around knitting. Not here. Even talking seems discouraged. Just a weird vibe.

They have a weird no touching policy when it comes to the wheels, even the standard Ashfords. Basically, you have to be a spinner to touch them, which is not encouraging to people who might be interested in starting into the craft. These things are pricey for a reason, they don't break!

The owners have been very friendly and helpful, especially when it comes to repairing wheels and finding information. The staff can either be friendly (rare) or treat you like an idiot, even if you are an experienced crafter. I always feel dumb when I go in there, despite being an avid spinner and knitter. I'm learning to weave and haven't felt comfortable enough to go in and ask questions, which is a shame.

I've stopped going in with my kids, because of an obvious disdain for them by one of the employees. My four year old knows about wheels and is almost spinning, however, when she approached a wheel, not even touching it, she was told to back off. With this particular employee knowing less about spinning than my daughter.

I love the owners, but they are never on the floor. It would be worth their while to invest in some sort of customer service training, even for their older employees.


by Kirsten Richards on Thursday, Mar 13 2008 at 09:19PM CDT

This place is HUGE, with a fantastic selection. I only visited once, and maybe the service wasn't representative. I felt uncomfortable about the way I was approached about my assistance dog. This is a personal thing, but it felt too big, if that makes sense. Like being in a department store instead of a yarn shop. I just didn't feel the coziness I usually feel in a yarn shop and didn't feel compelled to visit just for social knitting.


by MamaMay on Sunday, Oct 07 2007 at 03:06PM CDT

Growing up this was MY fiber store. I didn't know of a single store that sold roving and silk spinning fiber anywhere closer. In fact this is where my father bought me my first spinning wheel as a surprise fr my 13th birthday!


by DragonCelt on Monday, Oct 01 2007 at 11:59AM CDT

Service can be hit or miss. Sometimes people are very friendly, upbeat, and helpful but sometimes they will pretend that you don't even exist and will go out of their way to ignore you.

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