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Added by Yarn-green_2304_micro celindak over 12 years ago / Last Updated over 6 years ago

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Beautiful yarn, displayed by color, help available for your purchased projects any time the store is open.


Mon - Sun:
10:00AM - 07:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

I loved the way the yarn was displayed by color - visually it was very attractive, however it was not easy to find a specific yarn by weight or brand as in other stores. I never did see any sock yarn - and most of the yarn was VERY pricey. There were a lot of lovely shop samples for sweater knitters. and the sales person explained that their mission was to enable anyone to knit a garment that fit and flattered them. Since I don't live in the area, that wouldn't help me, but I think it is a great service if it actually works


by Tina Peterson on Friday, Feb 24 2012 at 09:58PM CST

After a long hiatus from knitting I have recently returned to it. I shopped at Tricoter in my previous knitting life (about 10 years ago) and called them today for help in blocking a vest with yarn I bought then that I just knit and finished. They were delightfully polite and encouraging and gave me many useful tips which I followed - all this over the phone and free - and the project looks now great. It is an unusual shape so this was quite a challenge. I asked about sock knitting classes. They explained that they don't have them, but, if you buy yarn there they will see you through any project anytime you come in needing help. This is great as many stores these days won't even answer a technical question for 2 minutes if you have bought $200 worth of yarn there! I have had this experience 2x of late! The sales lady at Tricoter doesn't know who I am - we have never met and she was very helpful.

I don't think they care what you are wearing or how you look or whether you buy 2 balls of yarn for a hat or enough for a full sweater. I know plenty of people who drop in there to knit after an exercise session wearing sweats and look anything but fancy at the time! And they say they are well treated. Another thing that makes me look forward to returning to the store. Good word of mouth.

I found Tricoter most helpful in the past. And I look forward to shopping there again after the very helpful and friendly service I received over the phone today. I live quite far away so cannot visit there often, but I wish I lived just down the street! Since I finally have some time to knit in my life again!

I also love the way they arrange their yarn by color!

As for children - they taught both my sons how to knit! When they were very young. Aged 6 and 8! Quite patiently and successfully. We have bought yarn there but we haven't spent outrageous amounts of money by anyone's standards. As a result these boys learned about hand knits and beautiful fibers from the start and have continued to knit even though they now live in NYC and LA. We can thank Tricoter for this! They are grown up now but still tell people stories about this when someone admires something they are wearing that they knit themselves! One of them even knits for his two small children and proudly claims that they have never worn any sweaters or caps that are not hand knits. One of our fun experiences was modeling the hand knits we made with yarn bought at Tricoter in a fashion show they put on for the store. The boys modeled their own knits and the applause brought down the house. This encouraged them to keep on knitting.

As for their prices - they charge the going rates for the types of yarns they carry and it is wonderful that someone is stocking the more unusual and beautiful yarns they carry instead of the boring and mundane "affordable" ones. Whatever that means! You can go to any old store for that whereas Tricoter is a jewel box for finer yarns.

As a business owner I will also explain that one cannot be everything for everyone. Tricoter is a specialty shop presented to the community at huge effort and expense by the owners and this is hard work. WE are lucky they feel the calling and desire to do this.


by bdrager on Monday, Oct 24 2011 at 11:04PM CDT

It takes quite a bit for me to post a negative review of a yarn shop, but unfortunately my experience at Tricoter was a very negative one. I was treated very rudely by a sales clerk there. I brought my very well behaved 9 year old niece with me. She held up a skein of alpaca to me and said, "Feel how soft!"

At this point a saleswoman very loudly yelled, "That's VERY expensive yarn and I DON'T think that is what YOU'RE looking for, little girl."

Stunned, I quietly said, "Why don't you just put it back where you found it," when the woman interrupted me and yelled,

"I can put it back FOR her."

My niece, cool as ever, just looked at the woman and said, "I've got it," and calmly set it back down.

We left right away, and unfortunately, they've lost a customer for life. Not to mention that I tell this story to all of my local knitting buddies. People have no idea how rudeness spreads.

In addition to that craziness, all of the salespeople there were quite cold, and I have to agree with other posters that even though it looks pretty cool when you walk in to have things arranged by color, when it comes to practicality this is actually a big problem. Just seems like snobbery to me.


by anonymous on Friday, Feb 12 2010 at 03:45AM CST

The staff here is notoriously rude. I went in once and was treated so poorly I never returned (this is the only time I have EVER blacklisted a store). I'm sure some of them are very sweet, but it's a gamble. Also, separating the yarn by color looks nice but is totally impractical. I would not recommend Tricoter.


by garngamen on Wednesday, Jul 08 2009 at 08:43PM CDT

I had hoped this yarnshop would fulfill my dream (reading the reviews and based on recommendation) but I found it extremly hard to locate interesting yarn, since they were based on colour (and I could not select by type, brand or quality). When I visited, the people was constantly packing up yarn, but all yarn I was interested in was out. Im sure it has a great selection when filled, but I got a bit unwilling with the over the top prices. Nice area though, and husband thanks especially for the bench outside. But a bit "over-crowded". People, packages, and no space to move or make a decision. I just felt overwhelmed and I NEVER do that. So a bit overrated is my conclusion.


by monochromaticgirl on Thursday, Jun 25 2009 at 02:21PM CDT

I visited Tricoter on a business trip a few years back. They have a wonderful selection, and the fact that they carry Socks That Rock was what drew me in. I had never tried it, so I bought the few colors that they had, and as soon as the woman helping me knew that that was what I wanted, she started pushing very expensive yarns on me. She didn't know my taste beyond the interest in STR, so everything was CASHMERE! and NOVELTY!, and it left a very sour taste in my mouth. I spent a good deal of money here and got some wonderful stuff that I really love, but the incredibly pushy salesperson and a less than stellar email exchange with them about a sale they were having for members of their e-newsletter, and I would hesitate to go back in the future.


by WireWoman on Wednesday, May 27 2009 at 10:03PM CDT

Well, when I get good enough to get the cashmere for the little neck scarf, I'll try here or at Churchmoust on Bainbridge Island. Nearly all of the yarn here was priced out of my range, but I enjoyed looking at the gorgeous colors and palpating the beautiful fibers. The examples are just stunning.
I had little money to spend (and unfortunately looked it - too close to laundry day!) but I didn't detect more than a momentary hesitation from staff when I asked questions and took my very modest purchases to the counter. They also have very tiny wooden 10 inch needles, and I really needed those. The needle selection could be better, but maybe I caught them on a re-stock weekend.
Small but well-chosen selection of knitting books. Many attractive patterns in the binders.
I too am a minority, and I confess that after a few weird experiences at LYS I have gotten a sour taste about this - but I think the sidelong looks I was getting were more about my attire than my color. I wasn't wearing anything stunningly handknit (I'd been knitting only a couple of months when I visited) and I was carrying three bags. I probably didn't look like I had much of anything. Well, I didn't - but I did find what I was looking for and had a marvelous time viewing the fibers and admiring the outstanding samples. Many very accomplished knitters (dare I say, affluent?) visit this store. It's worth a visit just to overhear their conversation and watch them generating complex stuff a million miles a minute!



by beemergirl on Thursday, May 14 2009 at 10:01PM CDT

Beautiful store and the staff were spectacular. They were very helpful and encouraging to a new knitter that had just walked in after I did. Fabulous buttons too.


by Anonymous on Sunday, Mar 01 2009 at 09:25AM CST

I have never had an issue at Tricoter. I would point out that the previous anonymous poster could have said something or asked for help. Just standing there doesn't usually get one service in an customer service environment. Please. If you need help, ask for it. It's just yarn. And as far as snobbery goes: I have never experienced anything of the sort, and I am a minority as well. Walk in an be friendly, and they will return the favor!


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jan 13 2009 at 03:45PM CST

I have been in this store twice, several years apart. Both times, I was treated rudely. I was basically ignored, even though I was standing there, obviously needing assistance. I felt that the people there thought that maybe I looked like I didn't have enough money to be shopping there. Maybe it was because I am a minority. They probably didn't realize that I was a lawyer, with some money to spend. I will never go back there. They are snobs.


by Anonymous on Sunday, Nov 16 2008 at 07:00AM CST

I lived in the Montlake neighborhood of Seattle for 15 years, and this is, by far, THE BEST LYS in the city. The selection is outstanding, the samples provide inspiration, and the ladies around the table are fabulous. I've shopped for yarn in NYC, San Francisco, and Atlanta / Charlotte where I now live, and nothing beats this shop. If you have an opportunity, head over to the Madison Park neighborhood, have lunch down by the lake, and set aside s few hours to visit this fabulous place!

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