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The Weaving Works

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 2 years ago

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We are a yarn and fiber arts school and online store located in Lynnwood, WA. We've been supplying, teaching and supporting fiber artists and enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest and beyond since 1974.

We are still operating as an online shop, so please only visit us if you have signed up for a class, scheduled an order pickup, or are coming to a pop-open day. All of these things can be found on our calendar (please check the store's website).

We look forward to continuing to help you learn, find and source what you need along your fiber arts path.


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Comments and Reviews


by on

Seems to have the largest stock of undeyed yarns and even fleeces! If you are a spinner or dyer, this is the shop to visit.


by turtlemoose on Saturday, Aug 11 2012 at 01:43PM CDT

Excellent selection and inclusive of many fiber arts!


by NWLady on Friday, Jun 01 2012 at 05:09PM CDT

Thoroughly enjoyed visiting this shop with my friend and our daughters. Lovely selection, nice samples and easy no hassle shopping. Found the staff to be helpful and kind.


by skyewall on Sunday, Mar 11 2012 at 03:28AM CDT

Was glad I made my guys stop by here to check this shop out while travelling. Bought some lovely weaving yarn (on cone) and after knitting it into a scarf this was beautiful. Once I washed it the yarn bloomed and softened it was a very pleasant transition (I was told it would but hadn't ever experienced it before). Loved the fiber selection for spinning too!


by edenkitty on Friday, Mar 18 2011 at 07:15AM CDT

Today I visited this shop, and you can believe I'll be back, and I'm no where NEAR local. I plan on making the 3+ hour drive to come back here.

What can't I say? They had a ton of great yarn choices, which I fondled for exactly five minutes, when, while being distracted by the lush undyed yarn, and seeing all the coned yarns (which are sold by the ounce) I noticed the FIBER.

Oh my god. The Fiber. I've heard people have been moved to tears by something of beauty, and that's exactly what happened. I had to hide for a moment in the basket weaving section (yes you read that right, a BASKET weaving section!) to regain my composure, which I'm not sure I did very well. I saw fibers there I've only ever seen in pre-spun yarn, SeaCell, and Tencel, and FireStar, and superwash Merino, and Nylon for spinning the list goes on! They had a huge selection of pre-dyed and pre-mixed fiber too! I've honestly never seen so much fiber! They had processed locks, and minimally processed ones as well (read kinda sticky).

With such a fiber selection you'd assume that they have a higher price point, and you'd be wrong! The prices on their fiber, while a large range, were so amazing! I bought six ounces of fiber without even batting an eyelash, and as I already said, I'm going to do it again.

The staff here were friendly, chatty (in the most amazing way), and even understanding of my micro-melt-down in the basket weaving area. They knew just not about the Seattle area but also of the Portland and outlying areas as well. I was able to reminisce of days and shops gone by, with people who had experienced them. Did I also mention that in an area of pay to park meters, they had a pretty large parking area!


by PassionKNITly on Sunday, May 09 2010 at 12:30AM CDT

I almost didn't want to go here because I wasn't sure if it really was focused on yarn since the name of the store specifically mentions knitting and I didn't really want anything on cones. I must say, I'm REALLY glad I went here! Don't let the name fool you, the knitting selection in this store is BIG! They have a HUGE collection of books and TONS of yarn for any kind of project you'd want to knit. I was there for their Mother's Day sale, and it was pretty awesome!


by garngamen on Wednesday, Jul 08 2009 at 08:36PM CDT

Selection of yarn, fibers and books is exquisite, yarnprices high. But THE shop in my opinion of Seattle for a yarncollector.


by WireWoman on Wednesday, May 27 2009 at 10:11PM CDT

Very broad selection of everything you'll need, including a nice comprehensive bunch of needles (they have more than one brand of straights, and for that I give them a thumbs-up).
I probably won't be visiting any more except to look at their books (they have the BEST and most comprehensive knitting book selection I've found in over 20 LYS in Seattle) - the prices for their yarns have slowly gone up until nearly everything is out of my current range. At a recent sale, they off-loaded all of the workable inexpensive cotton yarns, and that pretty much put the kibosh on my shopping for yarn there, with summer ahead and so on.
That said, the staff is very busy but helpful, and no one pressured me to do anything or to buy anything.
It's becoming a bit like Tricoter in the pricing, but their class selection is varied and interesting. When I take the plunge to learn spinning, I will definitely sign up for a class. Interestingly, the class prices seem reasonable, although (in my opinion) many of the yarn prices are not.



by beemergirl on Thursday, May 14 2009 at 10:05PM CDT

Arrived late afternoon on the first day of the 09 LYStour. I was greeted warmly and encouraged to look around. I enjoyed the selection of fibers and the layout of the store. Did not feel crowded.


by 17462m on Saturday, Feb 07 2009 at 04:40PM CST

I have only visited here a few times, however, I have always found the staff to be friendly and helpful and the selection out of this world.
This is definitely a shop to visit when you are in Seattle.


by MatkaZ on Saturday, Sep 13 2008 at 01:08PM CDT

Weaving Works always has what I need whether it's fibers, knitting supplies, books, patterns, or advice. They always have an interesting variety of classes. The instructors in the classes I've taken are knowledgeable, patient, and encouraging. My experience with the staff has been uniformly positive. They're always willing to answer questions of solve problems. What I especially appreciate that fact that they don't hover while I shopping. They give me the space shop at my own pace.


by kalama on Thursday, Jul 24 2008 at 05:11PM CDT

I always stop in @ Weaving Works when in Seattle and have had them send me supplies when I'm stuck at home. Love their selection and tools


by fbz on Friday, Mar 21 2008 at 12:46PM CDT

great place for spinning fiber: i got a bunch of stuff that i could pet in person before purchasing (soysilk, icelandic wool, tussah silk top, angelina sparkle, etc). i really enjoyed browsing this store.


by mightbekatrina on Friday, Mar 07 2008 at 10:12AM CST

This is my favorite LYS! Worth coming to every time for the selection and great atmosphere. The staff are always wonderful and helpful - they even remember what projects I'm working on and ask me about them when I come in. It feels like an extension of my house (I wish!)


by Pat Kight on Sunday, Jan 27 2008 at 10:03AM CST

That should, of course, have said "The Weaving Works." I do wish this system allowed one to edit or delete one's own comments...


by Pat Kight on Sunday, Jan 27 2008 at 10:02AM CST

Besides a large selection of dyed yarns, Woodland Woolworks offers undyed yarn in many different weights and fibers by the cone, and allow you to wind off as much as you need. Yes, the service can be a little laissez faire, but if you know what you want, it's the serious fiber artist's heaven.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jan 02 2008 at 01:10PM CST

Not good service at all even if you're buying big ticket items unless you use Suzanne or Christine, they're the only ones there (besides newbies) who don't give you snotty better than thou attitudes.


by burningpaper on Tuesday, Dec 11 2007 at 02:09PM CST

This is probably my favorite local store. They have a great selection of yarn, regular, relevant classes and a wealth of knitting and spinning knowledge. I am sure their weaving expert(s) are fantastic as well. Parking can be a challenge during class sessions or when events are going on in the nearby University District, however.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Nov 08 2007 at 03:29PM CST

weaving works is my default "they're gonna have it if anyone does" store and they have the best collection of books and patterns, hands down. there's some interesting "holes" in their stock though....they never seem to have solid colored sock yarn!


by fateofmine on Tuesday, Sep 25 2007 at 09:06PM CDT

I really like Weaving Works because the location is convenient to me, however when I go in, the staff don't seem to want to come out of their little corner. They aren't unfriendly but don't seem to go out of their way to be helpful.

Otherwise, they have a great selection and I always find what I need.


by Lulio on Sunday, Sep 16 2007 at 12:46PM CDT

I love just browsing through all their yarns, especially the sock yarns. The store is also filled with completed projects which helps to inspire me. If you don't get an idea of new projects from those hanging around the store they also have a really nice selection of books and patterns.


by libertysyarn on Saturday, Sep 08 2007 at 03:35PM CDT

Great selection and wonderful service. The only place in town (I know of) to get exotic spinning fibers. And look for the dollar basket - just a great store.

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