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Showers of Flowers - OUT OF BUSINESS

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 12 years ago / Last Updated over 2 years ago

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Wow...what a disappointment. This used to be my go to yarn store. Now it's just sad. The original owner is retired and it doesn't seem like it's been updated in the last 5+ years.

If you are interested in vintage patterns, go here. They have a nice selection of Anny Blatt magazines at original retail price--magazines from the 1980s. They also have quite a bit of yarns that have been discontinued for years--at full retail prices. So if you are interested in spending more money on yarn than you could find on eBay, go here. Lots of Jaeger and Rowan Plaid but still full retail.

On the plus side, it sounded like they updated the stereo system and are no longer playing AM radio. And the dogs are gone.

Other than that, they have nothing current, nothing modern and their sock yarn selection was limited to Cascade and a few skeins of Lorna's Laces in the original put up.

This store needs serious updating. Otherwise, it's just tired and sad, like an old house waiting to be demolished.


by meliann75 on Tuesday, Mar 01 2011 at 06:20PM CST

I recently stopped in the shop during a visit to the Denver area. I'm surprised to read the negative reviews by some people on this post. My experience was really good. The owner could not have been nicer to me and was helpful but not hovering. The selection of yarn is nice with mostly lower to moderately priced yarns and a few luxury lines mixed in. Contrary to the last post by "Wendy" the store is NOT Wal-Mart like ... not unless your Wal-Mart carries Cascade, Classic Elite, Louet and some slightly higher-end cashmere blends. The atmosphere is that of an older store. You won't find an espresso bar and trendy furniture in here like you might in some newer more urban shops.

They also have a nice selection of buttons and a room off to the side full of sale yarns. The only minor nit I have about the store is that they have a lot of older patterns in stock, not as many newer patterns available (unless I just didn't see them).

As for children ... I can understand why the owner or employees would feel some anxiety about having kids running around in the store. I've seen plenty of children gone wild in stores grabbing and rearranging things, while their parents look the other way.

Long story short ... everyone experiences things differently. I personally liked this shop, but others may not. I've also heard a story from a local friend about some "mommy mafia" group of women who have made it their mission to trash the reputation of this store. If that's true, then I'm guessing some of these reviews are from some of those women. So, read those negative reviews with a grain of salt and visit the place yourself to make your own determination.


by Wendy on Friday, Jan 29 2010 at 12:38PM CST

i have compared the selection at this shop to being walmart-like. if you can think of it, it's probably there. that's about the only thing this shop has going for it.

ooommmggg. the thing with kids... i'm so with you all on this. i don't know what this chick's issue is with little ones, but she has something against them. my baby stayed with me, in my arms, the entire time we were there and i still got the carebear stare from her on more than one occasion. my husband came and got the baby from me later and after my daughter and husband had left, the woman started *gossiping* with me about her employees. i'd never met her before! not only that, but when she was through, her employees started gossiping with me about *her*. i felt like i'd stumbled into a den of iniquity.

there was this one chick, however, that was wearing the most awesome bright orange crocheted cardigan i think ive ever seen in my life. she was a little bit older than the rest and seemed to be above all that nonsense. she was the only one that actually *helped* me while i was there, and didn't care that i crochet. :) i called her the yoda lady.

the owner actually told me "when i first opened, i catered to the crochet crowd, but then it started costing me too much money. it's just not worth it." i told her that i was considering the possibility of opening my own yarn shop. she said "don't. it's not worth it. if i had known 20 years ago that it would be like this, i wouldn't have done it, but i can't close now." real vote of confidence there, lady.

also, around here, most shops offer ball winding as a service. if you don't have a ball winder at home, they do it for you. usually it's free, but sometimes, there's like a $1/skein fee, but that usually only applies if they're really busy. it's very reasonable. don't even *ask* about that at this shop. i overheard two of the employees making fun of me after i asked about it. i was in denver on vacation and did not have a ball winder in my hotel, so i asked if someone could wind my *five skeins of yarn* (or, in business terms, my $58 of yarn) for me. i was told that they didn't do that there and, as i left, i heard them laughing to each other saying "come on, it's not that hard to just wind it yourself".


by jengldr on Sunday, May 03 2009 at 02:15PM CDT

This shop had lots to see... There were actually knitted flowers.
I sort of felt like I had stepped back in time though.
I probably won't be going back. It just wasn't my type of yarn store...


by janbie on Thursday, Mar 12 2009 at 10:44PM CDT

Funny thing...I guess I've never encountered tbe rudeness in the service others have written about here. Anyone who has helped me has always been friendly. And yes, you simply cannot beat the selection of yarn. It's really to the point of overwhelming. The only time when I brought my kids in there, I made sure they really behaved, and no one seemed to make an issue of it. I haven't been back there in a while, only because I'm trying to regulate the stash and have been a "yarn diet" of sorts.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Mar 12 2009 at 09:54PM CDT

Visited this store when I was in Denver and loved the selection. I received great customer service. Enjoyed seeing the darling dogs. They were very well-behaved. Did not have kids with me, but have seen kids in other stores and it can be distracting for the store owners as well as other customers if they aren't properly supervised, which leads me to say that you can't please everyone. Store policy may make some moms unhappy, but a lax attitude may make other customers unhappy. I would visit again when in the Denver area. I live in a smallish city in Missouir and we have only one store. The owner can be mean even to the 'grown-ups', but she has a captive audience - so enjoy what you have.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Feb 05 2009 at 03:40PM CST

I agree with everyone else in that this store is huge and the selection is tremendous. Despite the pluses, I won't be going back as to my sensitive nose the store smelled! I had my hubby with me and he also thought that the store smelled bad. I don't know if if the smell is from all the natural fibers or if the store needs a big cleaning, but it made the visit unpleasant. I haven't encountered this problem any where else but I also have never seen the huge amount of yarn any where else.

As far as the kids, I work in a store and parents treat it like a local playground. I am concerned about the kids safety but forget about the damage they do. I look at is as a cost of doing business and do not take it personally. It is too bad that these workers/owners don't feel the same way.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Feb 05 2009 at 07:02AM CST

I guess when you spend a bazillion dollars on yarn and Addi needles, things are a little different. I LOVE the selection of yarn at Showers, but I can see how some things might turn people off--the weird Muzak they sometimes play, the kid thing (which I have never witnessed), not being open on Sunday, etc. I've been shopping there a lot lately. It's close to my kid's school and on my established route for errands and other shopping. As a result, I get treated very well. I've been able to return things that they wouldn't normally take back. They have given me extra parts for needle sets FREE, and all the women who work there are quite chatty and helpful. One thing I don't see much in retail anymore: I am ALWAYS thanked profusely when I make a purchase. Remember when most stores did this? This alone keeps me coming back.


by DrKnitter on Wednesday, Sep 24 2008 at 05:45PM CDT

This is the best yarn store I've been in! It has everything you could ever need and basically every kind of yarn out there. I tell everyone I know, knitter or any other, about this place! The only bad attitude I felt was once, when I was looking at one of the Maggie Sefton books on the counter (which they sell and they're great for an easy read) I was told that they didn't like those books because the author writes about Lambspun in Ft. Collins. But I figure the distance between Lakewood and Ft. Collins is so great that it shouldn't really matter.
Also, I'm a dog person, so I love that the dogs are there.


by Ivy on Sunday, Sep 21 2008 at 09:06AM CDT

I find the staff to be sort of distant, but the selection more than makes up for it. I'm not at the store to chat, I'm there because they always have in stock every colorway of Lamb's Priode, Cascade 220 & Superwash, Misti Alpaca, Encore, and much more. The selection really is mind-blowing.


by RobinJ on Tuesday, Sep 16 2008 at 11:46AM CDT

This is one of my go-to stores, not near my home but close by work. Wonderful selection of accessories, yarn, needles, magazines, buttons. I've always been treated very well -- in fact, sometimes I end up staying longer than I meant to because I'm chatting with the staff. They have good bag sales -- I consider that to be when my stash really began. I like that the owner's dogs are in the store but it is too bad people with children feel unwelcome since I'm sure some bad experiences have led to that attitude. The problem with kids in other stores I find is really parents who don't adequately supervise their kids but what parent thinks that applies to them? However, I'm sure there is a more welcoming way to let people know that the store is not a toy store.


by Anonymous on Friday, Aug 08 2008 at 09:42AM CDT

The kids thing? Yeah, not welcome here! My daughter and I were harrassed by the owner twice when I went in, yet she has her precious dogs there...go figure. I was also lied to about the return policy (again, the owner). Will NEVER shop here again, there are way too many great yarns stores in the area that LOVE my child to waste my money on bad attitude and bad customer service.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Aug 06 2008 at 07:01AM CDT

This is one of the best yarn shops I have been to. The selection is great. They had every yarn that I was searching for with a huge selection of colors. The owner was more than willing to help me and was extrememly friendly. Even after I made my purchases, I was allowed to sit on the sofa in front of the fireplace and was made to feel welcome. Although I did not have children of my own, other women with children were in the store and they were treated just as nicely as I was.


by Yarnthing on Tuesday, Jul 29 2008 at 07:46AM CDT

This was the very first yarn store I had ever been in before. So it holds a special place in my heart.

Another person left a comment about children not being welcome. That is very true. Even little babies are a problem. It is best to leave the kids with a sitter before you go to Showers of Flowers. I know this is hard as I have 3 little ones myself but trust me, you do not want to take your kids with you to the shop.

The service there has been helpful to me. Every time I walk in the door I am met with a kind welcome and a "can I help you?".

The selection has no comparison in Colorado. They have more yarn than I have ever seen in one store. If there is a yarn you need chances are that they have it.

I LOVE their selection of books and magazines and patterns. I often find little treasures stashed away there.

I have never taken a class there but I have seen the class room. It is very large and accommodating. I can imagine a class there would be very nice in deed. And I know that the staff is very knowledgeable, especially Jeanie and Ginger.

One of the criticism I have is the smell of the shop. Maybe I am the only one who notices it but I found there to be a weird smell that I just can't place. It is not so strong that I won't go there or that I won't buy yarn there...just something that I noticed.

In the end, I don't go to Showers of Flowers often because of the kid thing (they are almost always with me during the day and the shop is not open at night) but when I do go I often have a nice time. It is worth a trip if you ever find yourself in town!


by Anonymous on Saturday, Jun 28 2008 at 12:54PM CDT

I won't shop at this store. The owner is so unkind to children, even those who are well behaved, that it is shameful. She does herself a disservice, because she seems to have good staff, good stock, and a great space...but her snippy attitude towards kids and her slalker-like behavior if you happen to be unfortunate enough to enter her store with a child are deplorable.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Jun 14 2008 at 10:34AM CDT

I found the person whom I contacted at this store to be veryi helpful and appreciated the advice given thus making my dilemma a solvable problem.


by aineholair on Tuesday, Jun 03 2008 at 10:06AM CDT

I like the very large selection of yarns. The staff was moderately helpful when asked questions, but otherwise, I just enjoyed looking around on my own. The overall feel is less personal than some places I have been.


by Anonymous on Monday, May 26 2008 at 09:12AM CDT

The store is filled with beautiful yarns for sure--but the atmosphere is so stuffy and unfriendly. I only go there when my other store doesn't have what I need


by sherry71 on Tuesday, Sep 11 2007 at 10:02PM CDT

This is a yarn lovers heaven. This store is super HUGE & has a great variety. The only thing negative I would say is that when I bring my daughter in (who is 4 & very well behaved) the owner used to follow us around like she was making sure that my daughter was not going to mess anything up or break anything. I have several friends that have said the same thing. One time she actually "nicely" scolded my daughter because she was getting too close to something....I was standing even closer. I flat out told her that my daughter was fine & wasn't bothering anything....and if she has any problems with my daughter to ask me to talk to my daughter & not have her disciplining her herself.

This comes from a woman who has a special spot in her store for her 2 dogs in a small area that is blocked off with kiddie gates. Isn't she afraid that her doggies may get loose & mess up her store?

I have been back since & she seemed to have mellowed out & actually didn't follow me around. I was pretty surprised. The rest of the employees are great!

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