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Romni Wools

Added by Orange_16_micro vaedri over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 5 years ago

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Romni has over 6000 square feet of yarns and fibers from all over the world. From yarns and fibres produced at local farms to exotic handspun cottons from Africa. We carry the latest imported European yarns and patterns, as well as American, Canadian and hand-spun domestic yarns. We are also a retailer of spinning wheels and looms from Ashford, Lendrum, Louet and Leclerc.

The store is located at Queen St. West and Palmerston, one streetlight west of Bathurst.

To reach our store via the TTC, take the Queen streetcar to Palmerston (just one stop west of Bathurst).


Tue - Wed:
10:00AM - 06:00PM
10:00AM - 08:00PM
Fri - Sat:
10:00AM - 06:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Put this store on your bucket list! If you find yourself anywhere near Toronto, you have to check this place out at least once. Staff were helpful and friendly. They did not assume I didn't knit since I'm a man.


by Kandy Schwandt on Wednesday, Sep 04 2013 at 08:15PM CDT

This shop is huge and both levels are absolutely packed with yarn and books. Yarn from well-known brands and smaller companies, all good quality. Give yourself some time when you visit this shop--it takes a while to see everything and to recover from the sheer volume of beautiful yarn.

This is not a place to hang out and knit. But it is a great place to buy yarn. Well worth the trip.


by Anonymous on Sunday, Aug 18 2013 at 06:30PM CDT

This is by far & away my favourite yarn store EVER! They have so much stock. It's (almost) impossible not to find what I'm looking for and much more that simply has to come home with me. The staff have made a concerted effort to clean & organize the store over the last few years. It's now much easier to see what they carry and it doesn't feel as claustrophobic.

The basement is a treasure with yarns constantly being relocated at 25% off. What a steal!

I find the staff very helpful & friendly but when it's busy they can be overwhelmed. They are very knowledgeable & have given me great advice. I have noticed the occasional rude client speak very inappropriately to staff on more than one occasion. Maybe that's a retail thing!


by meow0628 on Saturday, Jul 06 2013 at 09:30PM CDT

I only got to explore Romni Wools for about an hour, but the whole experience was overwhelming! Wall-to-wall yarn and supplies. I couldn't find one thing this store had missing! At first, I thought the whole store consisted of the 1st floor, but then I discovered the basement! The basement holds spinning supplies and discount yarns. It was like a yarn maze, literally.

The staff was helpful, helping you when you needed it and when you asked questions; they knew their stuff.

I found the store to cater towards the younger crowd, as they offer a 10% discount for students.

I wish this was my LYS due to how much this store stocks, but unfortunately I'm from the other side of the border, thousands of miles away, but if I get the chance to go back to Toronto, Romni's will be on the top of my list. :)


by Alice on Sunday, Jul 15 2012 at 03:49AM CDT

I stopped by this yarn store not too long ago and I was instantly in yarn heaven! I admit, I was slightly overwhelmed at first (mostly because I'm new to knitting), but I enjoyed browsing around and looking at all the various colours and textures. I was looking for a particular yarn so I needed to speak to staff, but I wasn't sure who worked there. The ladies that ended up working there looked as if they were customers browsing around through the stock. When I was finally noticed and approached, the lady was very helpful, knowledgeable and kind. I also discovered the sale section because of her help! When I went to purchase my armful of yarn, there was only one cashier and a lineup was beginning to form behind me (not a problem), but a different lady was called to take the second cash and I found her to be very rude. She was monotone, did not say anything or even smile. I felt it was a very bad ending to an overall good experience. It's just upsetting to know that people like this are getting jobs when there are plenty of unemployed people that could do 100% better. Very upsetting. Am considering coming back.


by Collette on Friday, Mar 09 2012 at 09:41PM CST

Romni Wools is top notch based on its selection and pricing. They have just about everything you could ever want and a great deal of yarns that should never have been made. It is a quite difficult to find anything due to the small aisles and modge-podge style of organization so be prepared to wonder around aimlessly or ask for service. The bargain basement is a treat to explore with tons of interesting styles of yarn. But this store has one huge flaw: customer service. I have been to this store on several occasions and have found the customer service to vary drastically from friendly and inviting to downright rude and hostile. The man running the store, whom I presume is the owner, is the only member of staff who is friendly and open. He jokes with his customers and makes them feel welcome in his store. The girls working for him, on the other hand, are rude and arrogant. They treated me with a particular disdain. The cashier on my last visit (yesterday) treated me as if I was an interruption and she was doing me a favour by ringing my order through. I am young, only 19, and I account that to be the source of the lack luster service. Maybe they assume I'm only here because knitting is currently a huge fad and that I'm not "die-hard" enough to be treated well. Perhaps it's because I only buy in small quantities that they feel any return business from me isn't worth the effort to be civil. I am undecided about whether or not I will continue shopping at Romni Wools.


by knitsticks on Sunday, Aug 14 2011 at 12:31AM CDT

Visited Romini recently as a tourist from Vancouver. They do have a great selection. I had fun in the basement sale area, and the fellow working downstairs knew where everything was. The girl working upstairs, however appeared disinterested, and almost downright rude when I asked a question about double pointed needles. I probably would go back if I'm in Toronto again, due to the fact they carry so many great yarns, but the staff certainly need an attitute adjustment.


by Geraldine Matthews on Monday, Jan 17 2011 at 09:49PM CST

I'm looking for some ladder wool preferably with the silver through it . My friend bought some there over christmas. Lang tonga, Cortina but there is no silver throught these. If you have some would you please let me know and what colours you have also the price. Thanks Geraldine


by Geraldine Matthews on Monday, Jan 17 2011 at 09:43PM CST

I am looking for yarn I think it may be referred as ladder wool. Some of it has silver threads through it. Some of the brands are Lang tonga, Cortina and probadly others. If you do have it would you ship it out of province. thanks.


by Geraldine Matthews on Monday, Jan 17 2011 at 09:43PM CST

I am looking for yarn I think it may be referred as ladder wool. Some of it has silver threads through it. Some of the brands are Lang tonga, Cortina and probadly others. If you do have it would you ship it out of province. thanks.


by Geraldine Matthews on Monday, Jan 17 2011 at 09:43PM CST

I am looking for yarn I think it may be referred as ladder wool. Some of it has silver threads through it. Some of the brands are Lang tonga, Cortina and probadly others. If you do have it would you ship it out of province. thanks.


by Susie on Tuesday, Aug 10 2010 at 09:03PM CDT

Agree that the staff are dreadful. Was there last Saturday @ 4.50 pm and was very rudely told the store closed in 10 minutes. No matter how nice and polite I was, the lady (I'm being gracious here!) could not have been more miserable. Also asked if I could exchange the needles I'd purchased previously b/c I had bought the wrong size - well, you'd think I was asking for my money back.....too bad, b/c it is a wonderful store - especially if you don't mind warehouse shopping! However, that is my second visit, and both times, bad service.....time to go elsewhere.


by leila on Thursday, Jul 15 2010 at 02:31AM CDT

Yarn, yarn, yarn, and more yarn. I spent 2 hours there and I still feel like I didn't check out the whole store. Selection rocks! Staff sucks... sorry gals! I don't blame them. In a place like that it's impossible to give good service to each customer.


by magnuminparvo on Thursday, Jul 08 2010 at 03:38PM CDT

Only had about 1/2 hour to spend here on this first visit, so I probably missed a whole bunch of interesting things. A little bit of over-load, but when I go back (not if!) I'll have a list of things I'm specifically looking for. The angora-silk yarn I bought is beautiful and very well priced, I thought. I've been fondling it ever since I got it home :-)


by Naedrie Bonucchi on Wednesday, May 19 2010 at 06:21PM CDT

There is so much yarn at Romni your head will spin. For me, it is a must-see every time I visit Toronto. Staff is friendly, but there's no place to sit and knit...it is a place to go, be amazed, and then plunk down at a different yarn shop to share the awe with others.


by Anna on Monday, May 10 2010 at 11:23PM CDT

Yes, LOTS of yarn. I loved the sale area in the basement, and got pretty good deals. I felt like I could wander around for hours and not feel pressured to buy anything or to rush out. Staff were friendly when I had questions....


by JoJoJo on Saturday, Feb 20 2010 at 02:49PM CST

Lots of yarn but some of it looked like it had been kicking around for a while. Lots of stuff that had fallen on the floor and had been put back without cleaning. I found some that I wanted but they did not have enough of the colour and could not tell me whether I can get any more. I gave up even though if someone had helped I would have probably bought. I think some of the staff make it up if they don't know the answer. I asked when they would have more of a certain yarn type and they said not until next shearing season which the manufacturer thought was funny when I called them later!


by erinknits on Saturday, Nov 28 2009 at 09:36AM CST

They have everything you could possibly want, and more. Love the bargain basement too! I can get lost for hours in there!


by STASH on Saturday, Oct 17 2009 at 04:28PM CDT

This place always have what I am looking for - this time it was Magnum Cascade in a broad selection of colours - but finding it is always the hardest part. As usual, it was a bit of a zoo, and I could not find staff to help me out so I had to search through the walls, aisles and towers of plastic bins to hunt down my specific yarn. I have an in-and-out approach to this store because it is so overwhelming. I usually spend more $ when I can comfortably browse, so I never make impulse purchases at this store - good for me, too bad for them.


by E Winfield on Thursday, Oct 15 2009 at 12:39PM CDT

Romni is an 'Aladain Cave of Wonders' yarn shop. It is an experience--awesome, overwhelming, full to bursting, but it definitely not for the obsessively organized or the faint of heart. It has the absolute best selection of yarn related books of any store I've seen in North America. It carries books and supplies for weaving and spinning, and everything else related to fibre, including a basement full of coned yarns of very high quality. The shop is not wheel-chair friendly in any way, and you often have to climb through/around piles of stuff. They have everything that is a natural fibre product (acrylics are not found here), and they have an awesome discount space. I discovered my love of noro at this store. They have a half wall of sock yarns (every colour, style, size of ball, and then some) and a wall of cottons. They carry a whole range Brown Sheep products, as well as many of the more expensive imports for Rowan and other Italian products. Their selection of hand-paints and hand-dyes is excellent. I've had great help any time I've asked for it, but sale days are absolutely nuts. Patience is a definite must on sale days. Still, I would say it is worth the drive.


by radiocrane on Tuesday, Aug 11 2009 at 12:04AM CDT

Plan to have a good amount of free time if you are coming here to just browse. An hour or two is a good idea. I think because of the size and nature of the shop it's smart to just go ahead and ask for assistance whenever you need it, from more than one sales associate if necessary. The one woman who helped my mother and I out was happy to assist us on the several occasions we needed it in the one trip we made there, showing us various yarns that would work for a pattern, helping us figure out how much yarn we should buy, and giving us a hand choosing needles from the huge selection they have there. The Romni is best for their immense selection, their discount basement, and those days you feel like having a yarn adventure, but not so much for actually finding what you need quickly.


by scrappyknits on Wednesday, Apr 01 2009 at 02:20PM CDT

Wow, what a store! HUGE selection in both yarns and patterns! Takes some real searching to find somethings. Staff - some are helpful and some are not! It's a great resource though, and a wonderful place to find out-of-print patterns and hard-to-find items.


by coveyknits on Sunday, Mar 01 2009 at 11:54AM CST

This shop is always first on my list when I visit Toronto. It has the most amazing selection of yarns, all jumbled up together but you can ( with help) find just about anything!


by cinderellie on Friday, Nov 28 2008 at 09:29AM CST

Yes, it can be overwhelming, but as everyone points out, the selection of everything is amazing. I find the sales staff varies in warmth and interest. The older man who runs the discount store was amazing, and put me in a great mood, and clearly wanted to help customers find the best deals, and the best quality of the bargain yarns. I did get asked twice if I needed help finding anythign, when navigating the main floor, and didn't mind the fact that they were busy and it was a bit chaotic, but found the woman manning the cash register to be rather cold and disinterested.

Overall lovely place, and I will definitely return each time I'm in town.


by janet mockler on Monday, Nov 24 2008 at 12:23PM CST

I LOVE THIS STORE.. and I LOVE THE SALES STAFF.. they totally rock.


by lisarr on Wednesday, Nov 05 2008 at 06:03PM CST

Big sigh. Yes they have almost everything one can think of. Yes they generally lack real customer service.
This week I was looking for a particular colour of a yarn.
We called ahead - were told they had it.
My mother zoomed down there the same day, and they had zero of that colour at all, and recommended another yarn in the same colour. Well ... I was trying to finish a project, so no yarn changing at this point.
Mail order it was.


by Robbie on Tuesday, Sep 30 2008 at 05:12AM CDT

Romni is huge and has an amazing selection...
That being said, you should probably figure out what you're looking for before you go in there, and have some idea of what you're after, or else you're liable to go crazy trying to find something... It really can be overwhelming, to try and find something in there on your own...

The best part about this store, which I was unaware of on my first trip, was their bargain basement... When you see the set of stairs, go down, and go both to the left and to the right, for great deals on clearout yarns...

You can often find very interesting things to rescue in this area that haven't seen the light of day for years!


by neeuqdrazil on Monday, Sep 08 2008 at 01:50PM CDT

If you're looking for something specific, and have a lot of time to spend, you can find just about anything at Romni. If you just need to dash in and out to find one thing, well, good luck. It's horrendously disorganized, which probably comes from having such a *huge* stock, and the 'shelves' (which are primarily plastic bins stacked on top of each other) are placed very close together - it can be hard to navigate, particularly if there's someone already in the aisle that you want to get down. I've also found that they move things around, so you may not find a particular yarn in the same place when you go back. Their shelf labelling (if you can call it that) system is dreadful - hand-written names and prices on pieces of masking tape stuck underneath (occasionally above) the bin of yarn. And occasionally there isn't a price there at all. I have had some very good service there over the years, but it's not my favourite shop by a long shot.


by Anonymous on Friday, Sep 05 2008 at 12:17PM CDT

I drive an hour's distance just to come to this store and have had positive experiences EVERY time. I love this store and the incredible selection. If there is a particular colour that you're looking for in a brand that they sell, they will order it and ship it to you.

I found the service to be exceptional. The staff is very helpful in locating a substitute yarn in case they don't have the yarn you are looking for. I'm always asked if I need assistance. It is a great shopping adventure that I recommend to everyone regardless of experience level. Oh yeah, crocheters are welcome, too!


by Anonymous on Thursday, Jul 17 2008 at 09:26AM CDT

how can you find something there? plus nobody even asks you if you need anything


by cbois on Sunday, Jun 29 2008 at 07:57AM CDT

Coming from a town with very little, this was heaven. There is so much choice. The ladies were very friendly and helpful. You have to take your time to look but it is organize by type of fiber which make your search easier.


by cbois on Sunday, Jun 29 2008 at 07:57AM CDT

Coming from a town with very little, this was heaven. There is so much choice. The ladies were very friendly and helpful. You have to take your time to look but it is organize by type of fiber which make your search easier.


by jknitz on Saturday, Jun 21 2008 at 03:46PM CDT

chaos. maybe that is why the service is so pitiful? the place is about to burst at the seams.


by brella on Saturday, Jun 21 2008 at 07:22AM CDT

Massive selection, large but over-full space, often good but sometimes really bad service, easily accessible by local transit, close to local culture/shopping attractions. A Toronto tradition, but not for the faint or orderly of heart. Shoppers may feel the need for a guide or interpreter, and possibly climbing equipment to traverse occasional yarnslides.


by stretch on Wednesday, May 28 2008 at 09:41AM CDT

Don't know where else in TO that you can get Dale of Norway books ... besides there being an enormous selection of all types and qualities of yarns! Helps if you know what you're after as the service can be spotty... but we Torontonians would be lost without this store (in my opinion).


by etches on Sunday, Apr 27 2008 at 06:55AM CDT

Romni is like the wal-mart of yarn stores, but in a good way. The selection is enormous, you can get pretty much anything you need here. It's daunting at first but once you get to know it, you'll love it. Nowadays, I tend to take the "surgical strike" approach to Romni: know what I want, go in, grab it, pay, leave. If you go to browse, make sure you have *lots* of time to spend because the place is a time hole. But, again, in a good way ;)


by LD on Sunday, Jan 20 2008 at 06:39AM CST

Romni can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate because of the huge amount of yarn on every possible surface but the selection of yarn and needles is outstanding. A great place to hit if you want to buy a lot of yarn for a project.


by Renee on Thursday, Dec 13 2007 at 02:31AM CST

I really adore this store. It can be a total sensory overload for some because it is huge and packed wall to wall, floor to ceiling. I was disappointed in the lack of crochet items, but that's not unusual.


by pinkgrrlygeek on Tuesday, Oct 30 2007 at 02:26PM CDT

I found the store hard to navigate, but the selection is tremendous. I couldn't figure out where anything was at first, it was really overwhelming. The staff seemed busy and no one asked me whether I needed anything or anything. However, after I wandered for a while, I told a lady what I was looking for and she took me all around the store and we found the exact right yarn for my project. She was hilarious - ended up taking 5 skeins of the same yarn I was buying, to purchase for herself. I also noticed that the needle selection was amazing and slightly less expensive than other stores I've seen in Toronto so far.


by Charlotte Ashley on Wednesday, Sep 19 2007 at 05:23AM CDT

Romni isn't as young & hip as a lot of Toronto's other yarn stores, but they have e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. They're a totally necessary Toronto fixture.


by kmjeuph on Tuesday, Sep 18 2007 at 10:23AM CDT

Romni has a huge selection of all kinds of yarn. The back wall is mostly Lamb's Pride/Brown Sheep, and there's an area of all sock yarns, and there's a section of Debbie Bliss yarns on the side. I found most of the staff to be very helpful and friendly. The sale room sometimes has some really cool stuff at discounted prices. They offer a 10% student discount on all regularly priced items.

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