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Oh Susanna

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 6 years ago

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  • 2204 Marietta Ave
  • Lancaster, PA 17603 United States
  • (717) 393-5146
Other Crafts Classes Seating Snacks/Refreshments Wifi Spinning Supplies Chain Store


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Mon - Sat:
11:00AM - 04:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

To relax I knit. Whatever city I find myself in, I always look for a knit shop. I have been to the International Yarn and Knitting Show, their yarns cannot touch Oh Susanna's. A great day for me is going through the boxes of yarn in this shop or just talking to Sue when there is no one else there. Neiman is great as well as Bergdorfs but Oh Susanna is so much better. I have even been there on a hot summer day and it isn't as bad as you would think.


by Sharon Jeffrey on Tuesday, Aug 27 2013 at 12:02AM CDT

I love this shop. If you don't like the mess, that is your problem. The owner knows everything about the yarns she carries, what she has and where.

You get individual attention from and expert. The first time I went there I was shocked. Now I look forward to the goodies I find in the rooms, cubby holes and boxes.

It's like Christmas for yarners.


by NO NAME PLEASE on Sunday, Nov 25 2012 at 08:58PM CST



by kathyg on Sunday, Aug 05 2012 at 04:50PM CDT

I love this shop. It's a treasure hunt waiting to happen, and the owner is so very knowledgeable and interesting. The word hoarding comes to mind, but hoarders don't want to let anything go, and everything was for sale, so I guess technically she is just an extreme yarn buyer. I had a blast finding some really nice yarns for projects I had planned. I only live 40 miles away, so will be going back... but not on a hot summer day... whew!


by Mary on Wednesday, Jul 11 2012 at 01:28PM CDT

I recently visited this store while visiting my in-laws. I tend to agree with the previous poster. I have known people with hoarding issues and this person's shop fits the bill - haphazard stacks of magazines in random places, very nice yarn spilling out of cardboard boxes that form a tight maze... I literally had to squeeze sideways to get into one room, and step over a skein of yarn on the floor to get into another! The only way it's a "trip back in time", as a previous poster said, is that there are some obviously very old balls of yarn in what was once an attempt at organization and display. You can barely reach them, though, because of the large cardboard boxes in front of the shelves.

However - The yarn IS really nice, and I would imagine if you had a certain project in mind and needed X number of balls of a certain kind of yarn, the owner could find it for you.


by jeanette-b on Sunday, May 20 2012 at 10:22AM CDT

Went well out of my way to visit here on vacation. What a dump! There were piles of boxes lining walls, heaps of magazines so tall they looked dangerous. Someone said hello when we entered but being only 5'3" tall I couldnt see over the piles to see anyone. Being a plus size as well I literally couldnt get through the shop. The yarn I could see was still in plastic wrappers piled in cardboard boxes. I have visited over 30 LYS in the States and this was by far the worst. I left feeling depressed and sad. I agree with a previous poster - some sort of hoarding problem gong on here.
The owner may know where everything is but I just wanted to browse with a view to adding to my stash

There is no way that anyone who loves yarn would keep it like this! Enter at your peril.


by Lynda on Monday, Mar 05 2012 at 01:45PM CST

I had fun in this yarn shop. The owner is very sweet and very very knowledgeable of her stock, which is like none I've seen before all in one location. Not like the big box stores, this lady knows her stuff and it shows. I told my sister after leaving her shop, you just don't find people like her everyday, she's a gem. So much history and so much knowledge from one individual. Her yarn is fabulous. Like non other. If you want a certain kind of yarn, she's got it, knows where to find it, and has tons of great magazines/books. I learned crocheting from my grandmother 42 years ago, and I also knit a little, but would love to sit down with her and learn more. I can't wait to go back. Even though it's less than hour away, I will visit her often when we head off to Lancaster for material shopping for my sister the quilter and visit yarn shops like this for me.

Visit her, it's a trip back in time, which is rare these days.


by knittenkitten on Monday, Jun 06 2011 at 11:25PM CDT

I don't know how anyone can find anything, the place is a mess!


by MaggieMai on Thursday, Aug 26 2010 at 02:01AM CDT

I am a marketing director and I am a passionate knitter and I LOVE this yarn shop and I LOVE Sue!! Her shop is amazing and I love hunting through all of her beautiful yarn--I get a HUGE RUSH everytime I visit. And books!! She has not only the best yarn of any shop I have ever been in inccluding cities like Chicago, Zurich London and New York, but fabulous books! She turned me on to FIlati and now I am hooked on their beautiful patterns--everything else seems boring and mundane. I live in the Baltimore area and have to hold myself back not to drive the hour to the shop and buy more yarn---I already have an entire wall full of gorgeous yarn--much of it from Oh Susanna. If I buy more, My hubby will kill me, but I can't stop! :) I kid you not, Oh Susanna is fantastic, Sue is extremely knowledgeable and very, very interesting (my husband comes with me and loves talking with her--she is an extremely intelligent woman and does not mind if I spend a couple of hours just going through her amazing stock. She has fantastic taste in yarn and books. Amazing place---one of my very favotire places to be! Go and see for yourself--you will love it! :)


by Lady Dee Designs on Wednesday, Aug 19 2009 at 01:46PM CDT

It is the best yarn shop I have ever visited. I lived near Boston and loved all the wonderful fabric/yarn in Chinatown. This brought back great memories of finding a gem. It is a MUST SEE!
The country side makes it a nice ride, and the yarn inspires you!!!! Give up the big box stores for a real yarn shop.


by L. Michele Skinner on Wednesday, Jul 29 2009 at 05:35PM CDT

Oh-Dear, Oh-Dear, Oh-Susanna-- wow, where to begin???
Let's be frank here-- Susanna has a bit of a hoarding issue/problem.
I have quite a stash myself but I never leave my yarn in cardboard boxes--unthinkable!
On the one hand I think-- YARN and tons of it-- you are simply smothered in yarn the moment you step into the place. (Shop is not quite the word I would use to describe such a place.) Being smothered in yarn is a good thing, right? Until you realize that you are overwhelmed with a sense of disorder, chaos, and to be dramatic, concern that your 4 year old may not resurface..... Will I go back? You betcha! It's too crazy not to go back there. I'll plan for more time and root around, should be fun.


by Susan Harford on Thursday, May 14 2009 at 06:16AM CDT

Hi there,

Hit on your website as a spin off while looking for an american wool shop that will
ship to Ireland. I receive the knitting magazine Interweave Knits and all the
lovely patterns call for american wool which is hard to get here in little old Ireland.

I am always looking for unusual patterns - for scarves, bags, or cardigans which
use bright coloured wool (like the multicoloured you can get nowadays). I love
rich and heavy (thick) wool which I find quick to knit up.

I have two questions - 1. could you ship to Ireland and
2. have you any of the above patterns or wool.

I can pay in advance with a credit card. If you like you can email me or telephone
its Dublin 01-8078844.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Susan Harford


by Anonymous on Sunday, Mar 22 2009 at 08:30AM CDT

Yes, it's messy but boy is it AMAZING! The owner knows her stuff and knows where everything is and has great ideas and suggestions. Books and magazine, abound. I found this shop by accident and I'm so glad I did. I'll go back again for sure. The selection is abundant and she's got stuff you won't find just anywere. By far the best yarn shop I've been to.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Mar 11 2009 at 06:40AM CDT

Sue helped teach me to knit. She is amazing and can find ANYTHING in her shop. So don't let the clutter stop you. I have access to two local shops where I live and they are great but can't hold a candle to her selection or knowledge. Embrace and be as one with the clutter!!!!!


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Mar 10 2009 at 03:54PM CDT

Sue can offer just about anything you are looking for. Nope, it's not AC moore or Michaels...it's a true yarn shop. Don't get overwhelmed by the mess. Once you start talking to her and she gets to showing you around, the mess disappears. I am claustrophic and I have no problem rummaging around this store. I never come out with under $100 worth of yarn. It's worth every cent. One word of caution, once engaged in conversation, Sue doesn't stop talking until the next customer arrives...then diverts very quickly. It's unusual, ecclectric...a real cool little yarn dive!!


by Anonymous on Saturday, Mar 07 2009 at 10:46AM CST

I am a hardcore knitter and can't think with all the clutter. Knowledgable owner, great stuff, but WAY too messy and well past time to reorganize.


by Anonymous on Friday, Mar 06 2009 at 09:24AM CST

My sister and I are passionate knitters. She lives in the Midwest and I live in Texas. We NEVER miss a knit shop and Oh Susannah is our #1 choice for fabulous inventory, mystery around every corner, and magical projects tucked away into forgotten corners. Forget the clutter! Leap into the joy and the magic of this place. How we wish we lived closer! Carpe Diem!


by Anonymous on Monday, Feb 09 2009 at 09:55AM CST

Any HARDCORE knitter will agree that this the best store in Lancaster County.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Feb 07 2009 at 07:01AM CST

Yikes! I live in Lancaster and have been at every yarn shop in the county. Some need more yarns and selection, but this is too much. It's hard to appreciate any of the offerings in such a chaotic setting.


by LancasterKnitter836 on Saturday, Aug 23 2008 at 03:34PM CDT

Yes, this shop is messy BUT if you want to learn to knit, need help with a project or want to just drown in the color and texture of the widest variety of yarns I've seen in numerous states this is the shop for you. Unless you are claustrophobic, this should definitely be on your must visit list.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Aug 07 2008 at 04:12PM CDT

I have been shopping here for at least 20 years. If mess disturbs you, this is not the place for you. But the variety of yarn is phenomenal, as is the knowledge of the owner. She loves yarn, and it tells. I have gone in, turned around, and bought the painted silk yarn that caught my eye. Or gone in with a project in mind, and quickly gotten the instructions from the wide variety of books, along with just the right yarn. And if she doesn't have it, she'll order it for you. To house all the stock she has, without crowding, would put her out of business quickly because of the cost of the space. I like the description of Margaret Garland about a crowded bookstore. It fits.


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jul 22 2008 at 09:36PM CDT

I agree with the comment by anonymous of July 09, 2008. The owner will definitely take time with you to find what you need or brainstorm suitable alternatives. Definitely knows what she has in stock. Quarters are very close as others observed - haven't been in on a hot summer day like today.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jul 09 2008 at 10:38AM CDT

This is the nicest and best yarn shop I have ever been in. I love to shop there. It's wonderful to be able to take time to look at everything. It's like stepping back in time. If you can't find what you're looking for here, you probably won't find it someplace else. Sue is a great help and very patient with questions. I highly recommend this shop.


by Margaret Garland on Tuesday, Apr 01 2008 at 01:07PM CDT

It reminds me of an old, dusty book shop where everything threatens to fall over on you at any minute. I don't bother looking around. It's overwhelming. But Susanna is knows her inventory and can lay her hands on it at the drop of a hat. If I want something in paticular, like Cascade 220, I'll give her a call. She must be doing something right as she's been there for many a year. I've lived in Lancaster Country for 32 years and there's been a yarn shop on that corner all that time. Amazing when you consider you have to park in the lot belonging to the shop behind her. They must have something worked out. I wouldn't park right in front of the other store. But there is room for her customers to one side.

If you really do suffer from claustrophobia, you should give this place a miss. But, to me, it's worth the trip.


by Anonymous on Friday, Mar 21 2008 at 10:47PM CDT

My favorite yarn shop! Don't let others discourage you. You won't find another yarn store with the variety of yarn here. Lots of variety including animal fibers, sock yarns, with sample knitted items throughout the store. Many knitting magazines too. There are about 3 rooms to shop, that are jam-packed with yarn. Of course it's a bit hard to get around with other people shopping, but that's because of the variety and fabulous yarns. The owner is very knowledgeable, and would spend time helping you with a pattern if you bring your knits into the store.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Mar 08 2008 at 02:14PM CST

Yes, the shop is messy. Yes, it's over-crowded almost to the extreme of a fire hazard. But she has yarn here that's just amazing. Stuff that you can't find anymore else. Patterns for just about anything, and books that you don't find in normal yarn stores. The owner is extremely knowledgeable, and used to work for Schaeffer Yarns... there's actually a yarn named for her! I recommend it. Just be prepared to feel a bit claustrophobic!


by Anonymous on Monday, Nov 12 2007 at 12:46PM CST

I was there too - I live in Florida but stopped while visiting Lancaster. Messy? Yes, but owner is a gem and knows what she has and can find or suggest anything. Will stop again when I'm up that way!


by Anonymous on Thursday, Nov 01 2007 at 01:41PM CDT

Messy? Yes. But absolutely fabulous if you want yarn that no one else has. And the owner is quite knowledgeable and very helpful. Don't let the negative comments stop you from visiting.


by n3tue on Sunday, Oct 07 2007 at 01:15PM CDT

Yes, I was there a few years ago when I was just starting to knit. It was quite overwhelming! There is a lot of yarn there, but if you don't know what you're looking for, it can be quite intimidating. The person working there did help me find some yarn I could use for my project, but I haven't been back because it was just too unorganized.


by Anonymous on Friday, Oct 05 2007 at 08:59PM CDT

The messiest place I've ever been in -- impossible to shop!

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