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Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 13 years ago / Last Updated over 7 years ago

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Mon - Thu:
10:30AM - 07:00PM
Fri - Sat:
10:30AM - 06:30PM
10:30AM - 05:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Great selection of yarn but a very snippy owner who seems to wish she were back in corporate life, or wherever she was before where she didn't have to deal with us pesky customers. I am often torn between enjoying a visit to the yarn and an urge to avoid their less sincere or friendly personnel.


by MiriamO on Tuesday, Jul 30 2013 at 11:43PM CDT

Probably one of the best yarn shops on the West Coast (and I've been to lots!) Great selection and wide price range. The main room is all animal fibers, starting at the right with the smallest gauge and circling around the room to chunky yarns. The second room is all plant based yarns and organized again by gauge. The back of both rooms had yarns on sale. There were lots of books, patterns and samples. Knowledgeable, friendly staff.


by anonymous on Thursday, Apr 05 2012 at 05:40PM CDT

In the past year or so I have found the store has become very unappealing. Most of the staff is friendly. Sometimes a bad economy makes stores behave worst. This store has always been a great place to go as long as you dont have to deal with the staff. They don't like giving you receipts, I wonder if that is why they have so much unaccounted theft.


by 3L3ctricMistr3ss on Tuesday, Apr 19 2011 at 08:36PM CDT

By far my favorite shop in SF.

I visited for the first time last summer ('10) and wow...
Extremely well-organized, bright, cheery, cozy, very warm vibe, friendly faces and great customer service.

I was on a mission when I visited the shop - wanted sweater quantity Malabrigo Worsted in the "Frank Ochre" colorway and had no such luck at any of the other shops I visited, and when I was asked if I needed help and told the salesperson what I was looking for, she took me to the massive wall 'o Malabrigo :O And then proceeded to go into the back and bring me out sweater quantity of the color I was looking for. She even wound all the skeins for me! Loves!!! This is the first time I've seen pretty much the entire palette of colors of Malabrigo Worsted and it was displayed wonderfully.

The shop (from what I remember) is arranged by gauge, and there is a second room that has sale merchandise, as well as synthetic/mixed yarn. The main room is natural fibers. Really fantastic selection of yarn in a variety of price ranges, nice selection of knitting needles and a ton of inspiration in the shop. Parking wasn't too bad either, but I might've just gotten lucky finding that open spot on the street ;)

I really, really loved this shop, and it is now the one shop I look forward to visiting every time I stop into SF!


by Jill Horwich on Thursday, Jan 06 2011 at 02:34PM CST

I'm with Wendy. The shop is huge and lovely. The yarn selection is amazing. The staff is enough to stop me from entering that shop ever again. I, too, am a crocheter. When a staff member asked what I was looking for, I showed her the pattern I planned to use. She described how the store was organized to me as though I had never heard of yarn before that day. Then she walked away and stood around chatting with the other employees (which I appreciated, since I don't always want people hanging over my shoulder when I'm selecting a yarn). When I made my selection, the employee explained to me how to use the swift and ball-winder. I said that I'd never been in a yarn shop where they didn't wind the yarn for you (and considering I was new to the shop and was purchasing 8 skeins of pretty expensive yarn, I'd have thought having it wound wasn't too much to ask). She explained that they simply didn't have the manpower to provide such a service, and then went back to standing around gossiping with the other employees. WHAT'S UP WITH THAT?! Had I not been waiting to meet a friend, I'd have walked out right then. After that, the self-consciously hip employee asked me if I knew how to wind yarn at home - and explained to me (again, as though I'd never actually seen yarn before) that I should drape the skein around the back of a chair or have someone hold it while I wind it. Gee, ya think? I was very clear that I teach crochet and that I'd made many yarn purchases in my life. Yet, this employee continued to treat me as though I had wandered in never having knitted or crocheted a thing in my life. I have neither the time nor the patience for kids half my age doing the "hipper than thou" routine. On my next visit to San Francisco, I will not be visiting Imagiknit. There is nothing in that store that I couldn't get in Chicago, where I'd be treated as a valued customer instead of as a hopelessly un-hip nuisance.


by francie on Wednesday, Mar 03 2010 at 01:27PM CST

I arrived at 10:10 only to find it didn't open until 11:00!! But went back the next day. It does have a lot of yarn but I couldn't figure out their organization, so I found it difficult to manuver. The staff was helpful but they were very busy and didn't take very much time with me. I was just visiting San Francisco and probably wouldn't go back if I visit again.


by Wendy on Friday, Jan 29 2010 at 11:52AM CST

the shop itself is bangin. however, i have never been treated so rudely in my *life*. i sat down on one of the sumptuous couches after having walked all the way from market and third and a young man was sitting next to me working on an exquisite shawl. we chatted about the pattern for a minute... we talked about the store... the kind of business it gets... what kinds of things are in the store... and he asked what i was working on. i pull out my latest crochet project (which was a very impressive wrap that i had just finished) and he scoffs and says "i morally cannot bring myself to crochet." wtf?? you have got to be kidding me. really? i was so stunned, i couldn't say anything in response except "what??" he said "look around. we don't put crochet on the walls here. it looks cheap. after having walked four miles to get to this shop, i was hard put to get out and walk to the bus stop at that moment, but i was sorely tempted. it is regrettable that i was treated so crappy because the store is pretty awesome, but i just cannot abide such knittitude.


by Crafty_Andy on Saturday, Sep 26 2009 at 03:57PM CDT

This place is where I do most of my shopping and they do have all the yarn in the world. The staff is friendly and the prices are reasonable. Never go in a hurry looking for yarn they will overwhelm you. The biggest selection of Addis and regular needles and lots of patterns and books. I also have to add their friendly attitude toward male knitters and crocheters.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Aug 22 2009 at 07:03PM CDT

If you want to go to a yarn shop that has everything under the sun but little you actually want to buy, this is the place.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 at 10:07AM CDT

Do you carry needlepoint painted canvases? My e mail is ndlptr34@comcast.net Thank you.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 at 10:06AM CDT

Do you carry needlepoint painted canvases? My e mail is ndlptr34@comcast.net Thank you.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Mar 25 2009 at 10:06AM CDT

Do you carry needlepoint painted canvases? My e mail is ndlptr34@comcast.net Thank you.


by Sam - On Hooks and Needles on Friday, Feb 27 2009 at 12:00PM CST

I was absolutely awed by what lay inside the door to this shop. Two large rooms with shelf upon shelf, from floor to ceiling, of fabulous yarn. From expensive yarns to specialty yarns to yarns I'd never seen before. It was awesome! If you go, be sure to allow plenty of time to look at all the yarn.

The store staff was friendly and very knowledgeable about the yarns. They also carried some great needles and notions. The store is also crochet-friendly. Not a lot of seating for classes/hanging out and such but overall, I really liked the store. A definite must see if you're in San Fran.


by Anonymous on Monday, Feb 02 2009 at 11:41AM CST

i m casey byrnes
i would like go your store on this week for look yarns
i will make a scarf from your store and i have a lot of scarfs. other winter cap . casey byrnes@comcast.net .


by Kathleen on Sunday, Dec 21 2008 at 09:07AM CST

The best yarn selection in the bay area, and nice staff to boot. My only complaint is that the weekday hours are not friendly to people who don't live in San Francisco proper; I wish they stayed open late one day a week like most shops.


by kerlaine on Wednesday, Nov 19 2008 at 11:29AM CST

a marvellous place


by Anonymous on Monday, Jun 02 2008 at 09:18PM CDT

Not the friendliest owner I've ever dealt with.


by jcl925 on Friday, Apr 11 2008 at 04:53PM CDT

This is by far the biggest yarn store I've ever been in. Very well stocked, huge selection, and great staff. Always very helpful.


by Anonymous on Monday, Jan 21 2008 at 11:16AM CST

Visiting yarn stores in San Francisco (I own a store in PA)I found this store the most fun It has a huge area stocked with almost every yarn imaginable.


by rosalux on Sunday, Oct 21 2007 at 02:07AM CDT

This place is dreamy. The organization is intuitive. The staff is just stellar. I have a hard time staying away.


by justkeepknitting on Saturday, Sep 22 2007 at 11:36AM CDT

Arguably the best yarn store in San Francisco. They have an enormous selection of yarn, books, and needles. Very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable staff.


by ALittleQuacky on Tuesday, Sep 18 2007 at 12:09PM CDT

Very large selection of yarn and books. Friendly staff. Tends to be busy (or was when I was there) so leave yourself plenty of time to browse.

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