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Added by Maniclook_micro Stacy McDowell-King over 11 years ago / Last Updated over 4 years ago

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At Happy Knits we know there is nothing more exciting than finding that next perfect project, and there’s nothing more important to us than helping you find the perfect materials to create it!

Drop in and knit with us anytime around our huge back table or toasty fireplace!

We also have a kids play space for meet ups!


10:00AM - 06:00PM
10:00AM - 08:00PM
10:00AM - 06:00PM
10:00AM - 08:00PM
Fri - Sat:
10:00AM - 06:00PM
12:00PM - 05:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Another delightful visit during the 2014 Rose City Yarn Crawl! In fact, my group visited twice during the weekend, the second time to purchase yarn and patterns that we had drooled over the day before. The staff was engaging and interested in what we were making and they had fabulous treats from a local bakery set out for shoppers. A couple of us took advantage of the couch in front of the fireplace to knit for a while before starting the long drive home. A perfect ending to the Crawl! Thank you Happy Knits... you are definitely one of my favorite places!


by Debbie Kester on Monday, Oct 14 2013 at 09:01PM CDT

Lovely shop, loved the huge knitting room in back. I wish I lived closer so I could enjoy the atmosphere of this store on a regular basis. The owner was so great and helpful with information about the store and their online ordering since I dont live in Oregon.

Someone else posted why open near an existing store? This would be my go to store over the other one down the street, hands down.


by Grover on Tuesday, Aug 06 2013 at 03:07AM CDT

Who opens a store right next to an existing store? Not cool.


by avila629 on Wednesday, May 02 2012 at 06:16PM CDT

Gorgeous product and friendly, helpful staff! Happy Knits is a "must stop" for those looking for quality yarns and abundant choice. Droolingly wonderful store!


by babs on Monday, Mar 26 2012 at 07:57PM CDT

I appreciate that HK carries a large variety of Madeline Tosh, it's also a really pretty space, lots of light. I have been in a number of times now though, and I didn't have the customer experience a lot of reviewers here mention. Yes employees eventually offered to help me, but some of the people didn't seem as knowledgeable as maybe they thought they were? Particularly frustrating was the lack of knowledge about their stock, and fiber contents/yarn weights. I will keep going back for products I cannot find elsewhere, but I will continue to patronize other local stores with a bit more expertise and yarn knowledge. [update, there is one woman, chin length brown hair, late 30s early 40s who is fantastic, if you are lucky enough to go when she is working, you're experience will be much better].


by Annie on Saturday, Sep 17 2011 at 05:11AM CDT

My 2 girlfriends and I came to Happy Knits today and we just loved the store. The owner Sara is very nice and helpful. Her customer service is what customer service should be! I found their prices fair, not cheap but comparable to other Knit shops. They were so helpful, the store is just beautiful. So warm and inviting. This is what knit shops should look like. I love the chandelier in the room in the back as well as the fireplace. I just wish it was closer to my house. Looks like I am going to get familiar with the SE area. I love Happy Knits and I wish them the best of luck.. Oh and don't forget about the fried pies across the street about 4 blocks down. Yummy...;)


by edenkitty on Friday, Mar 18 2011 at 05:07AM CDT

Visited them recently on the 2011 PDX Knit Crawl! My sister and I visited all twenty stores in two days! They have such an immense space! I was so impressed by the back room with the fireplace and loved the knitted cable cozy on the television. I would love to take classes there, since you wouldn't be crowded into some small back room.

I give them my "Best Fireplace" award, because seriously, who doesn't want to curl up next to a fire and knit like the blazes!


by princessruffian on Sunday, Jan 16 2011 at 07:23AM CST

Happy Knits is truly the best of everything. Huge selection of wonderful yarn at great prices, friendly, welcoming, and knowledgeable staff, bright and well organized sales space, cozy knitting space. Truly, there is not a single thing about this place that fails to make me happy.


by Cindy on Thursday, Dec 30 2010 at 04:00AM CST

I did my own little Crawl when I moved here, not long ago and, in my OPINION :0 Happy Knits is far superior to most others in the area - Happy Knits is open, well lit and laid out well, not to mention the puffy couch in front of the fireplace...the other shop in the area was dark, unorganized and the staff was almost indignant when I asked a question about finding something, like the organization made any sense at all...

Twisted, Knit Purl and Happy Knits does it for me...love them!


by irulan on Friday, Apr 23 2010 at 05:13PM CDT

Yup, they rock. Just went there for the first time yesterday. I was impressed. The employees were quick to say hello and ask me if I needed help. They might have gotten a "hands off" vibe from me so I got a quick tour so I could find things on my own (which I appreciated!). The place is quite lovely. The shelves are piled with great yarn and the back room is simply divine. They have many of the standard books and patterns and some harder to find international patterns as well (german and japanese).
The place is arranged by weight and there's a good range of yarn in each gauge from inexpensive to luxury with a healthy selection in between.


by cocktailjess on Monday, Apr 12 2010 at 08:55PM CDT

I have to agree with other posts that Happy Knits rocks. I cannot believe the size of their inventory...it's huge! Also, I have noticed their prices are slightly lower than some others about town, and the staff are friendly. Not to mention the HUGE room in the back with sale yarn, a kid's room, and PLENTY of room to sit and knit!


by sara Hohn on Sunday, Mar 21 2010 at 06:19PM CDT

Happy Knits was felt great the minute I walked in the door. The staff were very interested in helping me. I had just been to another yarn store which was just the opposite. So I am happy I found them


by HRuth on Sunday, Feb 28 2010 at 03:04AM CST

Happy Knits is superior to Yarn Garden. No clutter, no shelves towering over you, excellent true light, order to their offerings, no piles of "designer" yarns in your way, much more knowledgeable sales staff, books grouped in order, sales yarn, uncluttered space in the shop to have a class or get help, a place for your kids to be occupied while you shop - need I go on. As a knitter for over 25 years, and a visitor to yarn shops all over the world, Happy Knits is world class.


by jinglebell on Sunday, Jan 10 2010 at 05:42PM CST

Yarn Garden never closed, I've been shopping there for years.


by Mother of a knitter on Thursday, Jan 07 2010 at 03:59PM CST

I just visited this beautiful shop and thought it was a fantastic atmosphere and great staff. The owner is a friend of my mothers and she seems to be running a great place. In regards to knittypops, I believe that the Yarn Garden had closed their doors for awhile and then re-opened in the meantime Happy Knits opened so I am not sure that Happy Knits was out to intentionally steal the turf. There is room for all and to me it just shows that Portland loves to knit. I agree with Jodi they both have their own focus. Plus, come on there is way more in life to worry about then two Yarn shops on the same street! I think the shop is grand and my 7 year old daughter has just started knitting so I came home with a great gift for her Birthday to get her started. Thanks, Happy Knits!!


by budasue on Saturday, Dec 26 2009 at 03:33PM CST

A shiny new shop not far from Yarn Garden--which is a plus for knitters on the prowl. Very enthusiastic staff, and the arrangement of the stock is very attractive.


by SunflowerCompass on Tuesday, Nov 24 2009 at 06:51AM CST

A day trip up from Eugene meant we didn't have time for everything, but when I saw that there was a new Portland shop, I had to put it on the itinerary. (See 'Portland Small Crawl'). What a wonderful place! I can't say enough good things about it! I found several books and lots of yarn that I hadn't seen before. The place was buzzing with activity and the sales staff was warm and very helpful. And oh my, a real wood burning stove to knit by - is that heaven or what? Also a 'loyalty' program that gives you a discount after you've purchased a certain amount is a nice touch. Can't wait until I can go back!


by knittypops on Monday, Nov 23 2009 at 09:50PM CST

Haha, well ALL of these are just opinions, now aren't they?


by Val Stricklin on Wednesday, Nov 04 2009 at 01:28AM CST

I was super happy to discover Happy Knits in my neighborhood today! It has the friendly, welcoming vibe I have longed for in a LYS, and had not yet found in Portland. The yarn selection is luscious, and the staff is friendly and helpful. I'll be back.


by Vivianne on Wednesday, Oct 28 2009 at 03:59PM CDT

We have been referring to the staff here as the Knitting Angels. Everyone is helpful, knowledgeable and just plain nice. The large space with the cozy fireplace is nice for reading, knitting or hanging out. Nice to meet you!


by anonymous on Friday, Oct 16 2009 at 02:22AM CDT

Wow some people make coments just to see themselves in print, ahh hmm knittypops!! Really everyone has an opinion, yup JUST an opinion, meaningless really.


by gldelx on Thursday, Oct 15 2009 at 03:00AM CDT

Happy Knits has a fantasticly friendly and welcoming vibe, so many really great yarn lines I've not seen carried in LYSs before, some of the best prices on the lines I am familiar with, and quickly becoming my favorite yarn shop - even though it is a 13+ mile drive that takes me past 4 or 5 others.


by Jodi Schoenen on Wednesday, Oct 07 2009 at 08:03PM CDT

I live in the neighborhood and dropped by the new Happy Knits yesterday. What a gorgeous shop, friendly staff, loads of beautiful yarns, and a kids' area that will make even the most stressed-out knitter mama happy. I'm thrilled that they have opened on our street even if there is another shop very close by. There is more than enough room in this town for another shop....especially since Yarn Garden has a different focus and may appeal to a different sort of knitter. Happy Knits sings with freshness, natural fibers, and the potential for seriously funky knitting. So happy to have you!


by knittypops on Monday, Oct 05 2009 at 04:51PM CDT

Even if it is a nice store, I'm sorry, but opening two blocks away from an existing store is not a nice thing to do at all. There is plenty of room in this town for everyone, but using the same tactics as competing pharmacies is not attractive. I'm surprised Malabrigo agreed to sell to both locations; usually distributors are more discerning than that.


by gailmowry on Sunday, Oct 04 2009 at 08:09PM CDT

There are large rooms for gatherings and classes, great lighting and friendly service. Large selection of Malabrigo yarn and many other brands. There are spinning wheels there so I think the will welcome spinners. Sara the owner is just a great person.


by clumsygrrl on Saturday, Oct 03 2009 at 05:59AM CDT

(My second attempt at posting, not sure why I cant see it. Here it is again... basically. Sorry.)


Happy Knits has a great atmosphere, fantastic selection, wonderful customer service and truly feels like it has been built on the passion of crafting. Amazing!! Gotta see it to believe it.

I truly look forward to seeing Happy Knits grow. Portland's knitting community is going to change due to Happy Knits!!


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