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Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe - OUT OF BUSINESS

Added by Anonymous_small_micro anonymous over 12 years ago / Last Updated over 2 years ago

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Store hours in the summer will change; the store will be open later during the week. Please check the website for updated information.


Mon - Wed:
10:00AM - 05:30PM
10:00AM - 07:00PM
10:00AM - 06:00PM
11:00AM - 06:00PM

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Comments and Reviews


by on

Just visited this store for the first time, and am REALLY impressed with the stock! So many varieties of yarn carried, lots of notions... I can't wait to return to the area and see what they have next time!


by CrazyKnitterLady on Monday, Jul 21 2014 at 12:14PM CDT

I am sure some of you, like myself might have been to this store while they were in the "oh no! We have to move" phase. Stressful for even the most low key person.

I can assure you, the NEW location is Clean and Bright and VERY Pretty too.
Yarn selection is as always GOOD.
There are many new yarns to chose and it looks like all the Older yarns are gone.

My Fav is the sock yarns!!! BEST in the state!!!


by Linda on Saturday, May 03 2014 at 03:25AM CDT

I have been a customer of this yarn store for years and have spent hundreds of dollars there. The owners have always been more than willing to help me find what Im looking for even when I dont know what Im looking for. They always ask if I know about the upcoming classes and encourage me to attend when Im not sure I have the skillset, telling me not to worry, they will help me. She has mentioned the credit card policy but took the card and just asked that if it is possible, they prefer to have cash for transactions under $20 because they have to pay a fee. Stores like this dont rake in large profit margins and I am more than happy to help them out to keep them here. They are here to bring the best yarn and selection to us and that is all they want to do. I have been in many LYS where I was asked to come back without my children or looked at harshly when I mentioned a low cost brand of yarn. I have never seen that at CCYS. As others have said, Im sure it could have been an off day, or one of their children helping out but we all have those days. I choose to treat people with the respect I would want given to my mother or grandmother and if I dont feel I get that in return, I ask what the problem is. I dont run home and put it online. If you dont want to go there, then dont, but I dont think you should sway others from making their own decision based on your one time experience.


by Karin on Friday, May 02 2014 at 09:56PM CDT

Maybe it was a bad day and you or the customer caught someone off guard. If refunds are not completed in a specific way why on earth would you expect perfection from a person??

People who work in yarn shops are simply people and not everyone is as perfect as you'd like them to be.

Those of us who call Coordinated Colors are Home Yarn Shop really love it there. We are welcomed and appreciated very much. I can not say that in may other local yarn shops in the area.

Instead of bad mouthing here GO and to the owner. You'd be surprised at how welcoming your comments will be. People like you are much the cause of the reason so many yarn shops are closing.

Be part of supporting the yarn shops and stop tearing them down.


by SerineKat on Tuesday, Apr 08 2014 at 07:14PM CDT

PROS: The location is great, there are not any yarn stores within 10 miles, you have to cross the water to find a LYS! Selection on needles and notions is the best around. They have multiple brands. Yarn selection is fair to good depending on your tastes.

CONS: Staff and owner. I rarely meet a person who lives here locally who has had a positive experience in this store. Owners fight in the presence of customers, are rude to customers (I can cite several witnessed interactions) and don't seem to have a go handle on how to market to their customer base.

Was present when a customer asked for a refund and was denied due to a long standing policy. The customer hemmed and hawed about it and the owner decided to 'bend' her policy and process the refund anyhow. Only, she didn't know how to do it and while trying to figure it out the owner lectured the customer about how complicated the refund was... why in the world would you break your own rules only to lecture your customer out in the open in front of other customers?! Most bizarre interaction, I have no idea what she think she was accomplishing by doing this.
Owner also asked to see a project I was working on and asked about the yarn I used and called it 'crap'. Interesting. Never had that one happen before.

Maybe I hit this place on a bad day... maybe not. All I can say is that I've never been back and never had an experience like that one before or since.


by Local Knitter on Saturday, Dec 21 2013 at 05:59PM CST

Love the terrific selection of hand dyed yarns. I can always find something new here too!
Hope this yarn shop never closes. So many have. I will do all my shopping with this store


by acsfowler on Sunday, Nov 03 2013 at 06:34PM CST

CCYS has a great atmosphere. Sherri and Bryan are great help and Bryan is king of untangling yarn. I went in looking for yarn and they didn't have enough for my project so they ordered it the same day. Awesome customer service and a huge variety of sock yarn. Glad to have found a yarn store right down the road!!!


by OCDknitter on Friday, Nov 01 2013 at 10:12PM CDT

CCYS is awesome! I am VERY critical of my own projects, and Would NOT stand for imperfection. Thank goodness for Sherri!!!! I was ready to give up knitting until she taught me that the ONLY thing I could wrong was to twist my stitches. Then she invited me to sit down and knit.... OMG how liberating that was. I now, thanks to Sherri and Bryan, know that is ok to NOT be the PERFECT knitter...lol! Help is always there.
I love that I can just stop by and immerse myself in the wonderful yarns. For me it makes a tough day good again.

Can't wait for CCYS # 2........YEA!!!!!!!


by YARN Shop Owner on Friday, Nov 01 2013 at 06:38PM CDT

We WIND yarns for our customers NO MATTER the COST OR TYPE of Yarn. JUST ASK.
The ONLY time we can not wind yarns is if the ONLY person in the shop is one of our employees that has an arm impairment.

PLEASE DO DISCUSS any concerns or complaints with the shop owner. We address ALL as quickly as possible.

I would very much appreciate knowing who said not to bother us because the yarns cost "so Little"???? I have never heard that. I can only apologize and ask that you return. bring the yarns in and we will gladly wind them for you.

We Value every customer. Sometimes the shop chit chat, which we do not control. Sometimes this conversation can turn to peoples experiences with other shops. We DO NOT censure ANY conversations unless they contain vulgarity directed at another.


by whiteroses on Thursday, Oct 24 2013 at 06:49PM CDT

Much like Irena, I've had both good and bad experiences here. Mostly bad, to be honest. As much as I appreciate the selection and the fact that nearly everything in the shop is American made, I prefer to go to other places.

I don't particularly appreciate the fact that this shop is a place where it seems like it's okay to badmouth other yarn stores, entire yarn companies, or online retailers. If your stock is good and you have good service, why not let your store speak for itself? It's unprofessional and has made me very uncomfortable on past trips.

On my last trip, I bought some yarn on sale to make two sweaters for some little girls in my family. It was about nine or ten skeins, and though it didn't cost much it was a LOT of yarn. I was told by someone who worked there (not the owner, at least) that she wouldn't bother asking an employee to wind yarn when it cost so little. I wasn't aware there was a price limit on yarn winding. I don't know about anyone else, but personally, if I ask a LYS employee to wind yarn, it's never mattered how much it cost. Either they wind it or they don't.

Honestly, I'd really like to LOVE this store. It's got a great selection. But I'd prefer to shop elsewhere. I won't spend my money somewhere where I feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.


by pacmomof2 on Wednesday, Jun 26 2013 at 02:06AM CDT

We visited this shop while on vacation and I can't wait to go back! I was able to find everything on my amazon wish list and more! The owners were wonderfully helpful and friendly. I was so impressed by their stock.


by Jackie S on Saturday, Jun 08 2013 at 01:44AM CDT



by lovethelake on Monday, May 06 2013 at 09:43PM CDT

A wonderful shop. Took a 3 day weekend class there and could not have had more fun and learning anywhere. The amount of yarn for all skills and projects is outstanding. Worth the drive.


by Brandi on Sunday, Jan 20 2013 at 12:42AM CST

Had a wonderful day at this yarn shop!
Good selection, Fair price and Very Nice Staff


by Lisa Cooper on Saturday, Nov 24 2012 at 09:28PM CST

This is the best yarn shop I've ever been to...and I've been to quite a few. Sherri & Bryan are always ready to assist me if needed when I make selections for a project. I have walked in with a tangled mess of yarn in my hands and Sherri B. Coordinated Colors [Sherri] will sit right down with me and help figure out what's gone wrong.
Any yarn I've ever needed is either in the shop or they order it for me. I have allergies to wool, and the selection of non-wool is excellent. The classes are wonderful and I've always walked away with confidence in the skills that I learned. I've progressed from a "mediocre" knitter to a very competent knitter as a result of the classes and assistance from CCYS.
I know other yarn shops in the area are good, but CCYS is always, always, my first stop when I need knitting supplies.


by CelesteWatlins on Saturday, Nov 24 2012 at 12:55AM CST

Visiting from out of town.....What a terrific shop!
And the people who were working were so very pleasant!
I will return to shop ever time I visit my daughter.


by lgjjyoung on Tuesday, Nov 20 2012 at 04:06AM CST

I adore this shop. Great selection and friendly help.


by joycertucker on Sunday, Aug 05 2012 at 09:41PM CDT

Very friendly, encouraging, helpful. Great place to learn, relax and knit. Thank you for your store.


by knitbywits on Tuesday, Jul 24 2012 at 10:05PM CDT

I live in Southern Md. Enroute to the Outer Banks, I ALWAYS Stop off at Coordinated Colors whether I need yarn or not. I could spend all day in the shop feeing the wonderful yarns and in awe of the selection. There is something for everyone in all price ranges. If I have a question or a comment, I am always listened to. The service dog is always tucked under a table and is not a nuisance as some folk seem to think. The owners have always been cordial and ready to make recommendations; even if it is to NOT recommend a particular yarn as " very difficult to work with". I appreciate their honesty. They have an extraordinary selection of sock yarn and I always manage to purchase a few skeins where I need it or not. {There are so many projects calling for sock yarn these days). I appreciate the fact that the owners do not follow you around watching your every move and just let you roam at will. I shall soon be stopping by.


by mrsshereeagostoyahoocom on Tuesday, Jul 10 2012 at 04:20AM CDT

I love this shop...Great selection..great people..great atmosphere. I went looking for specific colored yarn..so hard to find good quality..the owners ordered me some without hesitation. I was invited to come back and attend some classes. I was having trouble with a project..i brought it in and they helped me right out without hesitation. You just don't get that type of service at these big "bargain" places. I love this place..i refuse to shop anywhere else :)


by Sandy Bell on Thursday, Mar 15 2012 at 08:41PM CDT

I can not rave about this shop enough! The selection is far better than most yarn store!
The people who work there are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable! It has a relaxed atmosphere and there is no pressure to buy as there is in other area shops.


by Jamie on Monday, Feb 13 2012 at 04:29AM CST

this is a terrific yarn shop! The people who work here are very helpful and caring. They will help you if you have a problem without charge and the classes here are NEVER expensive! i plan on shopping here whenever i want yarn!


by Dear anonymous on Thursday, Feb 09 2012 at 12:06AM CST

you sure have not been to the shop we all LOVE! Maybe you need to re-evaluate YOUR attitude! Or go back and speak to the staff you had an issue with????
Posting remarks like you did is hurtful. There are so many positive remarks about this shop, I hardly think you you really were at the same shop! Everyone has a bad day now and then. This shop is terrific and they are NOT snobby! They treat everyone like a REAL person. If you had a problem with one of the staff - go and tell them! They WILL listen.


by anonynous on Friday, Feb 03 2012 at 04:21PM CST

The shop has a wonderful selection of yarns. However, the owners are very rude and really need to evaluate their business practices. Customers are an asset to any small business and Coordindated Colors will lose customers and sales by their rude comments. Because this store is close to my home I really want to shop there, but I refuse to spend money and be treated harshly when internet has so much more to offer.


by Pam H on Friday, Jan 13 2012 at 03:51PM CST

This is a marvelous shop! Very helpful staff, a wide variety of books and yarns. I was visiting from Michigan and happened upon this shop. What a delightful experience all the way around. I'll definitely be back when i'm in the area again!


by beleg246 on Wednesday, Jan 11 2012 at 12:48AM CST

This is a great shop!! Lots of variety and service beyond compare. It was a pleasure to work with them


by Dragonfly0130 on Saturday, Jan 07 2012 at 05:34AM CST

I have been going to this shop for years. The selection is impressive and if you can't find what you want the owner will order it for you if it is still available. She even did an ebay bid for me for 6 skeins of a discontinued yarn because I didn't have an ebay account. The sit and knit/crochet group is very casual and relaxing and the Sherri will even provide help and recommendations if needed. The classes are very helpful and Sherri goes out of her way to reserve classes with knitting "celebrities" whenever possible. The author of 2 at a time socks was awesome to meet in person!! Thanks for having such a great business!!


by Kris on Monday, Dec 19 2011 at 09:05PM CST

I discoverd this shop before I even had physically moved to the area this summer. Like to know where I can get my yarn fix. I love the selection of this shop, the family-run aspect of this business and how friendly the owners are. Sure they have a quirky sense of humor. And certainly their views on any given subject are different than mine sometimes. We are all human. What I have found is that they know what they have in stock and what they do not. And they will special order what you need. And that their prices are much better than a lot of yarn shops I've visted in my travels. And sometimes, like this afternoon, the owner was busy with a tutorial and wasn't shadowing me. I don't want to be shadowed when I shop. She greeted me when I walked in, asked immediately if I needed assistance, when I said that I was good for now she did direct me to the yarns I was looking for. Then later did check up on me to see how I was doing. A patron really can't ask for more than that. And it is more service than a person will receive from the local craft stores where the sales people have to be hunted down and then may or may not know anything about yarn and knitting. But sometimes people think that when they shop in a LYS that the owner/sales person is their personal shopper or something. And as to winding yarn, I prefer to do it myself at home. I don't care for the shops that automatically wind it, because if I should need to return it I cannot do so now that it is wound.


by Susan on Wednesday, Nov 16 2011 at 02:33PM CST

I have knitted my entire life and have stopped at more yarn shops than I can remember. I try to visit every one I can when I travel to a localle that has a yarn shop. This area IS LUCKY to have such a NICE SHOP. I have been to so many where the owners are snobby and just way to SNOTTY! This seems to be a very nice and normal family owned business. I enjoyed NOT having to deal with a false atmosphere. Treasure this shop! It may NOT be Perfect to some of you from what has been posted here BUT to those of us who have traveled all 50 states and then some...IT IS Pretty Close!


by Mommy3G on Thursday, Oct 13 2011 at 01:19PM CDT

I used to order my supplies online, until I drove by and saw this store one day. I stopped in and initially received what I felt was "cold" service. I did return however since they have a great selection of yarns and supplies. I am a new knitter and upon my second visit asked some random questions which were answered cheerfully. Since continuing to shop I have learned that the dog is a service dog and a sign is posted on the front door calling attention to this, so if you have allergies just don't go in. Second thing is, some days are better than others for the owner. I am a nurse and understand that when dealing with chronic illness, some days are better than others. Third, classes are scheduled during the week for convenience, they are also scheduled for after work hours, and if you come in for the sit and knit, pretty much any question asked will be answered, it's almost like a free class. Sherri is an excellent craftsperson and is happy to share her knowledge! Also, I bought some yarn there in hanks on a day it was raining so I paid for it and then ran out the door (went there for some stitch markers and saw the yarn, wasn't going to use it that day) and they were more than happy to wind it for later.


by LittleBird on Thursday, Sep 29 2011 at 10:51PM CDT

Amazing selection of yarn. Wow!


by Rusty Boyd on Thursday, Jun 16 2011 at 02:13AM CDT

This is a GREAT yarn shop. The owner has wonderful classes at affordable prices. The yarns range from the basic everyday yarns all the way to those one of a kind, hand dyed hanks. Whatever you are looking for you can find here. The owners are very knowledgeable and will assist you with finding the right yarn for your project, picking a pattern, or fixing a mistake. I have taken several classes and enhanced my skills to hone my knitting for designing. There have even been celebrity teachers at the shop (my wife to toe up with Melissa Morgan-Oakes). Another plus of this shop is they are both a Knitting and Crochet shop. Many shops snub crocheters, but the owner does both so both needle crafts are welcome. Come find the best selection of yarn in the southeast Virginia. If you are traveling and happen to be near Yorktown, this place is worth stopping (just make sure you have an extra suitcase for all the stash you will be taking home!).


by Cathy on Wednesday, Jun 15 2011 at 06:55PM CDT

WOW! SO many of us have had quite the opposite reaction to this wonderful shop! You must have caught someone on a bad day. I TRY VERY hard to remember that all people are just that..PEOPLE. I don't ask for any shop owner to wait on me hand and foot either. I just took the saturday crochet workshop and we all had a ton of fun. Everyone left being able to crochet too! Maybe you should have gone and signed up for the store newsletter yourself.

I won't go to the shop in Williamsburg--way too snobby for me. But that is why we are different, isn't it? Maybe that is a good place for you but I go to the yarn shop to buy yarn and this one is the better of the two.

The atmosphere in Williamsburg is way to high and mighty for most of us.
Maybe you could talk to the person at this store that has you upset. Wouldn't that be a good thing to do. I'm sure she needs to learn too. Posting on sites such as this IF you haven't spoken to her yourself is a very bad thing to do and in my opinion being a coward too.

Just my thoughts


by Alicia on Sunday, Jun 05 2011 at 08:39PM CDT

I really, really want to like this store, as it is right down the street from my house, but alas, after about 3 or 4 visits I've been put off for good. Here is why I will not return to this shop:

-the owner is rude. Maybe it's just me but every time I've been in there I've gotten the impression that she really doesn't want to help me. The first time was when I was just getting interested in learning to knit. Her website indicated that there were classes but no times were listed. I stopped by the store in person and first she got snippy with me for not checking the website (!!!) then informed me that all the classes they had were during the day on weekdays. I work and needed weekends, and she said they may have a Saturday class soon but since I crocheted I could probably just teach myself. I tried asking some questions about what type of knitting needles to start with and she just said "well it depends on what yarn you use!" in an irritated tone and turned to her laptop and started checking her email. Wow...there I was with money to spend and left empty-handed. Had I realized she was the owner I'd have never gone back! I figured she was just a disgruntled employee! LOL

-I know lots of people love animals and I certainly love my pets, but I do not want to deal with strange animals when I am shopping. There is always some dog in the store roaming around. I find it very disconcerting. This seems like a terrible business practice too--what if your customers have allergies? Or are making things for people with allergies?

-They will not wind your yarn unless you specifically ask. I didnt' even know they had a winder--I found out from a coworker who told me she was given a hard time about having her yarn wound, and she was buying 3 skeins of lace-weight! I have never been in a yarn specialty store where they don't cheerfully wind your yarn for you.

-She complains about taking credit/debit cards and has a $20 minimum if you use one. Ridiculous!

-I have not had the experience others have had about being dragged into her personal business but the last time I was there (and it truly will be the last time) she indicated that they were moving to another location and actually offered to let me help them move!! WTF???

Yes, she has a good selection and reasonable prices, but I can get great selection and prices online. I visit an LYS for the atmosphere and service, and this shop does not provide either. I will drive to Williamsburg or VA Beach rather than shop here.


by Irena on Sunday, Apr 10 2011 at 04:21PM CDT

I have had good and bad experiences with this store/owner. There have been times when she was extremely helpful, but there have been other times when she did not listen to what I needed and tried to push yarns that were not right for the project I was working on. She has tried before to involve me in her personal life, which I felt was inappropriate. I also got tired of listening to her bad-mouth other local yarn shops to her customers, and I actually stopped going to her store for over a year due to these issues.

She does have a huge selection of yarns, and competitive prices, and when I heard she'd moved the shop to a new location, I decided to give her another chance. I've visited a couple of times in the last few months, and things are better, except that she continues to bad-mouth other stores. I plan to continue supporting ALL my local yarn shops, but I approach this one with some caution.


by Sarah on Sunday, Apr 03 2011 at 04:45AM CDT

I visited this shop for the first time today. I had a wonderful experience. The owner was able to guide me toward a good purchase for tackling a new project, and she was very friendly. I especially loved the fact that she didn't mind that I had my children with me and was very reassuring that they are a kid friendly shop. I wish they were closer to me, but I will be sure to frequent them every time I'm in the area visiting family! The selection was unbelievable...if you can dream it, you can find it in her shop.


by Tonie on Thursday, Nov 18 2010 at 01:05PM CST

This is THE best shop I have seen in our area in a long time! The yarns are varied and different. Prices are very nice and the people who work there made me feel so welcome. If you haven't been to this shop yet--do!


by Gayle on Friday, Aug 27 2010 at 10:00PM CDT

Just so you people know: This shop is in danger of closing! Support them! They are super nice. I plan on taking a class there, soon.


by robyn353 on Sunday, Jun 20 2010 at 05:24PM CDT

Wonderful selection of yarns. Store is well-organized.


by sweetmamajones on Monday, May 24 2010 at 02:52PM CDT

The new location is even bigger and better, loving it. More tables - inside and out! Feels like home away from home. :)


by Carolyn on Monday, Apr 26 2010 at 08:44PM CDT

The new store location is fabulous! What a dream store this is!


by Jaci on Monday, Dec 07 2009 at 08:20PM CST

Im 15 and me and my friend want to learn how knit. I was wondering if there are any knitting or crocheting lessons?


by gikitiki on Saturday, Oct 31 2009 at 12:20PM CDT

Being a yarn lover (have to TOUCH everything) , I am thrilled to have a yarn shop so close to home. The owners are helpful and know their stuff when you are looking for something particular. I was finally able to take a class and made my first sock!! Being on a tight budget I appreciate the price ranges of the yarns they carry. Visit soon and keep their business in our area!


by Omi S. on Tuesday, Sep 01 2009 at 06:35AM CDT

I'm really digging this place and I plan to go back this Friday. I just posted a really positive experience about the Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe on my blog, that's how cool I think this place is. I really enjoyed visiting for a Friday-night craft night, and I was completely beside myself in the selection and range of products, so I didn't get much crafting done. The staff are friendly, family centered, and all-around good people. So are the interesting people that attend the free, leisurely knit and crochet groups. This was also one of the few times I've been to a craft meeting and not felt like a lowly worm at the bottom of crafting community pool. I like this place, and it makes me feel go to go and support this small business financially. This store would be my new store to blow all my laundry money for projects, however, the prices are competitive enough that I won't be spending all my money.


by yarnmouse on Monday, Aug 03 2009 at 09:12PM CDT

Wow! This place is incredible. If you can't find the yarn you need here, you really aren't going to be able to find it anywhere!!! The yarn!!! And the colors!!! And the textures!!! And did I mention the yarn?!? Wow! The Sherri is very sweet and helpful. And the Wednesday afternoon stitching group is incredibly fun and welcoming!!! Honestly, I felt like I had been going there all my life. And my friend who was with me who only crochets was equally as comfortable. Always a plus! Even though it's a three hour drive for me, I'll be going back soon!


by debby on Tuesday, Jun 23 2009 at 12:09AM CDT

I had the best time at this shop. The owner was most helpful finding the best sock yarn. She has such a variety is was hard to choose. My next selection was baby items. I loved the knitted baby sweater displays. I chose a sirdar knitted hood sweater with the most lusious peach yarn, soft and such rich color. Last but not least was the wide selection of knitting needles. I have heard so much about Lantern moon and Hiya needles, I got both and have sock projects on both sets. I am from Ma and discovered Cooridnated Colors thru Raverly. If I ever get a chance to visit again... this will be my first stop. Sure wish Sherri was in my area. A very friendly and informative owner I have met yet.


by Linda on Tuesday, May 26 2009 at 11:13PM CDT

I was so excited to find this shop. The owners are delightful. They're always interested in helping you and giving you new ideas. I never would have thought of getting involved in knitting socks if it weren't for these people. Lots and lots to choose from.


by Martha on Saturday, May 09 2009 at 10:44AM CDT

This is a wonderful shop. As others have said the selection really is excellent and the prices are good (they also often have marked down yarn and patterns!)

The shop is run by a woman and her husband who are both knowledgeable and helpful. This is a good place to go if you need help choosing the right pattern or yarn, or if you need help with a project whether it is knitting or crochet.

Sherri is fun and friendly. Yes she will chat with you, no she is not a sterile Stepford-wife type person. I do not think it is fair to describe her as "not working with a full deck" especially considering the considerable knowledge and skill she displays while helping people with their projects.

You can count on being invited to join people working at the table. It is a very friendly environment.

I LOVE this shop and I am very grateful that it is so nearby.


by CrochetMom on Thursday, May 07 2009 at 04:24PM CDT

OK, now this is a FUN shop! There are always people in there & classes to take, etc. I have met some really nice people there - which is nice since I knew NOT A SOUL when we moved here a couple years ago. ;) Can you say SOCK YARN? lol It's everywhere, I love the stuff and I'm not even a sock knitter...just a lowly crocheter. Hehe


by Pat on Monday, Apr 27 2009 at 02:02PM CDT

I found the Coordinated Colors Yarn Shoppe when my Son gave me a gift certificate for a Christmas present. Before, I just crocheted things, now I create heirlooms with the wide variety of fine quality yarns. The personal touch of dealing with the talented and knowledgeable owner and staff really makes all the difference.


by Littlestitches on Friday, Apr 03 2009 at 07:11AM CDT

Oh! this shop sounds wonderful, I'll be going on vacation soon and This will be one of my stops along the way.


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Mar 17 2009 at 12:30PM CDT

Coordinated Colors is a Wonderful shop! I can not wait until we visit family in town to come by again.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Feb 05 2009 at 11:14AM CST

Thanks to everyone who added the comments here. I found this shop because of you! What a fantastic find. Great shop!


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Sep 23 2008 at 10:01AM CDT

My friends and I came down to this store to attend a class held by the woman who wrote 2 At A Time Socks. We were all impressed. The store is neat,clean and has a very nice selection of yarns in all prices. The owner is knowledgeable and friendly. I am looking to the future and more field trips here.


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Aug 19 2008 at 08:14AM CDT

Wow! Mother and I just shopped at this store for the first time. What a huge selection they carry. The staff was friendly and very helpful. We were even invited to join the group of knitters at the table. I have not been a shop as nice as this one. I could just kick myself for not becoming a regular shopper here before.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Aug 13 2008 at 08:22AM CDT

Wow I think so too! This shop is just the best we have ever had here. Anyone who would go to another shop is the one who doesn't have the full deck.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Aug 13 2008 at 08:20AM CDT

You must be totally out of it or work for that "other" higher price shop in the area. Get a life!


by Anonymous on Sunday, Aug 10 2008 at 06:55PM CDT

The owner of this shop is not working with a full deck. Use caution when shopping there. She will involve you with her personal problems.


by Crystal on Saturday, Jul 26 2008 at 09:11AM CDT

I agree. This is the nicest shop around us. They do have the best variety and the prices are actually better than the shop I had been shopping at. I will continue to shop at this store.


by Anonymous on Thursday, Jul 24 2008 at 10:30AM CDT

The selection in this shop is unbelievable--such a range of products and colors, and a better range of prices than a lot of stores. You could get lost in all the choices! Some unusual things, too, including locally spun and dyed wool. Owner is extremely friendly and helpful--willing to teach new knitting tricks and mail yarn to shoppers from out of state.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jul 23 2008 at 05:33PM CDT

This is by far the best yarn shop in the area. The variety of yarn is fantastic and the prices are very competitive. I am always able to find the needles and accessories I am needing. If for some reason you do not find what you want, the owners are glad to order for you.


by Anonymous on Wednesday, Jun 11 2008 at 09:25AM CDT

This is the nicest shop I have been in. Great selection of yarns in all price ranges. Helpful and friendly people too.

This shop ROCKS!


by knittinfiasco on Wednesday, Apr 23 2008 at 12:39PM CDT

The service at this store is great. If it's not on hand, they will order it. Shipping is fast. :)


by snowflake on Tuesday, Apr 01 2008 at 12:12PM CDT

Like this store! So much sock yarn!

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