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Notice Anything Different?

Our trusty Knitmap programmer, Matt, has been working really hard lately to complete overhaul the site. While you may not see many changes apart from the minor design changes, and a few tweaks here and there, I have so much more control over the back end of things! This means a cleaner database, better maps, faster response times, and the groundwork for some new very exciting features that will be rolled out soon.

We also cleaned up a few of those tedious housekeeping things like starting an FAQ, putting our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use agreements into writing. Check them out and if you have any questions about them, feel free to contact us!

We’ve checked and double checked that everything is up and working, but there’s always something funny that sneaks past. If you find something that isn’t right, please let us know.

So, what do you think? Pretty snazzy yeah?



by knittinfiasco on Thursday, Apr 02 2009 at 03:22PM CDT

Very pretty! I think this new opening page is great!


by Susie on Thursday, Apr 02 2009 at 04:13PM CDT

Love it! I was here this morning to look for shops on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for my yarn shop crawl and the site was a great help. Now I come back and it's all different! Looks great!


by Terrye on Friday, Apr 03 2009 at 12:58PM CDT

I blogged about your new Knitmap today, stop by and check it out. I have a suggestion for verion 1.1 by the way. I'd like to request an upgrade which will create a yarn store where none currently exist. Is Matt up for the challenge? lol

Thanks for the post!

Knitting Editor


by Sam - On Hooks and Needles on Friday, Apr 03 2009 at 07:05PM CDT

Love the new site! Thanks so much for this awesome resource!!!


by Joan on Saturday, Apr 04 2009 at 04:20AM CDT

Love the changes!

However...I was trying to contact you by way of your contact us page and keep getting the message that all requied fields should be completed. There are 3 fields (Name, email and comment) and I had entered informationn in all 3. It might be something I'm doing, but just in case, thought you should know.

Thanks for all the work you put into this!


by Stacy McDowell-King on Sunday, Apr 05 2009 at 06:08AM CDT

Joan, you're right there was a glitch with the contact form. Thank you for letting me know! It's been fixed, feel free to send me an email anytime.


by spacemika on Friday, Apr 24 2009 at 08:24PM CDT

The new layout's requirement of enter hours for each individual day of the week (as opposed to the previous layout, when you could enter "everyday" & set the time, or even "everyday", set the time, then swap back to individual days to edit as necessary) is aggravating. Maybe adding a new day could automatically take the same time as the day with the "+" button? (or else why have a +/- next to every day instead of just a single pair of "add day" "subtract day" buttons?) Or can we get "Everyday" back as a day-option?

I felt a bit silly when I added a new location, then immediately had to submit a "request change" form to fix the hours! Were the logged in users making edits that required moderation?

I'm still in love with the concept of this site, and have made it a mission to thoroughly search every location I go to make sure there are no yarn stores in hiding. As a variant on Terrye's suggestion, I'd love to be able to stick a comment declaring "No, really, there are no yarn stores here. I checked, there isn't even a ball of acrylic in the grocery store!" on some towns.


by twistedtexan on Saturday, May 02 2009 at 06:51PM CDT

Like the new look! Very snazzy!


by Debbie on Sunday, Jun 07 2009 at 06:05AM CDT

Very helpful site. One suggestion -- I wanted to search on all the stores in KY (there aren't that many :-( ) but when I enter in KY instead of a specific city or address, the entire COUNTRY's worth of shops comes up! Yikes! Perhaps it's just KY - don't know....

Thanks for all your hard work on putting this together!


by Tam on Sunday, Jun 07 2009 at 08:22PM CDT

Um... the site looks great. The problem I have is that all the reviews I've ever posted are GONE and my log in doesn't work anymore. What's the deal with that??


by Stacy McDowell-King on Monday, Jun 08 2009 at 10:41AM CDT

Tam, I'm going to send you an email about your account.


by craftykat on Saturday, Sep 12 2009 at 02:38PM CDT

Michaels crafts stores have discontinued their craft classes for knitting or crochet. They only have wilton cake decorating or kids clu


by Linda Donahoe on Tuesday, Sep 15 2009 at 12:23PM CDT

I am looking for a yarn shop in the United Staes that carries Tivoli yarn. Or I need an address of a yarn shop in Ireland that carries it. Thanks. Linda


by Vivian on Tuesday, Apr 13 2010 at 08:56PM CDT

Are you planning a Knitmap for Blackberry? I sure can use it


by Pat Thorstad on Tuesday, Aug 03 2010 at 08:52PM CDT

I just found your site and it is wonderful. I was looking because someone came in who googled us on her I-phone and it came up that we were permanently closed!!
We do have a change of address but we did not move. We're a rural county and they changed everone's address to 911 coding.

Anyway, the new address is 253-C Highway 515, Blairsville, GA 30512.

Since we expaded we have also changed our hours. Monday - Friday 10-5 and Saturdays 10-4.

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