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KnitMap in the New Year!

I hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday season.

With a brand new year to look forward to, naturally thoughts turn to resolutions and plans for the future. Matt and I are working to plan the future of KnitMap. We have started a list of updates that we’d like to make to the site, features we would like to implement, and bugs to fix.

I’d like to ask all of you to add to our list. What would you like to see at KnitMap? What changes would you like? Features? Please leave a comment or send me an email with your 2008 wishes for KnitMap.

To sweeten the deal, I’ll throw everyone who comments into a drawing for some prizes!



by ruthsgirl61 on Saturday, Jan 12 2008 at 01:37PM CST

I would like to see a bit more information about Yarn Stores that have not yet been rated. Some of them are listed, but with no link to their Website, etc.
Also, when you click on one of the "Top Metro Areas," a list of yarn stores comes up rather than a map. I'd like to see that type of list pop up rather than a map when you type in a zip code.
Other than that, I think the site is great!


by shelbell77 on Saturday, Jan 12 2008 at 02:14PM CST

I'd like to see the list pop up in order of the number of comments or highest ratings. That way if you are in a new city you know which places the most folks have been too or the highest rated stores in the area.


by SusannaG on Sunday, Jan 13 2008 at 10:19AM CST

I'd like the list to pop up in order of most comments/highest ratings, too. That way you'd know where to go/where to avoid when looking for yarn shops.


by FirstThingsFirst on Sunday, Jan 13 2008 at 06:50PM CST

Why not have multiple options for viewing listings? KnitMap users could choose (via a drop-down menu, perhaps) if they want to see the shops with the most comments OR the shops with the highest ratings. After all, the two aren't necessarily connected. :)


by MamaMay on Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 at 12:30PM CST

I would like the option of changing how the list is set up.

EX: I would like to see by most comments but lets say I put in a full address I would like to see the closest shop to that address. I little clicky thing should be able to do that.


by n3tue on Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 at 01:27PM CST

It would be cool if you could be notified of new yarn stores in your local area when you log in. Or maybe if recently added yarn stores show as a different color for a few months or something.

It's tough to think of too much to add or change because it's a really great site! Thanks for all your hard work!


by Anonymous on Tuesday, Jan 15 2008 at 07:28PM CST

Stacy, I'd love to see more stores added.. which means more visitors here. Will be doing my part by writing a post about KnitMap at BlogHer.com this weekend. I am personally tickled that I can search for yarn shops with wifi! And getting KnitMaps on the IPhone is a stroke genius.


by Anonymous on Friday, Jan 18 2008 at 05:54AM CST

I agree with MaMaMay-if I could put in an address and find the closest yarn shop to it, that would be great. Also, could you advertise on other websites, say like elann.com or WEBS? And maybe in some knitting magazines like Interweave Knits or Cast On? I would love to see your website listed there (unless it already is and I'm missing it!). LOVE this website! I travel alot and use it alot!


by lyndajo on Friday, Jan 18 2008 at 06:37AM CST

I would love a tool where you could put in an address and find a yarn store close to it, or show yarn stores and how far they are from that address!


by knit_chick on Friday, Jan 18 2008 at 08:13PM CST

I would like to be able to have a customizable/printable list of shops after entering the location. This would be helpful for traveling.

I think it would also be helpful to have a section in the details for the type of products (e.g. brand of yarn, accesories, etc), especially if they carry a hard-to-find brand.


by Anonymous on Saturday, Jan 19 2008 at 12:37PM CST

Locations that are found on Business on Google Maps can be sent to GPS, new thing and works great


by swissmrs on Sunday, Jan 20 2008 at 08:24PM CST

What about a place where we can search our area stores for a specific brand of yarn and have it tell us which stores in our area carry it. And If there aren't any in said area then the closest store that does carry said brand. A back button would be good too, and I am so elated that I can look at Knit Map on my iPhone! :) I will be using this soooo much!! This site is ginus!


by ellebee on Saturday, Jan 26 2008 at 09:30AM CST

I would love to see an extra field/drop-down selection by the address lookup for expanded mileage from that address, this would be really helpful for weekend excursions and road trips, or visiting an area, for example knowing what might be within 60 miles.


by Joy Kramer on Saturday, Jun 27 2009 at 06:30PM CDT

Well, since all the comments are from 2008 it's abou time to get to 2009, don't you think?


by stanley barrett on Sunday, Jun 28 2009 at 09:44PM CDT

Locations are all very well and good, but what about the parking?.....it would be rather helpfull if this info was included with directions and addresses!!!!

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