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Knitmap Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. I'm looking for [a specific yarn, dye lot, pattern, etc.], can you help me?
A. Knitmap is not affiliated with any specific yarn store, manufacturer, designer, etc., we do not carry or sell any yarns, patterns, tools or the like. We suggest that you use Knitmap to find a local store in your area. They are your best resource for tracking down yarns and patterns. Often stores are happy to special order items for customers, you just have to ask! If you're looking for a discontinued yarn, book, or pattern you can try the Ravelry ISO/For Sale/For Trade forums, or eBay.
Q. I have a knitted item that needs [repair, conservation, finishing, or just some help] can you help me?
A. Knitmap is (currently) staffed with one knitter and one programmer (who can knit, but doesn't very often). Since Stacy has a full queue of projects on the needles already, she's not really looking to take on more! We recommend that you use Knitmap to find a local yarn store in your area. They are your best resource to find someone who help teach you to repair/finish it yourself, or they may know of someone who can help. You can also contact your local knitting guild, as they are a source of expert advice.
Q. Do you accept advertisements on Knitmap?
A. Currently, we are unable to accept advertisements. However, we are working to make advertising available to fiber arts related vendors in the very near future. If you're interested, please send us an email and we'll contact when our advertising system is available.
Q. I have found a listing that is [incomplete, incorrect, a duplicate entry, or the store has closed], how do I edit the store information?
A. On each store's detail page there is a tab (upper right, over the map) labeled "Update this Yarn Store". This link will open a form that you can enter any additions or corrections to the store information (i.e. Name, address, phone, website, hours, features, and notes). There are also two boxes at the bottom of the form to indicate if the entry is a duplicate or if the store has been closed. This form is different from the previous version of Knitmap, and has been simplified based on user feedback. Please note that all edits to a store's information is placed into a queue for moderation as a spam prevention measure before being posted to the live site. This queue is reviewed several times a day, but your edits may take up to a day to be confirmed and approved. We do our best to update the information as quickly as we can.
Q. I would like to change the name that appears on my comments, how do I do that?
A. When you signed up for your account, you were asked to create a user name. By default, Knitmap uses this name anywhere your account is listed on the site (your profile, comments, stores added, etc.). You cannot change this user name, but you can update your 'My Name' field. To change your name in your profile, log into Knitmap and select 'My Profile" from the top menu. At the bottom of your stat box (upper right) is a link called "Edit My Profile;" from this screen you can edit the 'My Name' field. Make sure that you select the box that says "Show My Real Name - Any place my account is listed on the site, it's okay to use my real name. Otherwise use my login." This doesn't have to really be your real name; I won't tell!
Q. I have an online yarn store, can I add my store to Knitmap?
A. Knitmap is a local yarn store finder, and is intended to map stores with a physical location only. If your store is a mail order or internet only store, please do not enter it into the database. Any listing with a PO Box address or without a valid address will be removed.
Q. I am a store owner, how do I register to manage my store's listing on Knitmap?
A. You'll need a Knitmap account, log in or create one here. Once you've logged in, go to your store's detail page and select the 'Manage Yarn Store' box above the map. You'll be directed to a page that will instruct you to enter your cellular phone number and select your wireless carrier. You will then be sent a text message with a confirmation code to enter on Knitmap. It's that easy!
Q. I want to sign up to manage a store listing, but I am outside of the USA/Canada/UK and/or my wireless carrier isn't listed, what should I do?
A. You can contact us with your name, Knitmap user name, store name, city/state/country, and a phone number (for verification purposes) and we'll set you up.

If these didn't answer your question, please feel free to contact us directly.

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