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Wed May 04 02:57:18 -0500 2011
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Yarn For All Seasons
Newport, OR
The Stitchin' Post
Sisters, OR
The Yarn Shoppe
Meridian, ID

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about The Yarn Shoppe on Wed May 04 03:03:04 -0500 2011

Love this store! The ladies are so friendly and willing to help find a yarn, do the math on a project double check a gauge, order in a must have...anything really they are just a nice group.

about Knit-Wits, Inc. on Wed May 04 03:15:59 -0500 2011

When I first starting shopping at Knit Wits I was intimidated by the atmosphere but quickly learned to enjoy shopping in the great selection of yarn. I had grown to really enjoy the time I was able to spend and the yarn, needles and patterns purchased there. One afternoon I was in they had a discount on needles and I wanted to purchase a pair of Colonial Rosewood Circs. So the cashier brought out a mag and I order one set that I needed for a project I was starting and the lady said that she would sell them to me half price. So I paid the $20 (instead of 40) with the understanding it would take a week to get the product in. I called the next day and asked if they could add a size 6 of the same style needles at reg price I had just been so please with the customer service and instead of purchasing them else where would give my LYS the buines. The day my needles where in and I drove the 56miles to pick them up on my arrival she said that not only did I have to pay $40 for the 2nd pair ordered, which I was expecting, but that she was charging me an additional $20 for the first set of needles I purchased. She did apoligize but I was so taken back that she had lied to me I didn't even know what to say. I bought the needles and left that was 2 yrs ago and while I have been back 3 times I have never been able to bring myself to make another purchase.

about Fuzz on Wed May 04 03:20:48 -0500 2011

I really enjoy Fuzz. They have this huge couch thst just cries for your to bring your WIP and sit for a couple hours! I recently finished a scraf that I had purchased the yarn for probably 2 years ago, nearing the end I realized I wasn't going to have enough to do the last 6 rows I called the ladies up and asked if they had any. They went and searched the winter yarn they had put away to find me my lot #!! So IMO just excellant customer service! They are a smallish store so not a big variety but it is amazing all they fit in!

about Twisted Ewe on Wed May 04 03:23:17 -0500 2011

Fun little shop with several luxury yarns. Very friendly staff. Beautiful FO on display.

about Yarn For All Seasons on Wed May 04 03:32:00 -0500 2011

I LOVE this yarn shop...it's my vacation yarn stop! Every June for our anniversary my husband and I stay a week at the coast and this has become a "must" on my list of stops. Friendly service, great yarn choices and if I happen to lose, damage or just NEED another addi, it's the place to stop in.

about The Stitchin' Post on Wed May 04 03:40:59 -0500 2011

I stopped in at this shop on my way home from vacation last year and it is a must this year! They were super friendly a great selection I even found several skeins I adopted on sale!!

about Yarn Connection on Sun May 03 21:05:06 -0500 2015

I am trying to make my way through all of the Idaho yarn shops! This little shop is in a wonderful location, a very quaint walk with a delicious bakery/coffee shop blocks away! The yarn selection is middle of the road, as well as the needle selection. They have several fun accessories. They do have a good selection of printed patterns and books, which I enjoy... I know it's a bit old fashioned but I do love printed books especially with knitting patterns.

The thing that really set the ship aside for me was the beautiful selection of wooden bowls crafted locally - they are simply gorgeous.

about Ewe and Brew on Sun May 03 21:20:15 -0500 2015

I have so much love for this shop! They have a wonderful selection of yarn and accessories. A good choice of needles. Amazing staff - Janet is my hero! The atmosphere is cozy, with a wonderful place to knit. A little coffee/tea service. It's the perfect place to spend your knitting time!

about Puffy Mondaes on Sun May 03 21:27:46 -0500 2015

I was disappointed with this store. They certainly do not have a good selection of yarn; there is a bunch of cheaper, novelty yarns. Very little in the way of quality wool and certainly not a selection of premium yarns.

They do have some spinning fibers, mostly the selection is midrange. A couple of spinning wheels.

I'm a knitter, spinner and occasionally crochet but, in the end I didn't find anything very tempting here.

They do have an adorable collection of plaster items that it appears you can come into the shop to paint and looks as if they will set it for you.

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