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Wed May 16 08:33:46 -0500 2012
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about Loop on Wed May 16 18:05:16 -0500 2012

Loop is a lovely, bright, inviting shop with helpful friendly staff. Most beautiful selection of yarn I have yet found in London, though still checking a lot of the stores out.

There is a high turnover of the high end covetable yarns that only they stock, like the Madelientosh line, so finding the exact colour in enough hanks take a bit planning, and you may have to wait weeks/months for the motherlode to arrive. That said, they are really good about reserving specific yarns if requested and respond to email within a day.

The staff is welcoming to new knitters and one lovely lady spent quite some time going over what to look for in yarns regarding pilling with me! Quite an education. They also wound my yarn for free on a weekend.

Best selection of books in store I have seen as well, and a lovely space upstairs to browse. Worth the trip to Islington if you are not in the area.

about Liberty on Wed May 16 18:28:27 -0500 2012

Rowan yarns and staff with attitude. Rather get the Rowan from John Lewis down the street, which has pretty well the same stock without the snootiness.

Liberty is a lovely, high end, shop though. Worth it just to see the building.

Tina, you can't miss it, it is right next to Carnaby St. - the huge department store that looks Tudor. Not right on Regent though...and certainly not Beak St. which runs parallel to the st it is on...maybe one block before Beak.

about John Lewis - Oxford Street on Wed May 16 18:35:43 -0500 2012

Mostly Rowan and Debbie Bliss yarns and some lower end acrylic blends.

Staff are friendly, but not all that knowledgeable - have gotten incorrect information here from staff who swore a certain yarn would felt, which didn't. Spent a lot of time knitting and wasted money and yarn for nothing.

Do your research, then shop there!

Accessories are Pony, which is a rubbish brand. The quality is very low and 2 things I bought when I first started knitting broke.

However, on the upside John Lewis' return policy is ace, and they refunded the money with no hassle.

The John Lewis in Westfield also carries yarns, though not as much as the Oxford Circus store.
an update on this...they have gotten some better yarns in the last while and there are a few more British sheep selections.

about Nest on Tue Jun 12 12:14:38 -0500 2012

Lovely little shop with helpful, knowledgeable staff.

The kind of place where you feel comfortable staying for hours, noodling over wool!

about La Droguerie on Wed Aug 01 13:09:07 -0500 2012

The fibre is a bit limited, as mentioned above, but some lovely colours. A little bit daunting to get the right amount if your French is limited, but the staff are friendly and helpful.

The main drool inducer was the buttons, though. They may only have had one rotating display full...but what a selection!! Beautiful hand-made and speciality carved wooden, shell and even the plastic ones were unusual and gorgeous.

Nearly lost my mind (and wallet) there. Definitely lost many euros.

I notice these guys are a chain and can be found in other cities in France, so will definitely be going back!

about Prick Your Finger on Sat Mar 23 09:56:14 -0500 2013

This one is a bit tough to review...

The store is not hard to find, physically...it is just that the signage is completely illegible! I have passed the store numerous times and not known what it was as you can't read the sign and the display in the front window is laid flat so unless you are right next to the window, can't even see it is a yarn shop (it is quite dark inside).

That said, the yarn they carry is lovely - really interesting British breeds and yarns. They also have a nice selection of hand dyed colours which they do in store.

The problem is - how to buy it.

They sell by the gram and have no idea how many yards is in the skein! The lovely person in store offered to weigh a yard for me so that we could work it out, but I didn't have time to wait. (Have they never had anyone else ask before??? And I can answer that myself...yes they have. I have since spoken to someone who contacted them online with the same question and never heard back!).

The shop is cute looks all 'olde worlde', the yarns are nice, and the people seemed very helpful and welcoming. Unfortunately buying yarn there feels like too much of a hassle as you would need to have the time for someone to weigh out each yarn for you to calculate how much you need for a project.

Bit of a shame, as the people that run the shop seem so nice. They just need to start thinking like a customer.

about Infusion on Sat Jul 13 08:20:27 -0500 2013

This shop is no longer...

about John Lewis - Stratford City on Sat Jul 13 08:24:54 -0500 2013

Just a heads up that this JL has a much smaller selection of knitting goods than the Oxford St store. Not much in the way of needles, etc. if you are looking for supplies.

Mostly Rowan yarns.

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