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Sun May 02 20:06:58 -0700 2010
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L'OisiveThé, Salon de Thé et Yarn Shop.
Paris, Île-de-France

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about L'OisiveThé, Salon de Thé et Yarn Shop. on Sun May 02 20:20:45 -0700 2010

I have nothing but positive things to say about l'Oisivethé. True, it's not a good idea to go visit this little tea-shop-cum-yarn-store for lunch on a weekday or on the week-end, as the place is crowded as can be. Which is all due to the delicious food served there... The menu is unlike the heavy beefy stuff so many brasseries in Paris seem to insist on stuffing you with. Instead, Aimee, the owner, has chosen simple but satisfying foods, all on the healthy side. I love her salads, and her chocolate cake is to die for...
The yarn selection is great, as Aimee choose to sell a brand you can't get elsewhere in Paris, and she is also ready to special order for you if necessary. And yes, she has had to put up special notices, all very polite in French, to protect her skeins from indelicate customers, who seemed to enjoy undoing hanks of yarns without any intention to purchase them.
Knitting nights on Wednesday are simply a must in an otherwise busy and hectic Parisian life. I don't know how I could manage to keep sane in Paris as an expat without l'Oisivethé's Wednesday knitting nights and Aimee's chocolate cake...