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Sun Jan 20 11:24:37 -0600 2008
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about Bee's Inc, on Wed Mar 12 09:38:06 -0500 2008

Nice little store, that has both chocolates AND yarn! A lethal combination. We found Malabrigo, Noro, Bartlett Yarns, Reynolds, and more. No place to sit and knit, but the owner is very friendly and helpful.

about Hill Country Weavers on Sun Jan 20 11:34:34 -0600 2008

The selection is the best in the Hill Country, for sure. It is fun to browse and dream there. It is a tad tight, but it's cozy and chock full of yarn. They have LOADS of books, magazines and patterns, too. Lots of needles. Lots of totes and knitterly kinds of stuff.

I never took any of the classes because they seem a little too expensive for what is offered. Most shops in other parts of the country offer private lessons for what group rates are here, so it is a little offputting.

about The Yarn Barn of San Antonio on Mon Jan 21 15:25:35 -0600 2008

I went down there with some friends and was, well, amazed. Great store, great selection, unbelievably knowledgable staff, and notions of every kind and size. Lots of nice buttons, too.

The BOOKS are amazing ... it's more of an archive than anything else. They sell all they have, and you can find knitting books and compendiums all the way back to the turn of the century! I have never seen anything like it. Spectacular! A historian's delight, a fiber afficianado's dream.

about Aylins Woolgatherer on Mon Jan 28 00:49:07 -0600 2008

I was visiting a relative, who knew about this store. I had a free afternoon, so I decided to go and see if there were any lovely yarns calling out to me. What a mistake! There seems to be a "pack" of regulars who size unknowns up and down. That "pack includes the proprietor! After fifteen uncomfortable minutes, I left without anything. Too creepy.

about Gauge Knits on Mon Jan 21 15:37:12 -0600 2008

I wish the selection were more beefed up, because I love the location and the staff are so nice. Maybe it will get better; it's pretty new. Every time I go in, I spend a lot of time talking to them and then feeling bad because I couldn't find anything I could use. The inventory is limited and not too expansive in offerings. I do keep going back and trying, though. They now have Malabrigo, which is new for them. YAY!

They did change the store hours recently, open only until 6 p.m. now, and no evenings.

about The Knitting Nest on Sun Jan 20 11:28:41 -0600 2008

It's a pretty new shop, but very helpful service and the largest Cascade inventory in the southwest. I like the selection of practical, yet beautiful yarn, especially the organics.

They do need more offerings in patterns, and don't sell books or magazines on knitting/crochet.

There are TWO great seating areas to just sit and knit, and it's very welcoming and cozy.

about Old Oaks Ranch on Mon Jan 21 15:20:43 -0600 2008

A gorgeous setting! Beautiful yarn and CONES of yarn that you won't find at yarn stores around Austin. There's a big round table to knit and browse at, a really helpful and friendly staff, and a very warm feel to it. I wish I lived closer; this would be my fiber home if it was.

about Artisan Yarn & Fiber Arts on Mon Jan 21 15:17:48 -0600 2008

I made a trip to Artisan Yarns. They are very friendly and helpful, but I didn't find what I was looking for, which made me sad ... it's a cute little place with a nice client base who are ALL friendly. I will come back and try again. The yarn selections are going to be expanded.

about Rosewood Yarns on Mon Jan 21 15:32:03 -0600 2008

There is a wall of luxury yarn that is wonderful. Lots of patterns. I didn't get much help, though. That's OK; I had a friend with me and between us, we figured out what we needed. She made a large purchase, (over $120), and I a small one ($35). We were new to the shop, so that might be a factor, too. They have a sitting area with an old sofa and a couple of chairs by a window, which is nice. There is also a room (with a door ... creating a nice audio and visual separation from the rest of the little shop). They carry weaving supplies too. The owner raises alpacas, I think. They are a little chilly in demeanor, but as I said, we were new.

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